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  1. RT @ladyhaja: Imagine being this much of a prick

  2. great trip report and excellent images. was extremely curious about Namiri Plains, so thank you very much...
  3. thank you for the information!
  4. @@Bush dog thank you for sharing your memories. i can understand your desire for the old rustic camps. however, it can be argued that the increased luxuriousness of the current camps and increased costs associated with it benefit conservation by bringing in top dollars that were lost with the end of big-game hunting
  5. This was taken on the first game drive of my first ever trip to Africa! Tarangire National park, Tanzania. ~ September 2011 Nikon D700, Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8
  6. lovely images @Panthera Pardus. especially love the leopard sitting on the fallen tree
  7. love the images... especially the elephants and the cheetah cubs.
  8. great collection of images...

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