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  1. @Kitsafari Thanks a lot! Fynbos is also known for its wide variety of reptiles and insects. As for snakes, I do not know if there are loads of them but there are quite a few. As proof, the signs along the roads signaling their presence asking to respect them.
  2. @Treepol Thanks a lot! Happy to read that it might inspire you for your 2018 visit.
  3. @TonyQ @Peter Connan Thank you to both of you! It was a real pleasure.
  4. @Sangeeta Thanks a lot for your kind words! To close this topic, I would be remiss not to post some pictures of a place that pleasantly surprised me, the valley of Tulbagh. I decided to go there to visit the Rijk's wine estate which produces, in my opinion, the best South African pinotage and one of the best chenin blanc. I also discovered a charming little town, set in a mountain setting surrounded by vast expanses of land that mass tourism has not yet invaded, probably because the place is, off the beaten track, far enough, away from densely populated areas. Old church museum. One of the tomb stones in the graveyard behind the old church. Old mailbox near the museum, obviously still in use. Houses dating from the first settlement along the old main street. Rijk’s wine estate. Rijk’s hotel and restaurant. Saronsberg wine estate. A last picture taken between Stellenbosch and Franschhoeck, from the top of the Helshoogte Road. End of the topic. Thanks to everybody!
  5. Whales at Pearly Beach. Flowers at Pearly Beach Kelp seagulls at Gansbaai. Cape cormorants at Gansbaai. Aerial pictures around Walker Bay.
  6. Out to sea to try to find the great white shark. While waiting for it, some shots of kelp seagulls, in flight, looking for some food. Eventually only some copper sharks appeared but no great white. It was said to me that, in the first part of the year, a couple of killer whales came in the area and they appeared to also be killer sharks. As a consequence, all the great whites disappeared until the killer whales decided to move away. Since then it’s not easy to see one.
  7. @Towlersonsafari It's indeed a nice lodge. Each chalet is connected to the others and the dining/bar building by a boardwalk network. It has been built under milkwood trees.
  8. Here are some thoughts: In my opinion, 3 nights in Cape Town are enough. Do not take any accomodation in Franschoek itself, it's more expensive than anywhere else. Hire a car like for example a Hyundai Tucson, it's amply enough. Most of the time you will be driving on tarred roads. If you have time, why not going to Tulbagh, it's picturesque and off the beaten track. I will put some pictures of it at the end of my actual topic in progress on the Photography Talk.
  9. Some pictures taken around the lodge. Speckled mousebird. Fiscal Flycatchers. Cape canaries. Pin-tailed whydah. Cape weaver. And a caterpillar.
  10. @Peter Connan @TonyQ And thank you to both of you! I'm happy to read that you enjoyed it.
  11. @xelas I can count on the fingers of both hands the snakes I saw during my trips in Africa, thus just a few but at De Hoop, I saw two puff adders in three days, one crossing the path to the beach, just after the parking area, at Koppie Alleen and the other one, the main road. In the fynbos, snakes are in large numbers but it's so thick that you will only be allowed to walk on the paths and on the roads. So, normally, there is no real danger at all but it's good to know it. Enjoy your stay at De Hoop.
  12. The other important stop of this trip was the Walker bay Nature Reserve, between Hermanus and Gansbaai. I stayed four full days (five nights) at Lagoon Lodge in The Mosaic private sanctuary near Stanford. There are only five spacious chalets and the food is really excellent as well as the staff. Several activities are on offer : walks, quad bike, excursions to the beach, boat on the lagoon. Some pictures of a chalet (outside and inside). View of the Klein Rivier, from the chalet. The Kein Rivier lagoon, from the sky. I visited Hermanus and the coastal little towns. Apart from the whale museum, Hermanus is not really exciting. I also visited the beautiful Hemel-and-Aarde valley, known for its fine wines.
  13. @xelas I'm afraid the whales will already be gone but there might be more species in bloom in the fynbos. Already, I wish you a safe and rewarding trip. Beware of the snakes at De Hoop.
  14. @xelas Thank you for having followed this report. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
  15. @madaboutcheetah Thanks Hari! All the new flights into Vic Falls might also be an easier alternative for your trips to Kwando. Here is the name of a reliable company that makes road transfers from Vic Falls to Kasane, Africa Travel Tours based in Vic Falls.

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