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  1. There was considerable discussion about this in my trip report. On the eastern side of the conservancy, where the rhino are, it appears to be limited. (I was told that we couldn't by our driver.) Close to Porini Rhino camp, we could. Unfortunately, I didn't get an "official" response from anyone who knew for sure. And of course, to be totally contrary, I'm looking again at Tanzania.
  2. I hesitate to bring this up, knowing what a mess I made of my last query about travel to Africa! But Kenya is my siren song and I want to return, NOW! Happily, while I can't return NOW, I can return in 2018. Hubs wants to go (although it will require a long layover each way), and his union managers are willing to make it happen (two weeks in a row, maybe even during prime time.) We will probably have 12 nights on the ground, and want to spend our time in the Mara and surrounding areas. Suggestions for the best bang for the buck in late March or June? Thanks in advance
  3. Don't think I'll ever forget this image, taken 30 minutes the impala delivered her baby/his meal. Somewhere near the border of Olare Motorogi Conservancy and Maasai Mara National Reserve.
  4. Our trip is shaping up to be: Saruni Samburu 3 nights Rekero Naboisho Camp 3 nights Rekero Mara Camp 3 nights Plus Nairobi, of course. I'm a little concerned about not being able to off-road as I found that to be an annoyance in Ol Pejeta. Since Senor T has difficulty with getting two or more weeks off from work, we're going on the assumption that this might be his only long trip in the next 5 or so years.
  5. They have it starting Dec 1 too! But Dec 2 - 4 are booked up for the photo camp. Still, it will be just as good (and same price) in November. P.S. Hubby isn't interested in the Saruni Photo Camp trip.
  6. What do y'all think about this? Saruni Photo Camp with NG photographer Sergio Pitamitz. Saruni Samburu 3 ni Saruni Wild 2 night Saruni Mara 2 night
  7. Thank you @wilddog, @pault, @COSMIC RHINO Wilddog... The doctor is not at all concerned about 24 hours of flight time, so I'd imagine an hour flight wouldn't be a problem (but I didn't ask that specific question.) He has severe arthritis in his big toe and all that entails with that; he's having the bone spurs removed and a plate put in. Pault... what would your recommendation be other than Namiri Plains? (We are leaning heavily towards Saruni and Kenya, though.)
  8. BIG NEWS! My husband's doctor has given him the green light to travel during his foot surgery recovery. We are planning to go to Kenya and/or Tanzania; on the ground between Nov 24 p.m. and Dec 5 a.m., fitting in a trip to DSWT for a private visit. Walking safaris are out, because of his healing foot. (Yes, next month!) Which would you choose? Saruni Samburu, or Namiri Plains and Ngorongoro Crater? The balance will be spent in the Mara. Thanks!
  9. There are floodlights at the piers, so you can see the sharks swimming at night quite easily.
  10. Indeed! Shame I don't have the vital degrees!
  11. Since we missed the migration by a couple of days in June, I'm thinking of spending some time in Tanzania too. Any suggestions?
  12. Wow, what a delightful interlude! Thanks for sharing the fly camp!
  13. If you have a power bank (like OmniCharge) could that power it through the night?
  14. @pomkiwiHubs' bosses were appalled that he missed out on our trip to Kenya, union or not. They are going to make sure that he goes, this time. LOL They keep asking whether he has any new photos on his phone. He doles out cubs every couple of weeks and they are in heaven just thinking about it! Incidentally, his brother called one day to tell us that he was sharing photos with a friend of his who was born in Nairobi. Friend was in tears as he saw photos of his homeland, along with all the gorgeous animals and scenery. We don't know whom we will touch with our love for Africa!
  15. Wow, the cubs are only 6 weeks old?? Cats really do grow so fast, don't they? Adorable poofs!
  16. So, only pop-top in the Serengeti, or Tanzania? What do short people do? I was in two different pop-tops and standing on the seats wasn't that comfortable for me (nor high enough.) Pardon for my rookie questions.
  17. I've come back to view this trip report again... and love it all over again! Wish I could re-like the posts! How does one look at the EXIF information? I'd love to study your technique.
  18. @Gilgamesh, although we followed a cheetah for hours, she did not hunt... I'd have loved to see the speed of cheetahs first hand! You've had a most excellent safari! Still waiting for the big finale!!
  19. I agree with you, @TonyQ, @seniortraveller, and @amybatt. Just sharing what my guide told me. Beautiful black rhino in the Mara! What a great capture, @Gilgamesh!
  20. We missed the migration by a matter of days. I am enjoying your photos of masses of wildebeest! Incidentally, my guide at Porini Lion did the same thing (driving through the wildebeest), albeit with smaller numbers. It breaks the boundaries of each "territory" and causes the males to try to round up the females again. I'd have loved to see tens of thousands; just another reason to return!
  21. What a lovely trip report! Even with the rain, what an adventure! Can't wait to read about Rwanda too.

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