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  1. Glad you are having fun. Put the tech away!!!!!!!!!!! Revel in Africa!!!!!!!!!!!! You'll be missing it soon enough so soak up every second you can!!!!!
  2. @offshorebirder and @janzin I too wondered about the whole size thing. One hears anything larger than a phone has to be checked, but many lists of those things that need to be checked almost everything other than a phone is on there. I wondered about small P&S (I always take one since I can slip it into a pocket while I'm wandering up to the main lodge to grab something to drink, for example, and don't want to lug my other camera). Would that be allowed? I can't find anything that says it would be. I guess we'll just have to rely on travelers to come back and let us know, like the person with the lenses, what actually is and isn't allowed.
  3. @amybattUnfortunately Kuyenda doesn't open til mid June. Not sure if this helps. I love these camps!!! RATE SHEET THE BUSHCAMP COMPANY.pdf
  4. @Atdahl Just binge watched your report....I love your writing and it's a good thing I was done eating when I got to the pictures of the probicus monkeys and the "alert" ladies.....I'd had a few snorts and giggles before that, but that one made me burst out laughing!!! Having been to Borneo for a quick jaunt, including BRL, this is bringing back some great memories. Jealous of your elephant sightings...never did see them...just their dung You were much luckier with the primate viewing than I was though I did have a couple of really good sightings of orangutans and the canopy walkway was fully intact (sorry you missed that- it is a very cool experience). Can hardly wait for the finale!!!!
  5. @Antee Interesting news as the guide still lists himself as working for Wilderness. I am surprised you are touting SA with conservation...the country that just legalized domestic trade in rhino horn. The country that still has a rampant canned hunting industry I believe they also wanted to allow legal trade in elephant tusks. I would never ever lump SA in with Botswana...not even close. But, that is my opinion only.
  6. I thought YF vaccines were only important if you came from a "YF" country? If she is coming from the US that wouldn't apply would it? Anyway- I think AmyT is on her way already so.....I guess we'll find out when she gets back.
  7. @Antee He is indeed listing himself as a guide for WS. This is disturbing. I didn't see this post on his page, but it may have been removed or only allowed for "friends".
  8. There are lots of other lions kills in HWC situations- quite sadly. Namibia seems to be really struggling with this. I personally am saddened at the loss of the genes. These 5 came from a line of strong and hardy lions who have been able to successfully live in that harsh environment. This does not bode well for lion populations in Namibia- or at least not in that area.
  9. @marg thanks- I kind of thought that, but was wondering what they meant by the code-sharing with a US airlines in Oct. Wasn't sure if Kenya Air would start next spring (per the article), but a US airline earlier? Who knows. I'll just have to wait and see.
  10. Not sure what they mean by code-sharing, but inching closer? Unfortunately it looks like it may only be out of JFK? And not until next year?
  11. Wilderness Safaris posted about it on FB this morning...I'd seen something earlier this week that indicated Tullamore had been killed but I couldn't verify it. I'm with @Antee 100%. This is beyond tragic. Not only were all of them beautiful vibrant souls, this was a desperately needed gene pool that has been wiped out. There are days when I so mourn for this planet that it's hard to get up.
  12. The "question mark" with the elephant is pretty amazing- that was impeccable timing
  13. @LizW Don't give it another thought. If all you have is the back of the truck and you have to be it. I actually almost find it easier to do that because I can hang on to the back which makes the whole squatting thing easier . "Eyes Forward" is my proclamation to my fellow jeep mates and really, you are not visible to anyone. There is something freeing, particularly for women, about the whole peeing in the bush (or perhaps behind the jeep). I have come to celebrate my first bush/jeep loo break. It means I am really in Africa and can relax and enjoy my vacation. Don't stress about it and have a fabulous time!!!
  14. @Game Warden Oh that is so funny- I just came back in and found that exact glitch out and was about to post that. Easy enough to fix each visit, but would be much better if it saved the settings. While I was getting ready to post that, the notification from you popped up...another very cool feature!!!!
  15. @Game Warden I am sure it is so just want to thank you again, sincerely, for doing this. I'm actually really impressed with the smooth transition so kudos to you and your cohorts.

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