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  1. Well- since the Giraffe Manor is a deal breaker for mom, get that booked and then go from there. I'm with the others who are voicing some concerns about the back and forth. 3 countries is a lot to cover, but again, this may be part of your mom not wanting to leave any stone unturned So, is there a way to do this by tackling each country and doing what you want in each one before moving on to the next? First, in Uganda, I guess I'd skip the third night if the main reason for being there is to trek gorillas. I'm sure you could find other things to do on the extra day, but that day may be more useful and restful added somewhere else. If all these places cited are necessary, why not Uganda, Kenya (Giraffe Manor, Amboseli, Mara) then on to Tanzania (Serengeti and Crater) then on to Zanzibar last (or throw Zanzibar in at the beginning of Kenya). I don't really know how transfers work and if driving from the Mara to the Serengeti is possible, but it would eliminate more airport runs. Finally, if there are adjustments to places, I'd probably not do Amboseli and spend more time in the Mara and Serengeti (though I don't say that easily as I loved Amboseli).
  2. @plambers Yeah- Botswana is expensive. The last couple of times I've gone is their summer so a bit cheaper- I can't afford peak either Thanks for sharing the Meru info when you get it. And I do have to say I laughed when I saw my "handle". I think I like ironman better than lmonmm
  3. @plambers Glad to hear you had a wonderful time and smiling as I read "we were bit by the bug". I have to agree with @Pamshelton3932 Namibia is beautiful, but wildlife is (in my opinion) not the draw. Zambia would be a great idea. Botswana is always an option though can be very pricy. I am also very intrigued by your mention of a mobile camp in Meru? Do you have a little more info on that?
  4. I'm just reading this now and .....for some reason...just crying. Although heartened that she went the way she did.....a light has been extinguished and I guess I'm feeling like this world could really use a lot of light these days. RIP Lady Liuwa.
  5. Oh my- the pure magic of a balloon ride over the Mara. My very first balloon ride in my life was over the Mara- that soul lifting experience will remain with me forever and will never be topped. So glad you did it. I remember we landed in the middle of a field next to the river. Had to wait for the trucks to catch up to us as we'd gotten taken further afield than planned. All of a sudden, there is a bunch of nervous tourists realizing we were out in the open with no jeep. Quite comical. This was the first time I heard the "you only need to outrun one other person". The sheer exhilaration of it all.
  6. @Sangeeta I am just sick even thinking this might be true
  7. I was so looking forward to this report then came across your advocacy for killing hybrid species. Sorry Antee- that did it for me....your desire for purity is loathsome to me.
  8. Really enjoyed this....was at DRC in March 2016. It really is a beautiful camp. I was interested in reading about the dehorning, because the two we saw were fully horned. Now, one was a female with calf (the one that decided to chase us) and they told us that females with calves weren't dehorned. Regardless, you are right...it is an awe inspiring event to be in the presence of these amazing and what seems like, prehistoric creatures. And the tracking really is great fun. I must say, I am thankful that we were not out as long as you were....the driving there is pretty rough on the back. I think 2pm was the latest I got back.
  9. I am truly incensed now....the article on USA today talks about the hunter leading the group being a "good guy".. that it was legal because he was over 6. Never mind he was a research lion, never mind he had small cubs (now sure to be killed), not to mention that a valuable gene pool is further decimated. The hunter is not a good guy and Zimbabwe better wake up because people will not go there when there are no lions left. No lion with a collar or cubs should be legally killed. Period. And the age? I think that needs to be raised. I am just sick to my stomach with this news. I am 200% against trophy hunting- it is despicable and evil. And the whole conservation theory crap? BS......just absolute BS.....if you keep killing off vital gene pools there will be none left. Oh....I am just boiling. There isn't an emoticon that shows a round face spitting nails which is what I need right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. @Alexander33 Glad to hear you are back and looking forward to the TR. And as is usual....things done differently at each airport....sigh....I guess I'll have the free GYN appointment to look forward to the next time I fly from Joburg directly to the US
  11. @janzin I am totally with you on this one. I am beyond pissed. I read about it earlier today on FB and just wanted to explode.
  12. OMG- this is a crazy story. The spit on the shoe did it for me. I will admit, I'm laughing, but I'm sure I would not be doing that if I'd been there. You waving at an angry lion and my one experience of rangers throwing rocks and waving at a freaked out rhino and her calf to distract her as she charged. Wow...never to be forgotten. Africa is a seriously beautiful, crazy and sometimes, scary, place. I can hardly wait to go back!!
  13. Thoroughly enjoying this so far And imagine my surprise when I see hanging over the fireplace in your cabin, almost exactly the same wall hanging I have in my bedroom that I bought on my very first trip to Africa (Kenya and Tanzania) back in 2000. The only difference is some of the shades of the sunset. Everything else is the same...wow. Was not expecting that.
  14. No, no guides except during the jungle trips. Well, at MP of course. Going with the lower altitude may be the best bet. Cusco is cool, but not at the expense of feeling like crap. MP is the real draw and that definitely shouldn't be missed. The way our itinerary worked, Cusco was the place to settle between our two trips- MP and Manu so it worked for us. The friend I was traveling with happened to be from Puerto Rico so her Spanish (although a little different) came in handy.

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