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  1. Takes me straight back almost 20 years - walking through the spray, child in each hand, absolutely soaked, like the family entry in the wet T-shirt competition - one indelible memory! I can see you're already on part 4 so I've a bit of catching up to do
  2. @inyathi, @Soukous I've just created a Flickr site to hold my images now that google have dumped Picasaweb - I didn't have to create a Yahoo account and can use my gmail address to access it
  3. Yes, @xyz99, Diamox is a diuretic but I don't think it's a particularly powerful one. If you don't like the idea of taking a diuretic then you could always try Viagra instead, it's also meant to be quite an effective anti altitude sickness medication
  4. 1st try from Flickr Well that was easy And clicking on the image takes you straight to the image in Flickr - even more impressive!
  5. Really enjoying this @Grasshopper_Club, I wonder where all those buffalo were hiding when we were there?
  6. @xyz99 I'd say Cusco can just about be seen in a day, Sacsayhuaman isn't to be missed but there are many others and you're probably best having 2 nights there to make best use of time. 2 days in the Sacred Valley is the minimum as there is so much to see there. Weather in September was great, we had no rain the whole 2 weeks and most of the time it was T-shirt with a light sweater/jacket for when it got cloudy & in the evenings, ideal for wandering round. As others have said, the potential for an adverse reaction to the altitude shouldn't be underestimated though, we flew into Cusco from Lima (OK, the worst way to do it) and our first afternoon was pretty much a write-off due to altitude sickness. Both my wife & I had really thick/woosy heads that first afternoon & were just wandering aimlessly, unable to concentrate on doing much more than putting one foot in from of the other!! After a nights sleep I was fine but my wife continued to suffer until she started taking Diamox tablets and was generally OK after that, including up at Lake Titicaca (3,800m, 12,500ft), the highest point on our trip was 4,100m but that was towards the end of the trip as we were heading towards Arequipa so were well acclimatised by then.
  7. Hi @xyz99, although we didn't take in the wildlife section you are looking to do, we had a great trip to Peru in September last year so however you schedule things I'm sure you will enjoy it. Our trip was 14 night (in Peru + i night on the flight back to the UK) split into: Lima - 2 nights Cusco - 2 nights Sacred Valley - 2 nights Aguas Caliente - 1 night (so we had an afternoon & 3/4 of the following day in Machu Picchu) Cusco - 1 night (so we could get to the station for the train to Puno) Puno - 2 nights (Lake Titikaka) Colca Canyon - 1 night (Condors) Arequipa - 2 nights Lima - 1 night That scheduling worked out quite nicely, the only change I'd make (in hindsight) would be to have 2 nights at Colca Canyon to relax a little, possibly skipping the last night in Lima although that would mean flying from Arequipa to Lima and on to the UK on the same day so spending a few hours in Lima airport waiting for the connection. The tour we took was modular and the folk we met who did take the "jungle" option (based near Puerto Maldonado) thoroughly enjoyed it.
  8. I've posted an update to this on @Tom Kellie's post
  9. Yes @Tom Kellie, they did bring in 5 but unfortunately one died before release, I'm not sure of the reason. One had been released from the boma into the greater park when we were at Liwonde and we did take a drive to that area of the park to look for it but we weren't successful - 1 animal in ~50 of park was always going to be a long shot but we had to at least try!. I believe the others were released from the bomas last Friday (16th). Although the animals are all have radio collars, African Parks are not releasing details of their movements to the camps to give them the best chance of settling in undisturbed. ps A TR from our Malawi travels will stagger out in due course - once I've sorted all the photo's out
  10. Hi @AmyT, just a quick report back on Ethiopian Airlines flights to/from Malawi. LHR to ADD was indeed on the sparkly new A350 which was on-time, smooth, quiet & as comfortable as cattle class gets. Food was perfectly edible but because they insisted on feeding us both dinner and full breakfast there wasn't much "sleep time" on the 7 1/2hr flight. From ADD to Lilongwe was on a reasonably up-to-date 737 & was again on-time but noticeably noisier & less comfortable than the A350. The hot meal wasn't particularly nice but the other bits on the tray were fine. For the return legs, although the plane arrived in Blantyre on-time we took off over 1hr late (no explanation) and once again the A350 ADD to LHR leg was fine. Addis airport is indeed cramped & chaotic but on the way back my (adult) daughter needed some minor medical attention (she's fine) & I was very impressed how well wasn't well this was handled by the ground staff. All in I was quite happy with our first experience of Ethiopian & would certainly use them again.
  11. Whilst I'm also wary of pure online sellers @@COSMIC RHINO, in this case Weldricks are a chain of physical pharmacies so you can go and "bang on the counter" if things are not as they should be.
  12. We're flying with them for our trip to Malawi (LHR -> ADD -> LLW on the way out & BLZ -> ADD -> LHR on the way back). LHR -> ADD & back is on a new A350 XWB which is getting as positive reviews as the 787. As others have said, Addis Ababa isn't the best airport in the world to transit through but the difference in cost between Ethiopian & other carriers was huge. I'll let you know how we get on - 84.5 hrs to go
  13. I'm not banking on being able to see them @@wilddog but it would be great if we could, African Parks base is near Mvuu camp where we'll be so I'm guessing the boma might be nearby, we'll see what happens when we get there. Although we leave UK a week today, we're not in Liwonde until the 9th June so there is a bit of time for AP to gauge how well they are settling in
  14. Weldricks Pharmacy have a great price of £1.25 per tablet on atovaquone/proguanil (Generic Malarone). Seemed almost too good as the best price I'd seen previously was ~£1.90 per tablet but I've got them in front of me now, they are Mylan branded and well inside their expiry date so look fine.
  15. After 20 years, Cheetah have been reintroduced to Malawi. Just in time for our visit, 7 days & 8hrs until we leave for Malawi

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