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  1. Like others have said I'm enjoying you're report @AmyT and you really need not worry about your pictures. I've got some great "terrible" pictures that I love from my early trips to Africa because of the memories that they bring back for me. So not only do you get great Kili shots but you also get a kill on your first trip,amazing!
  2. Welcome back! looks like you've had a great first safari and you were so lucky to get that Kili shot! I never even got so much as a glimpse.
  3. The flights to Nairobi are so much cheaper from here in Canada and we always spend some time in Kenya first so we really don't mind a 5 hour drive. And as an added bonus theses aren't chicken buses!
  4. I've used precision a few times with no problems at all. If you have to fly all the way through Dar why not take Impala or riverside shuttles to Arusha? I've made it to Arusha shortly after lunch both times I used them.
  5. I sent you a message Beverly and if the off chance anyone here is interested we are looking at Jan 2019 before we do Kili! Thinking specifically of you @SafariChick!
  6. How about the Kafunta camps @Kitsafari. They are less pricey and get good reviews elsewhere on the internet. When we go back to Luangwa Flatdogs is a must but I want to go further into the park but without breaking the bank. @Marks and I both have reports on Flatdogs if interested @amybatt and we both loved it. I'd go as far as saying it might be my favourite camp in Africa. We flew Livingstone to Lusaka to Mfuwe so she would probably lose a day.
  7. We would go back to Luangwa in a heartbeat and though June is not high season we had so many cat sightings. Double digits for leopards and most were close and very high quality. My lion sightings were good but my leopard sightings were better in Luangwa than anywhere else I've ever been. If you are interested in Vic Falls and I do love it then its easy to combine with Chobe. I did not love Chobe but man the elephants! We must have seen a million, okay a slight exaggeration but we saw what seemed like hundreds having a great time in the water during a river cruise. You will love it and I will get a Luangwa trip report so everyone wins! PS There is an elephant orphanage near Lusaka as well!
  8. Looks like Namibia delivered for you Peter, hopefully it met all your expectations. Glad you finally got there and were able to give us another good report.
  9. Well @@AmyT we have some good trips planned but I think Chris would be quite upset with me if I went on safari with Jane
  10. Thanks Michael, I was better almost as soon as I got home the penicillin worked a treat. So the next one you say, well I'm glad you asked! Unfortunately nothing this year and next year looks dry as well. I become old next year when I turn 50 in December so we will probably wait till January 2019 as the weather will be better. Now its just time to choose between Tanzania-Kilimanjaro again,Serengeti and green season Ruaha looks beautiful,or Uganda- Rwanda for chimps gorillas some amazing looking mountain biking and my own unfinished business in Nyungwe. You know Mana Pools is a big one for me and while I thought Namibia would be a one off I think I will return and do the south after these trips. I will do everything I can to combine South Luangwa again with Namibia and Mana Pools as I love that place like you love the Aberdares! So I've had a hard time answering your question but I would say overall it was a good trip. Getting sick happens so that's not a negative but my best trips have had some action between safari like my Namibia trip so I should know better than to not include some stuff like that. Our best trip was a 3 month one with a lot of safari time but we did so many different things that the trip flew by and we were both sad to be coming home. It's been 15 years since our first safari and I wonder where things will be in the next 15. What's the future for Laikipia and wildlife in general, human populations are only going to continue to grow out of control and that won't leave much space for anything else. Hopefully things will work out well for everything and I'm just suffering from winter blahs. Ha! winter is never over here. We've had rain,-25,rain tomorrow and snow coming friday, It's supposed to be warm enough for shorts and bbq sunday! I really appreciate @@michael-ibk @@pault and yourself following along as you guys have all had some great trip reports lately and it's nice to give a little something back. And I'll say it again I very much enjoyed going back to 1973 with you and hopefully we get another trip report from you soon.
  11. Some very good photos @@amybatt and you sure have packed in a lot of good sightings in a short safari!
  12. Very happy for you that this met your expectations. It's truly an amazing experience isn't it? We also took over 2 hours and some people were pretty gassed but you forget it when you reach your destination.
