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  1. No factor 50 here as I give you my word I will never write a trip report here without a full update on the local medical facilities!
  2. Thanks for the reply @Atravelynn I never really plan for the migration as it is a bit hit or miss but I've really had some bad luck. Trip 1 was early January and was not planned around anything . Trip 2 and 3 were during the horrible droughts of 2006 and 2011 and everything was scattered everywhere. My kinda pathetic river crossing from my last trip report is the closest I've gotten. It probably won't be my last trip to Tanzania but it certainly will be for a long time. I'm massively increasing my mortgage next year to just get it done and some potentially expensive health issues for the puppy mean 2 or 3 years of no Africa. Then I have a few destinations I need to see before Tanzania. Again thanks for always entertaining and very informative report.
  3. Love your report and writing @elefromoz you never fail to entertain. I kinda feel the same as you about Namibia but I find myself seriously considering a second visit in a few years. The wildlife doesn't come close to East Africa but there is alot to do activity wise and yes Swako is weird but I loved it, might need a week there next time! I've never seen anything on tipping in any reports I've read on here so maybe I'm missing something but I would presume most people do with such low paying wages. Tony Park has helped me while away many hours in Africa! Rhino tracking is great fun isn't it! The view at Grootberg is pretty good isn't it.
  4. An outstanding trip @Atravelynn and very detailed as usual. It seems the Serengeti always delivers which is why I am finally going to return. The plan is to go in Jan 2019 after climbing Kili but do you feel I'd be better off skipping Ndutu as Jan is too early or pushing it to Feb. I want to summit Kili on a full moon so I'm looking at the Serengeti around the 3rd week of the month. Jan is preferable because its the coldest month of the year. My priority is cats which are always plentiful but really the migration would be number one and this is attempt number 5 and possibly last. I know the migration is a total crapshoot but I'm willing to bet you're experience can steer me in the right direction!
  5. Great report @monalisa you had me smiling quite a few times. Luangwa and Flatdogs were both great for me in June as well.
  6. Like others have said I'm enjoying you're report @AmyT and you really need not worry about your pictures. I've got some great "terrible" pictures that I love from my early trips to Africa because of the memories that they bring back for me. So not only do you get great Kili shots but you also get a kill on your first trip,amazing!
  7. Welcome back! looks like you've had a great first safari and you were so lucky to get that Kili shot! I never even got so much as a glimpse.
  8. The flights to Nairobi are so much cheaper from here in Canada and we always spend some time in Kenya first so we really don't mind a 5 hour drive. And as an added bonus theses aren't chicken buses!
  9. I've used precision a few times with no problems at all. If you have to fly all the way through Dar why not take Impala or riverside shuttles to Arusha? I've made it to Arusha shortly after lunch both times I used them.
  10. I sent you a message Beverly and if the off chance anyone here is interested we are looking at Jan 2019 before we do Kili! Thinking specifically of you @SafariChick!
  11. How about the Kafunta camps @Kitsafari. They are less pricey and get good reviews elsewhere on the internet. When we go back to Luangwa Flatdogs is a must but I want to go further into the park but without breaking the bank. @Marks and I both have reports on Flatdogs if interested @amybatt and we both loved it. I'd go as far as saying it might be my favourite camp in Africa. We flew Livingstone to Lusaka to Mfuwe so she would probably lose a day.
  12. We would go back to Luangwa in a heartbeat and though June is not high season we had so many cat sightings. Double digits for leopards and most were close and very high quality. My lion sightings were good but my leopard sightings were better in Luangwa than anywhere else I've ever been. If you are interested in Vic Falls and I do love it then its easy to combine with Chobe. I did not love Chobe but man the elephants! We must have seen a million, okay a slight exaggeration but we saw what seemed like hundreds having a great time in the water during a river cruise. You will love it and I will get a Luangwa trip report so everyone wins! PS There is an elephant orphanage near Lusaka as well!
  13. Looks like Namibia delivered for you Peter, hopefully it met all your expectations. Glad you finally got there and were able to give us another good report.
  14. Well @@AmyT we have some good trips planned but I think Chris would be quite upset with me if I went on safari with Jane
  15. Thanks Michael, I was better almost as soon as I got home the penicillin worked a treat. So the next one you say, well I'm glad you asked! Unfortunately nothing this year and next year looks dry as well. I become old next year when I turn 50 in December so we will probably wait till January 2019 as the weather will be better. Now its just time to choose between Tanzania-Kilimanjaro again,Serengeti and green season Ruaha looks beautiful,or Uganda- Rwanda for chimps gorillas some amazing looking mountain biking and my own unfinished business in Nyungwe. You know Mana Pools is a big one for me and while I thought Namibia would be a one off I think I will return and do the south after these trips. I will do everything I can to combine South Luangwa again with Namibia and Mana Pools as I love that place like you love the Aberdares! So I've had a hard time answering your question but I would say overall it was a good trip. Getting sick happens so that's not a negative but my best trips have had some action between safari like my Namibia trip so I should know better than to not include some stuff like that. Our best trip was a 3 month one with a lot of safari time but we did so many different things that the trip flew by and we were both sad to be coming home. It's been 15 years since our first safari and I wonder where things will be in the next 15. What's the future for Laikipia and wildlife in general, human populations are only going to continue to grow out of control and that won't leave much space for anything else. Hopefully things will work out well for everything and I'm just suffering from winter blahs. Ha! winter is never over here. We've had rain,-25,rain tomorrow and snow coming friday, It's supposed to be warm enough for shorts and bbq sunday! I really appreciate @@michael-ibk @@pault and yourself following along as you guys have all had some great trip reports lately and it's nice to give a little something back. And I'll say it again I very much enjoyed going back to 1973 with you and hopefully we get another trip report from you soon.

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