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  1. Wow- that last bit? Wow......Never ever in a million years would have expected a mongoose killing a shrew....wow
  2. @AmyT Yay!!!!!!!!!!! You are back!!!!!!!!! Was wondering when we'd hear from you again. Dying to hear all about it. Refresh my memory- what was the itinerary again? I see from another post you went to Tarangiere (loved that area- I did a mobile tenting trip there many moons ago).
  3. @anocn4 I agree with @Geoff It doesn't hurt to take the time to respond and if you get any money out of it, you put it towards your next trip. You are going on the next trip no matter what so what if some of it was paid for? And, they should definitely know you have made it public. You could make some statement along the line of ... "I went to reputable safari travel sites to check with experienced travelers to make sure I'd not been incorrect in my assumption that a safari drive would last more than a couple hours" Something like that. This way they know this info is out there.
  4. @anocn4..Thanks for being more clear about your food preferences. I honestly don't really know what European influence means for food, I have always found it flavorful. Some indian influence I've found as well. I'm trying to remember how many times I'd get fish and can't. I know we'd get it. @ExtraordinaryAlex makes some very good points and you may not find exactly what you want in the food area. I do know that most of the camps I've stayed at were able to cater to vegetarians and gluten free diets pretty well. Maybe if you let them know ahead of time some of your preferences? I have been to Botswana three times, but so far have only stayed at Wilderness camps. By the way, their Amarula Mousse for dessert is to die for Her points about what kinds of wildlife you are looking for would also determine camps. Some are predominately water camps so they are more about birdlife and water animals- activities are focused around the water. Other camps are a combination of the two (water and land) whereas some are all about land. In the delta proper, the Chitabe area is great for land activities. I've liked to combine the Savuti area with the Delta to get a more rounded experience. I love Savuti camp though Duma Tau (I've only stayed at the old Duma Tau- new one is fancier) gets good reviews. I really like the Savuti area. When I go back I will be going with a different company- just to compare- and I've been eyeing the Great Plains camps. Game viewing when you are planning to go should be pretty good. I've gone in June and then twice in the green season (Feb and April). The viewing is definitely not as good during the green season, but I love green Africa. I don't know- it's not always easy planning these trips, but I actually find that to be part of the fun. Game drives that I've experienced with wilderness have usually been at least 4 hours and the guides have generally been excellent. And again, as @ExtraordinaryAlex points out, your jeep mates can make or break those drives. I've been pretty lucky so far and gotten some pretty decent jeep mates. Keep us posted on what you decide.
  5. @anocn4 I guess I'd find it helpful to understand what you find so dissatisfying with safari meals. I'll admit, I'm a little mystified. I've been on 9 safaris now and can't ever remember not thoroughly enjoying the food at any place I stayed. So, maybe understanding exactly what it was that made you unhappy would help. I've never stayed at Stanley's so I can't speak to that, but you could ask your agent for a reference- to speak to someone they've arranged trips for who has stayed there. My travel agent has sent people my way several times for questions and references. I went to look at their site and it looks nice enough though way to boutiquey for my taste. I'm not a big fan of the new wave of designs in some of the camps and in looking at the renderings of the new tents at Stanley's, I was surprised to see the front windows of the tent were plastic or glass- cuts down on breezes and sounds so not good in my mind. But I digress. Botswana is great for animals so there shouldn't be problem with that.
  6. @Ritsgaai Before I forget...what are the ingredients for French toast a la Savuti? It looked scrumptious
  7. Oh this news just pisses me off beyond belief.
  8. @LarsS Just loving these vlogs!! I stayed in the Busanga area a few years ago and loved it.... it's been fun to watch these- bringing back some good memories.
  9. @Ritsgaai Although I have never typically perused the self-drive types of reports (just not anything I, as a solo female traveler from the US, would ever do), I have been mesmerized by this report. Lovely pictures and I absolutely love the butt-shot of the giraffe drinking. Now that is just not the typical safari picture!!! These pictures from Chobe are amazing too and clearly shows the beauty of having a good solid water source (our planets gift of life). Seriously, this trip had to have been just so much fun. There is something to be said for being able to meander at your own pace/desire/wish. I think I'm a little jealous
  10. These are insane- just threw in some March 2018 dates and got 595 from IAD.
  11. @AmyT Have a fabulous time!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Oh what a teeny tiny baby elephant!!!!
  13. Interesting...I don't remember whether I got mine ahead of time or not...I don't think I did, but that was several years ago. I wonder if this has anything to do with their huge uptick in trekking permit prices.
  14. @Steven NY great photos.....loved the "smiling" lion and the photo bombing eland with the giraffe...made me smile. Glad you enjoyed your? trip.

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