  13. Rana came to check on me in the morning and I finally had to give in that I needed a doctor. There was no way I wanted to even do a short flight today the way I felt so they made some call and we left early to go to the hospital in Nanyuki. The first hour of that drive is one of those African back massage roads and Chris said I grimaced the whole way and the guys looked overly concerned. We finally made it to a hospital whose name I can't remember but I have to say just like in Namibia it was great and the doctor and nurses were fantastic. They gave me lord knows how many injections and 2 different painkillers when the first did nothing for me and they did all the samples and blood work very quickly as our flight was in a few hours thanks to it being delayed. The doctor was super concerned and although someone from Karisia's office came in to help me through the process and kept saying we had to catch our flight she was having none of it and wanted to admit me as I looked rougher than usual and she felt no airline would let me on there plane! Compromises were reached though they made me lie down and they gave me an IV as I was so dehydrated. I don't even remember everything she said but I had some kind of parasite and she gave a whack of pills and let me go on my merry way. Everyone at Karisia was obviously fantastic as were the porini guys when we landed in Nairobi. At the Fairview they gave me bananas and toast at no charge and even gave me a few to take to the room. I manged some soup that night and a little breakfast the next morning though I was again bitter to miss out on the great buffet! Feeling slightly better I did now want to waste our last day so we got a cab for the day and went shopping. I actually felt better as the day went on and managed a full meal before our midnight flight home. The only hitch on the 30 hours to get home happened half way through the first flight and by the end of that flight the stewerdess asked if I needed medical attention when we landed. I laughed that off and we slept in the Yotel for a few hours and then we headed home. The end. I was far to sick to make it in time for these photos! To everyone who read, commented and liked any of this thank you for taking the time to join me on my safari. Darren
  14. Chris's walk started with some zebra and impala but then she got what we really wanted to see. Elephant and lots of them, maybe 20 to 25 and they were pretty close. This isn't Mana Pools so when they heard a young male close by but separated from the group they had to quickly move back before he smelt them. They ended up following these elephants for over half an hour before it started getting dark. Back at camp I tried to drink some rehydration fluids and I had a tiny amount of food but nothing was staying down and I was actually getting a little concerned about my stomach pain The night was no better than the day had been but I managed a little sleep before waking up well before dawn after a quick downpour in the night. Go away bird Hoopoe Pied wagtail Firefinch
  15. Our last day on safari and for the first time ever I wanted to be anywhere but on safari. The stomach started rumbling early and often and led to me stumbling out of the tent and checking for either lions or hyena which we heard through the night. Not feeling well at all for breakfast I got 2 spoons of oatmeal down and called it at that. My stubbornness won out though and we headed off on our walk. It was strictly one foot in front of the other stuff and I don't remember to much of it. We stop at some kopjes I guess which they use as a nice viewpoint but provides a pretty good scramble to get to the top. I hesitate for a minute but I refuse to be a baby and somehow make it to the top but with very little grace involved. The view is really great and we are able to spot some elephant in the distance and I spend most of the time watching the rock hyrax play around. I sit myself on a rock until everyone is ready to go and I let the boys know I can't go on. I stumble down to the bottom and when the camel is offered I laugh as there is no way I can handle swaying around on that thing. Chris hops on and gives me a good chuckle as she almost topples over the front but manages to keep a grip and she rides all the way back to camp. My best sighting of the day happens right after this as we must have scared an African wild cat and he quickly runs from us before we can even get the camera out! Back at camp I alternate between the bathroom and lying down. The stomach pain hit just before we got back to camp and I have never felt anything like it. I brushed off any talk of going to a hospital and reasoned since we were flying to Nairobi tomorrow I could go then if it got worse. Lunch would not be eaten and I talked Chris into going on a walk that afternoon as there was nothing anyone could do for me anyway, she would be grateful and I will forever be jealous of this.

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