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  1. @SafariChick I was going to post the same news article as I was totally flabbergasted by the potential reason. Insane.
  2. Wow- only 22 and already on 15 safaris? That is impressive. I loved the Selous and Ruaha so looking forward to the TR
  3. @Julian I'd lost track of time- glad I can send safe travel wishes and I am sure you two will have a fabulous time. If by the wildest chance you run into Keven Mlay who is a guide for Asilia- tell him Leslie says hi. He was my guide on the first fateful trip I took to Africa eons ago during my mobile camping experience in Tanzania though he worked for a different company back then.
  4. Damn @Alexander33 I just got to the end of this lovely report and you made me cry. Seriously- thank you
  5. @plambers There is a whole other thread regarding the dogs in Laikipia- there is more info there. I guess I'm not sure why you are already jumping to cancelling LWC- a lot can change in a year and it appears there is tons of things to do besides just seeing the dogs.
  6. Haven't even read the prepared post...too devastated by your loss....my heart is broken for you....having recently gone through a similar experience with my "baby" boy Calvin (cow-kitty) that shared my life for 13 years....I am so sorry and shedding quiet tears with you
  7. Very interesting article. And, the little info about a 30% discount off the trekking permit if they stay at least 6 nights in Rwanda in interesting. Also interesting was that there was no discount for residents, though frankly, I don't understand why they pay at all. This is their country- they should have the opportunity to trek. I guess the caveat could be that they could take a spot if not all the permits were taken. Thanks for posting this @AKR1
  8. I have just gotten through the third trek...I will admit, a few happy sniffles as I soooooooo clearly remember that first encounter. Sniffles then too. It is just magic. I can't describe it any other way...it is just magic. I very distinctly recall sitting on the balcony of my bungalow (stayed at Virunga lodge which was set up very high with heart breaking views) that late afternoon. I had a glass of wine in one hand, watching the sun set, hearing singing from far below, sun setting sparkles on the water- having seen my first mountain gorillas- and I literally said out loud to myself- "I am so lucky, I am so lucky". Magic.
  9. @pault I'm curious- why would it mean that US citizens couldn't get visa's for Chad? It's my understanding that this idiotic ban is for people coming into the US, not leaving it. Unless Chad decides to a tit for tat thing. What a mess the idiots in the administration are making
  10. @offshorebirder I really hadn't given it this much thought and thank you for making me even sadder about what's been happening on this islands Really, I do appreciate this post. I've been so overwhelmed with the destruction. I used to live in St. Maarten (many moons ago) and was horrified to see what's happened there. Had the chance to visit Dominica (as well as many other islands) and adored that jungly beautiful island- pulling delicious fruit right off the trees and eating it. I worry for all these places, both for the wildlife and people. Thanks again for reminding us about the perils for birds, etc that climate change is posing.
  11. This is truly heart breaking. There is a quote from Annabele Carey from LWC in the article so it certainly appears this tragic news is true. Time will tell if the various species can rebound.
  12. It's been over a year since I've had to insure a trip but I'm with @amybatt I always use Insure My Trip.com Google it. It will let you put in all ages etc and give you comparisons on all the options. I also usually don't insure my international flights as my credit card usually covers some stuff there so I only insure my ground costs. I agree with @marg Your initial quotes seem high. It also depends on what you want to insure. I tend to focus on covering my ground costs and I also look at evacuation costs.
  13. @Julian I just honestly don't know what to say. I'm feeling a little weepy, nostalgic, whatever. I am in complete and total awe of both yours and Rachel's perseverance and determination to grab life by the balls. Your reasoning for why you have chosen what you have is brilliant. It speaks to both of your heightened joy of life. And, in particular, your love of Africa. From your first safari together in 2001 to the trips in between. Tanzania is a perfect choice. Despite all the negatives, Ngorongoro is a jaw dropping place. The sheer geological aspect alone makes it so. My memories of this magical place helped shape my total love of Africa as a continent. I can say the same of the Serengeti. This was my first trip ever and I remember never wanting to sleep in case I'd miss something. Bliss. After many trips to Africa now, it's now all about seeing what I see, hearing what I hear, smelling what I smell.....it is now about a peace that helps heal my soul when I go there....no matter what I see or smell or hear. Maybe I'm wrong, but I interpret that it is this peace that is desired. And this trip will provide that. You have chosen perfection.
  14. @Alexander33 I visited the Amahoro family and the Sabyinyo family (thank you certificates with the names on them ). Hands down the viewing in Rwanda was better than in Uganda. I loved Bwindi, but it is a very dense and thick forest, so aptly named. Had great interactions with the gorillas there, but very few photos as it was so dark (don't recall the name of the group there). The golden monkey trekking was in equally dense forest in Uganda, but the hike was very nice and at one point we could see neighboring DRC during the hike. Kind of surreal. This was in Mgahinga Park. I used Volcano's safaris and stayed at their lodges both in Rwanda and Uganda with the exception of the lodge in Queen Elizabeth Park. It was an absolutely stellar trip!!!!
  15. Wow- you got some fabulous shots of the golden monkeys. I trekked them in Uganda and they never left the leafiness overhead so I have maybe one photo of them (lots in my head though). I don't think I knew they did these treks out of the same place in Rwanda (did a couple gorilla treks out of Rwanda as well as one in Uganda). In any case....unbelievable shots of them. I'm impressed

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