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  1. The hours are counting down, it’s really beginning to feel like we are actually going to be in Africa soon. A bonus we were not expecting , I understand that huge numbers of wildebeest are alread close to Seronera ( 40km from Namiri Plains camp) as they head quickly south from the dry Mara, with plenty of rain in the last couple of weeks in Northern Tanzania. Added to that large numbers of Zebra arrived in the Namiri plains area very recently.
  2. @Alexander33 Thanks A, will be looking forward to writing a trip report as soon as I have time after we return.
  3. @pault Thanks Pault, I understand there has been quite a bit of rain and thunderstorms in Northern Tanzania recently, so hopefully we will have mostly sunny days.
  4. @wilddog thank you Wilddog we are so looking forward to this, and I will also look forward to producing a detailed trip report when we return.
  5. Manyara Tree Lodge, Asilia Ngorongoro Highlands, Namiri Plains.............................. 15....14....13.....12...11....10.....9....8.....7....6....5.....
  6. As we were not expecting to be able to go on a safari for another six months at least, all of the planning and preparations have taken place in the past four weeks, so the days are whizzing by, counting down.......... 32.......31.......30.......29.......28.......27.......26.........25.........24........23.........22...... ...
  7. Have a look at the Africatravelresource website. You will find detailed info on all ( or nearly all ) the camps including the 'upsides' and 'downsides' for each camp. Better still use their safari search facility where you can enter whatever camps, location, dates, budget , etc, you want and it brings up all previous tailor-made safaris they have created that are a near match to your choices, which then includes how much that specific itinerary would now cost including all transfers and park fees.
  8. getting closer, visas arrived, currently sorting out all camera accessories, no new vaccinations required, malaria tabs bought, anti histamines bought........... .......38.........37...........36..........35............34..........33.........
  9. @pault @Whyone? @Swazicar Thanks for all your answers, all very helpful. I have now ordered the two relevant USB battery chargers for our cameras on Amazon. The one for the Canon EOS60D , the LP6, arrived yesterday ( ordered it in the morning and it arrived in the evening) and I've tried it - seems to work fine it charged a battery from 77% to 100% in well under an hour. If the one for the CANON EOS1200D also works as well, I'll get a spare of each so we have two for each type of battery. (The one I have for the LP6 weighs hardly anything.) It does mean we need to take these plus our mains chargers as well - as it now seems that some camps only have Electric socket charging, some only USB charging and some camps have both. I've also noticed that some camps now have vehicles with USB charging points.
  10. I've noticed that a feature on safari vehicles seems to be becoming more common - USB charging points - often indicating that you can charge your cameras while out on a drive. BUT is it possible to charge DSLR camera batteries through a charger just connected to a USB port. Doing searches on the internet produced conflicting results, some suggesting you can't others suggesting you can. Also there are DSLR battery chargers you can buy that have a USB plug for a USB socket which claim it can be pluggged into any USB charging point. - such as in a vehicle. Reason I am asking is I believe one of the camps we are planning to go to only has USB socket charging points - i.e. no mains electricity points anywhere in the camp.
  11. Manyara Tree Lodge, Ngorongoro Highlands Camp , Namiri Plains Camp 42.......41.........40..........39........
  12. I ' m not sure why some feel that ATR are foreceful with their recommendations and bookings - possibly some of the less senior/newer consultants there feel the need to prove themselves by placing guests in camps which provide more commission for ATR, but more likely they are trying to ensure that first timers, or people who don't really know what locations/ camps they might want to stay at, are placed in what they feel are the best options within their budget, but also the best choices given the type of experience that would suit them. When I first first contacted ATR they were interested to know everything about our previous safari experience and what we expect and want from our next safari. However you can choose which consultant at ATR you want to deal with. In the 'about'section of the ATR website the sub-section' meet the team' each consultants background and experience is described in detail. The first seven on the list are all listed as senior consultants and from the descriptions of their background it is clear why. Each of the consultants direct phone numbers are listed. We used ATR to organise our last three safaris, and each time we had decided the locations we wanted to stayat, the order of the safari, how we wanted to do the transfers and which camp ( first and second choice) we wanted to stay in at each before we spoke to ATR. For the first one we booked we contacted Xxxx ( as he was one of their most experienced staff and was especially knowledgeable about Tanzania and we wanted to go to Southern and western Tanzania.) In the initial two hour very in depth discussion I never felt the slightest hint that we should chose any other camps, and he provided, within a few hours, a fully detailed itinerary with our first choice of camps for 3 of the 4 locations and our second choice for one of them because the other was not available on one of the days we wanted. The next time it was Zambia ( which unfortunately we had to cancel) which we arranged with a different consultant at ATR. Again there was no pressure whatsoever to chose differently. However as the cost of what we wanted was quite a lot over our budget , slight variations of itinerary were also provided. Once again after the initial conversation the full detailed price itemised itinerary was provided within a few hours- in fact four variations of it - two within budget, with suggested different camps at two locations, one on budget , and one above budget ( the specific camps/ duration we first requested). Finally our NorthernTanzania trip next month - we contacted the same consultant as for the Zambia one and she provided exactly what we wanted within hours of the first conversation. Our choices of locations and camps for all three of these safaris were based mainly on the information in Trip Reports, Trip planning and responses to questions I asked on here ( Safaritalk is THE best source of information for choosing your safari camps and locations) , but also looking at what the ATR said on their website, and to a far lesser degree some consideration of Trip Advisor reviews. Everyone obviously has their own opinions and experiences with Travel Operators. ATR are independently reviewed by those who booked their safari with them on Feefo.com and the they are currently rated 100% 5 star by all the reviews in last year to date. Our experience of them has been excellent....... so far ......

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