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  1. My daughter came into the room while I was reading the latest installment and said, "what? WHAT? WHY are you smiling at your screen?" I showed her first your spectacular lunch location, then your leopard sighting and she was as happy for you as I am. So happy that you had a great day!! Can't wait to read the next chapter!
  2. @modleski When I booked my recent safari with Gamewatchers directly, my ATR contact asked why I hadn't gone with her to match the price. Why would I give that commission to a third party when it all could go to the company that was one of the founders of locally-owned conservancies? (Edit: she had not recommended the Porini camps at all.) Extracting from my recent trip report: Back in February, when I'd booked the trip, my rationale was... "Porini appeals to me for several reasons: Jake Grieves-Cook developed the conservancy model which is protecting the wildlife; Gamewatchers offers a 5% donation to a SafariTalk fund that is managed by Gamewatchers for projects approved by the Game Warden ( ); and the high praise from SafariTalkers about the camps. Not to mention, the June rates remain unchanged from those offered in January. "Last weekend, I was reviewing the prices for the proposals received and saw that Porini was opening a brand-new camp in June. That was the straw that broke the camel's back; I may get to be one of the first people at Safari Talk to have a look at it!" Still valid on all points and especially loved being in conservancies where there was greater freedom of movement. Porini camps are an excellent value... allowing first-time (and repeat) visitors to experience safari for a reasonable price. I would and will recommend Porini camps, even though I had a less-than-optimal experience with my final driver out of five. I still had spectacular viewings.
  3. I'm already jealous! Grevy's zebras and oryx!! Very nice view from your villa.
  4. Welcome back, @Tulips!! I had the same issue when I was writing my trip report. It helped for me to upload the pics first, then to click on them to insert them where I wanted them. So... steps: Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Then when you are ready to caption a photo, click on the + sign on the photo and voila!
  5. Much better than what I was able to accomplish! Thank you! I don't shoot RAW; don't know how to process it. That being said (written), I have two slots in my camera so could use one for RAW. Thanks again!
  6. I love kudu and only got one shot at one and the lighting is way off. While I have photoshop (CS4 and CS6) I don't use it often enough to do more than general tweaking. Can anyone help me get a usable print from this shot? Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks, @COSMIC RHINO and @michael-ibk... It's not a "serious" health issue but a significant pain management issue. The timing is off: I won't know when in November that it's scheduled until after I arrive. I've been waffling about it for a month but now that we know that the surgery scheduling day is on the same day as my flight, it just takes me too far out of my comfort zone. Happily, there's always next season for traveling.
  8. I'm having to cancel my trip with Doug Macdonald due to an upcoming surgery for my husband. Boo hoo. But on the up side, if anyone wanted to join Doug and @Seniortraveller, there's an opening for one person. My loss is your gain!
  9. Love seeing the flightless cormorants nesting; was a favorite viewing. Nice photo of the Galapagos hawk... they tend to hang around but we couldn't find one on our second visit. I regret not having an underwater camera, your photos are great!
  10. Sounds very stressful. I had to really think about our trip back to Nairobi airport... my memory of arriving is vivid but heading home, I turned into mush. We returned from the Mara on the afternoon flight, getting to Wilson airport at around 5 (really don't remember!) Our driver offered to stop for dinner, but we opted to go straight to JKIA and look for food there. Because we were so early (like 5 hours early), check in was quicker than expected. I remember it being really crowded by the gates and you couldn't enter the gate area until your flight was called, which meant people sitting on the floor and standing in line and generally being very congested and HOT. We found a bar with a table for four; I had to strongly warn my friend's daughter not to expect authentic Mexican food in Nairobi. We were delighted to bump into a woman with whom we shared our vehicle at three different camps, so we asked her to pull up a chair and exchanged notes on what we'd done and seen since last together. Thank you, @Tulips, for taking the time for the warning. I'm heading back to Africa in a couple of months and will be sure to pad an extra hour or two en route to the airport to keep my sanity. EDIT: Oh yeah! I'd totally forgotten that we'd had to get out of the car, go through a scanner, and then get back into the car to drive to the terminal. That was really weird to me, as we didn't take all of our luggage out of the car. What was the purpose of that? Plus if we had something nefarious in mind, we could have just left it in the car. I'd love an explanation of that.
  11. Fernandina is a favorite!! Great photos and great capture of the "sneeze". Well done on being published in the Galapagos Conservancy Calendar!! We landed first thing in the morning too; it must get really hot later in the day on that lava. Plus you have the iguanas posing so nicely when it's just warming up. One thing I found fascinating is that the cactus shown above could be something like 200 years old. Takes forever to gain a foothold there. The baby sea lions are absolutely endearing, especially how they twist their head around... makes you want to give them a cuddle which of course you can't.
  12. Two months until Mana Pools! Countdown begins! (and 26 more days 'til Hamilton! but that's only traveling to downtown LA)
  13. My husband is a power bank junkie, so for Christmas I ordered an OmniCharge for him and then took it along on my trip to Kenya. I was traveling with a friend and our daughters, and the power bank came in very handy when phones were low (especially handy with two teenagers.)
  14. Thank you @michael-ibk, @wilddog, @Seniortraveller and @lmonmm... I am out of my element when not shepherding family members hither and yon. The heat in So Cal is oppressive ... 104F and 30 percent humidity. Has anyone tried the arctic cool shirts and are they worthwhile?
  15. Completely agree about being "cooped up in a car" ... I planned our 2 week trip for me and my daughter, and then a coworker and her daughter came along too. Our friends felt it was a long time doing the same thing every day, while it was perfect for me. Plan alternate activities to break it up. Wish I'd heeded others' advice on this point, and in fact, we did take a day off when my daughter wasn't feeling well. Incidentally, we went to Kenya from mid to late June (shoulder season, so less expensive), stayed in conservancies, and loved it! The single best day, though, was visiting the elephant babies at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi. The winter weather was spectacular, like winter in LA. Chilly in the mornings and evenings, and warm during the day. I look forward to seeing how your travel plans develop!

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