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  1. @@mapumbo I've really enjoyed this trip report and Mama Ndege's photos. It was so interesting to see what it was like 'round the corner' from where @@TonyQ and I were. I also really enjoyed meeting you both and wish you many more safaris (with trip reports of course!)
  2. I refuse to accept you as being 'full of woe' @@Tom Kellie! Given the positive attitude to Africa expressed in all your TR's and your very encouraging responses to other posters, I think 'full of glow' would be more appropriate 🙂
  3. @@Tom Kellie I'm afraid I'm going to have to be boring and agree with everyone else. Great cheetah photos and the action sequence is superb. The next best thing to actually being there.
  4. I'm very late to this trip report but so glad I found it, it is lovely.
  5. @@Peter Connan Your Yellow Crowned Bishop is like a painting and the swallows are wonderful. Your images are incredible and take my breath away.
  6. I would like to add to @@TonyQ 's comments. I have to confess to knowing little about the Pantanal and certainly had no thought of going there until I saw photos by @@Treepol of giant anteaters with babies on their backs and that was it, suddenly the Pantanal shot to the top of our list! TR's also helped give us some confidence when transferring a fair amount of money to a bank account in Brazil. I'd never heard of Tswalu before and it's now on the list. Although we've been to India quite a few times I hadn't really appreciated its potential as a wildlife destination, other than for tigers, till reading TR's, so now Kaziranga is on the list. So yes, safaritalk has an enormous influence - not just on on where and when to go, but also how often...
  7. @mapumbo I'm very much enjoying your trip report - it's so interesting to see other conservancies and to compare and contrast them with where we stayed. I'm also enjoying Mama Ndege's photography; I think she has a very good 'eye'. Looking forward to reading more but I was thinking, that being ranchers, you and Mama Ndege are probably very busy at the moment with your own baby mammals.
  8. It's interesting to see the overlap of birds you see in Austria & the ones we see here in the UK - though without the snowy background, this year at least.
  9. This is a wonderful TR with stunning images. It must have been an amazing experience - I'm not sure my nerve would have held when the sharks were so close!
  10. @@TonyQ says that's the closest he's ever come to being described as a babe magnet...
  11. Thank you @@Zim Girl and @@Tdgraves @@TonyQ & I mostly use Sunflower Hearts but suet blocks will be on the shopping list from now on...
  12. @@Tdgraves Not meaning to hijack this thread but interested that you get long tailed tits feeding in your garden, as although we see them in our garden they don't come to the feeders. So can I ask, is that bread in your feeders in post 262? Many thanks.
  13. A strong memory for me of Meru is of the beauty and the general abundance of life - mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, butterflies, flowers - at times we didn't know where to look first. Looking at our photographs and videos there are so often birds flying around in the background - I'm sure 'real' birders would see lots more than we did.
  14. Excellent report from a part of the world about which I confess I know very little. Loved the photos -the Peccary babies, Cardinal, cactus with the sun behind it - and the stunning landscapes. Thanks for posting this.
  15. You certainly had some great sightings - leopard at Meru and cheetah at Sosian!

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