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  1. Fascinating report about such a little-visited area. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It seems like you are always the one calling out the tracks. I'm impressed! But I have to ask: Were the guides not particularly effective/well-trained in this area, or is this just a reflection of your personal expertise and passion? Looking forward to more!
  2. @amybatt I know how you feel, and I end up in the same place on this dilemma as I have in my polar bear quandary (Svalbard or Churchill?). Answer to both: Yes -- eventually. Both destinations have unique things to offer, and while going to just one of the choices would be magnificent, together they seem to compliment one another and round out the overall experience. (I can dream, right?) Since I'm still processing and relishing our trip to Rwanda, Uganda just seems too similar at this point, so, for me, Tanzania wins out because it would be so different and new. At least, that's how the "logic" in my mind works it out. We'll see. Cost considerations could reverse that. Thanks for the trip report links. I had read them before, but a refresher never hurts. In fact, ST has become my go-to incubator for trip ideas.
  3. Things are still very hazy on this one for us. Currently, I'm all over the map with a multitude of possibilities, but there are two that seem to have gained the most traction at this point: I've broken the ice (pun intended) with Natural Habitat Adventures on a polar bear photography expedition out of Churchill, Manitoba in October/November 2019. (I'm generally not a "tour person," but this is one of the few instances where a tour really is the only practical way to do the trip). Alternatively, I've also put out feelers for Tanzania -- a Chada Katavi/Greystoke Mahale (and possibly Ruaha) combo in the August/September timeframe. Both of these possibilities ravage the budget, so right now I'm mainly focused on breathing exercises.
  4. @Tulips Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Uganda is a beautiful country and I hope one day we will have the opportunity to visit. The chimps certainly can be a challenge, and it really is just a matter of luck as to how quality a sighting you get, but having limited ourselves to just one trek (in Rwanda), I wholeheartedly agree that if you really are into chimps, multiple treks are likely necessary. Nevertheless, I think you did quite well with them, all things considered.
  5. The Cape is always lovely, but you certainly managed to catch it during a period of brilliant sunshine. Good work on the Orange-breasted Sunbird at Kirstenbosch -- they eluded us, and not for lack of any trying on our part. You got some great shots of the Cape Mountain Zebras and the Bonteboks. My condolences on the loss of your grandfather -- and for the travails with your guide. I'm looking forward to seeing how you resolved that.
  6. Looks like that elephant is not about to let a jeep get in its way. Great report!
  7. Great report so far. I like your approach to travel -- to take things slowly and spend quality time in fewer places. That third Little Bee Eater photo is one of the best I've seen. I'm looking forward to more, Here's hoping you got your Serval!
  8. A 5-week safari? Oh, boy, I am looking forward to savoring this report. Take your time (but not too much! ). Great start.
  9. Great start to your trip report. Thrilled that you got your leopard and wild dog almost right off the bat. Looking forward to more!
  10. Very interesting to see Mana so lush and green after @michael-ibk‘s report from just a few weeks earlier in the year, when it was much more dry. I’m hard-pressed to say when I’d rather be there — so that means I need to go twice to experience both seasons, of course!
  11. Well, the holiday season caught up with me, but what a way to end the year by finishing your trip report! Another fantastic one, Michael. Thank you. You had many great sightings, but that of the wild dogs/buffaloes/hyenas was simply amazing. I keep scrolling through your photos, thinking how unforgettable being there must have been. The Mana light truly is magical. I will have to figure out a way to get there someday. Thanks again for a great report, and Happy New Year to you and @AndMic.
  12. @AmyT Good for you for your resilience in getting back to Africa, not to mention in managing to tack on that last day after missing your connecting flight. I'm with you -- losing a safari day just isn't an option!. Tarangire looks lovely -- really like the shots of the elephants and the lionesses in the tree. But what the heck happened to your camera? Sure am glad that it started working properly again. A lesson to us all, though -- take more than one body, just in case! You sure had a beautiful morning at the Crater -- and all to yourselves. Beautiful lions. I'm looking forward to more.
  13. Great report. The butterflies are especially gorgeous. Napo has been on my list for a few years now, and this only whets my appetite to make a first-time visit to Ecuador. Thanks for posting!
  14. @jeremie Thanks so much for posting this report. It serves as a reminder that there is so much more opportunity in South America for protection of what still are vast tracts of relatively undisturbed lands. You did very well with your nocturnal photos of the tamandua -- a species I still haven't managed to see. Actually, all your photos achieve a degree of excellence, as usual. It's also great to think that the giant river otters could become reestablisbed here.
  15. What a lovely reminisce. Increasingly, it just becomes more and more important to see the last remaining wild places on our planet. Thank you for sharing your wonderful tribute to Kafue.

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