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  1. @offshorebirder Here's the link! @Steven NY You should include the leaping vervet monkeys... charming! Very sad to see Leo surrounded by vehicles.
  2. OK so now I am seriously jealous, @bettel. Gorgeous photos of Figlet!
  3. When we were there in June, Fig wasn't letting anyone spot her cubs. So sweet to see that one has survived. What a beauty, just like her mama!
  4. I laughed out loud as I scrolled through that photo. Fig never fails to impress!
  5. @janzin Great point! For the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card, the maximum per occurrence is $20,000 also.
  6. @janzin and everyone We talked theoretically before. I had to cancel my trip with Doug Macdonald at Mana Pools. I got back my deposit from Chase Sapphire Reserve card today (didn't file until Nov 6 because there was a slight chance my spot might get filled.) That being said, I did insure our upcoming trip through TravelGuard because of my husband's recent surgery... he has a "pre-existing condition" that would negate the Chase insurance. Every little bit helps.
  7. Thank you @lmonmm !! I am so excited to share the experience with my hubby. I feel a little greedy going to the same (similar) ecosystem six months later but he deserves to see it too! I'm noodling over a trip to Uganda next, so that will be an entirely different trip. (Isn't it a shame that we have to wait for our trips of a lifetime?)
  8. @BeatNavy Darn! Then bears in Alaska will have to wait until his retirement. We'll go looking for spirit bears in British Columbia instead.
  9. Husband Harry and I leave the day after tomorrow for Tanzania: Kichuguu Camp in Tarangire NP (1N), Lemala Ngorongoro (2N), Namiri Plains (4N) and Sayari Camp (3N); plus a night/day at either end in Arusha. Private vehicle and guide for all but the Asilia camps, which will be a new experience. Harry enjoyed sharing the photos I took of the June Kenya trip that when we discovered he had to have surgery on his foot, I scrambled to book this trip during his recovery time.
  10. Wow, that wildebeest sequence was amazing! Collared one "supervising" = not doing his job!! What a lot of work goes into staying alive, on both sides. Thanks for sharing!
  11. I love love love lion cubs!! So cute!
  12. Payable to whom? I wasn't given the opportunity to buy an off road permit in June.
  13. I was just looking at them on Facebook... looks very nice! I'm glad that they are able to expand after closing Offbeat Meru.
  14. @Kathgee, I'm no expert, but I know that Gamewatchers has adventure camps in Ol Kinyei and Selenkay that are more price-conscious than the Porini camps.
  15. Is that the famous Martin (lion)? We tried to track him in the dark by his roars. Glad to put a face with a name!

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