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  1. Wowee cat central. What an amazing trip you had @bettel. Even a lizard/skink making a kill!!
  2. @KCAZYour photo's are fantastic. Great read thanks.
  3. Thanks for a wonderful TR and ripping photo's @Geoff The wild dogs have awesome markings - plenty of white in them. Love the Elephant shrew pic as well.
  4. Great TR and photo's thanks @michael-ibk Your lion and wild dog encounters would of been amazing on foot.
  5. Wonderful sightings of the Lion cubs. Hopefully the young male was ok.
  6. @CaroleE Looking forward to your TR. south luangwa was my first safari back in 1999 and still one of my favourite places on earth!
  7. Hi greg,welcome to safari talk mate. Thanks for sharing your safari report.
  8. Cracking start.
  9. @modleski Great report and your sightings were second to none
  10. Picture 3 in post 89 is stunning , well done @Bush dog
  11. @Peter Connan Better late than never to a TR. your photos are some of the best I have seen on ST, what an awesome family road trip.
  12. @xelas not sure how I missed your report and am on board now, really enjoying it thanks.
  13. Fantastic Trip report @Kitsafari. The work and energy you have put into it is much appreciated.
  14. @Grasshopper_Club - great kingfisher shots in post 35. I have also enjoyed your report thanks.

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