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  1. Great start. 10 kills in 8 days? Wow! Glad the little tommy made it unscathed, I must say.
  2. Fabulous shots of the elephants in the rain and the cheetahs in the tree. And I'm loving that aardwolf!
  3. It looks like you had quite a productive safari. You certainly had a wide variety of sightings. From all appearances, that baboon on Day 2 just narrowly escaped a close call. The photo of the Magnificent Starling perched on the buffalo skull is most artful.
  4. Fig Tree Camp looks really nice. That hammock would be perfect for me! Were there many other guests there? Perhaps it's just your thoughtful editing, but it luxuriously feels like you had the whole camp to yourselves.
  5. Very sobering article in yesterday's New York Times:
  6. Really great photographs, as always. Looking forward to more!
  7. Great serval and wild cat shots! Thanks for sharing your opinions regarding Hwange and the western vs. eastern sectors, and especially about Camp Hwange. That type of insight is always most appreciated.
  8. "Bush karma." I'm so going to appropriate that term for my own use from now on, thank you very much. Wonderful photos. It was interesting to see that a good number of those you posted are in black and white. Was this just due to a personal aesthetic these days or were there technical reasons, such as harsh light, that led you to that choice?
  9. Thanks for a fascinating report. I'd love to see the Grauer's Gorillas to balance out our experience with the Mountains Gorillas in Rwanda, plus there are those active volcanoes that would be very cool to see. So, you've got me thinking, "If they could do it, maybe we could, too......". Thanks again.
  10. We stayed at Mountain Gorilla View Lodge for 5 nights in July and were perfectly comfortable there. Yes, the shower area is weird -- no shower curtain --- but the room itself was fine, very spacious and clean. Nice staff, the food was good -- no complaints here, and I can be quite whiny when things are truly substandard. If I were thinking about spending $4,000 more (!), it would be for more gorilla treks, not a lodge upgrade from Mountain Gorilla.
  11. Very little, I would say. But, wow, what an incredible experience. Pangolin, serval, caracal, honey badger, cheetahs galore and the wild dogs there at the very end, and those are just some of the highlights. I have to say I would not have been as stressed about missing my flight back home as much as I would have over that near miss of yours at the start. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.
  12. I think you did very well on the Golden Monkey shots. The cloud cover is definitely an asset under those circumstances. I think your bird bird may be a White-starred Robin.
  13. Lovely photos, as always. The lion shots are (almost) as compelling as those of the cheetahs.
  14. Great photos. Your portraits of the baby are especially good. In Rwanda, we were not required to wear masks. It's a precaution that I probably wouldn't have minded, but I wonder why the two countries differ in this approach.

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