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  1. Hi @Geoff what a great start to your TR. The chameleon photo is a ripper mate.
  2. @@PeterHG - Wonderful TR and superb photo's. Thanks for all the time and effort.
  3. Your welcome @@michael-ibk
  4. Nambiti - If travelling in South Africa ( Central Kwa Zulu Natal) and you have a spare 2-3 nights I would recommend having a look at Nambiti Game reserve. We stayed at Ndaka lodge and thoroughly enjoyed our time there.
  5. @@Caracal self driving in Kruger from my experience is very rewarding. I love that you have the options to go where you please in terms of direction and roads to explore (except the private tracks of course). Self driving in kruger is also very affordable compared to some private game lodges and parks. Go on , give it a go - I reckon you would enjoy it. I wish I was back there now. Thanks for taking the time to read my report.
  6. Lovely leopard pics and so green too. Total contrast for when I was there in early December Any pics of the Sweni dam?
  7. No worries @@Towlersonsafari, thanks for following along. Thanks to Kruger park for all of it's wonderful surprises.
  8. Last game drive continued. FIL and I finally decided to leave the lion pride after spending quality time with them, it was difficult to drag myself away, this was made harder by being blocked in by a couple of other vehicles (which of course I did not mind). The final few sightings on the way out along the crocodile river road were also very nice, a few km's down the river road was a neat looking Tawny eagle and Bataleur in a dead tree followed by a Hammerkop fishing on a river crossing. Not far past these guys was a special treat as we got a decent sighting of a female Leopard, she was on the move and we lost her in some dense bushes not far from the car. Africa does not cease to surprise ! One last sighting was of some Warthogs, one mum had 3 little ones close at hand. With that I conclude FIL's and my Kruger Self Drive Safari. Let's hope the next Africa Safari is not too far away. Thanks to those who followed along.
  9. Thanks @@Towlersonsafari and @@PeterHG , the trip report has not quite finished as there was still another little surprise for us on the way out.
  10. Amazing photo's - have a wonderful trip @Paulo.
  11. Final Safari drive continued - Vurhami pride group 2 up close and personal. Just prior to leaving this pride of lions the ranger we spoke to another vehicle coming our way and they mentioned that there was another pride further down the S28 with a kill but closer to the road. When we arrived I could not believe it , there was another 15 lions that had killed a blue wildebeest about 10 metres off the road, there was only 4-5 cars when we arrived and FIL and I were very lucky getting a fantastic view point of the pride feasting away. There was a mixture of 3 pride Males, several lionesses and 2-3 half grown cubs. The noises, growls , odd scuffle and snarl was awesome to hear and to be so close to such a large pride during feast time gave me goosebumps - I could of sat there all day with these cats. It definitely does not get much better than this - 2 large prides on kills on your final game drive. Hopefully you enjoy the pics - there are plenty to browse through.
  12. Lower Sabie - to Bergen Dal , our final game drive for this trip. For some reason I always feel like that the last day of Safari is a write-off and you generally do not see that much. I am unsure why I feel like this, maybe it is the sadness that you realise that it maybe a few years until you get to go on Safari again, even though the whole family was going to Nambiti game reserve before our holiday finished. However my feelings were unjustified as we had some very special Cat sightings, probably my best Lion pride sighting ever. The Safari experience with FIL is always special and I do appreciate him taking me to his beloved Kruger park. We had packed up pretty early and were out the Lower Sabie gates by about 0445 hrs. I had the drivers seat today and as we left the gates I thought it would be wise to venture to the Sunset dam for a quick look. It turned out to be quiet, I had a chat to a father and son and the Dad said to us try the S28 on your way South as it is one of his favourite roads. Well that solved that dilemma , I decided to take that route. It turned out to be a great decision as we got to meet the Vurhami pride (we were told this at the first pride sighting by a local guide). It was quite an overcast morning and it had been pretty quiet, we were travelling on the S28 for a few km's and up ahead was a lone vehicle stopped by the side of the road. Off into the low scrub about 100-150 meters off the road was about 8 lionesses which had taken down an animal in the early hours of the morning. A game vehicle pulled up a few minutes later and the guide identified the deceased as a buffalo. With the binoculars you could see the pride well but my photo's are not that great. FIL had a good chat with the guide and he informed us that this was the Vurhami pride and is usually 20-23 lions in size but they will split up for hunting due to not all the cats being able to get there share of the kill. He said this pride dominates this region of the park - it must of been quite a battle as the lions were very muddy. What a great way to start our morning - we must of spent a good 20-30 mins with the pride, it was a pity they were not closer to the road. I did not expect to meet the remainder of the pride about 10km's later down track . Apologies for the photo quality as it was still early and quite dark plus the pride was quite a distance away.
  13. Thanks @@PeterHG for the Tawny Eagle confirmation. My next Safari will more than likely be back at Kruger which I can't complain about. The Black Rhino sighting was very special.
  14. @@martywilddog very informative report thanks- that male lion is a good looking guy. I will follow along keenly.
  15. Lower Sabie - Final afternoon game drive. When you get very cose to finishing your time on Safari you always try and cherish every last minute available. This afternoon FIL and I headed northwards along the Mlondozi loop and onto the Muntshe loop where we hit the H10. This part of the park was quite drought stricken and has lovely open plains which is at the base of the a large rock/hill/Kopje called Muntshe. We were greeted at the start of the drive by a fast moving Secretary bird which are always entertaining to watch. Due east of Muntshe we came across a Black Rhino mother and calf which was great, they seemed quite nervous and watched up closely from a distance of about 200m away, in the foreground was 2 eagles which I think are Tawny Eagles. Anyone take a guess what the eagles are? Not far past these guys was a lovely white rhino. It does not get much better than this and he was very relaxed getting a clean from some oxpeckers. We stopped to enjoy this big guy and slowly moved on and were greeted by 4 stunning big Male kudu's and a couple of baboons doing some personal hygiene work on one another. We continued on and travelled the S30 Salitje road which I have never travelled before, we came across a couple who had seen a lioness and cub on the move , we tried to find them without luck. The Salitje road is a fantastic drive, it was quiet today but the section of road near the Sabie river has stunning tree's and river frontage views. We did however see a flock of Ostriches which was a neat sighting. We were getting very stretched for time and once we got back on the H4-1 we headed straight back to camp. Another great day had come to a close, it was time for another well earned beer and lekker braai. The next day is our last day with a morning drive left - we meet the Vurhami pride.

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