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  1. I have been considering a self-drive in Tanzania myself, who are you renting your Land Rover from?
  2. @@armchair bushman @@madaboutcheetah @paolo Thanks so much for the super information. I have a total of 14 nights not including the one night in Nairobi. I have decided to spend 5 nights in the Mara, probably Naboisho area. Just can't quite decide on how to split my other 9 nights. I really would like to do both Laikipia and Meru but wife wants to include a lodge that has a more cultural/scenery twist to it, either Tassia or Il Ngwesi. I just don't have quite enough nights to do them all justice!
  3. Thanks @@armchair bushman and @@madaboutcheetah This information is perfect, I really appreciate the help! I am now leaning towards Naboisho. Would 7 days be too long in one concession? I am sure one day could be spent going into the main reserve. Yes @@armchair bushman if you have any advice regarding Laikipia and Meru I would love to hear it. I am thinking of spending 8 nights in that area.
  4. I am leaning towards Kenya for next year, early July 2015. I am thinking of spending 4 nights in the Mara area and then 8 nights in Laikipia/Meru. I am struggling to decide which concession to stay in. I am hoping for lots of cats and elephants just in case the sightings aren't great in the other areas I will be in. I am partial to Mara North and staying at Serian since they assign a private vehicle but am worried it will feel a little too crowded. Any thoughts?

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