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  1. I've read about this in a couple of different places....and just from my personal viewpoint....karma indeed.
  2. @serendipityntravel Beautiful elephant....but I have to ask....is it wise to say where you saw it?
  3. OMG @janzin I almost had a wine-out-the-nose moment I was laughing so hard about the Devil's Pool experience. It all started with the photo of the arrow pointing to your hero...I hadn't read the description above so I kept trying to figure out why...his trunks maybe? Then I read the caption and started laughing- just because, seriously, what are the odds you are in Zim with a bunch of lifeguards from CA? And then....the whole frightening experience of photos in a bathing suit........just chuckling as I write this. I too LOATHE having my picture taken, will never take a selfie and DEFINITELY, will never have a photo of me in a bathing suit. So, now that I've stopped chuckling....I applaud your tenacity to do the Devil's Pool trip- not sure I would have (and not because of the photos- pretty bad fear of heights for me) - and to go the extra step of pictures to prove it. This has been a fabulous TR and I'm sad to see it coming to an end- seriously. I've looked forward to every update, for your honest appraisal and humor throughout. Thank you so much for sharing.
  4. @cjt3 Safe travels through Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. Looking forward to hearing all about it!!!!
  5. @PSUPilot I just came across this....I'm curious, what was your final decision?
  6. @janzin Just lovely photos and so glad you got to see the dogs again...they are a compelling species aren't they? There is just something about them that causes the heart to beat faster, no matter how many times you see them. @ZaminOz It is frustrating for me to hear such blitheness in suggesting we just get a private guide. For many of us, a trip to Africa, a soul soothing and rejuvenating experience for me personally, also comes at a cost. I scrimp and save, live simply, figure out what to cut out, how to manage the credit card due dates.....adding roughly $3-4K to an already really expensive trip to have a private guide is just not an option. I cope with what may not be ideal situations, but also expect that my expenditure is equally respected. I have loved the photos but also value the lesson in learning how to ask some important questions before booking a place....thank you @janzin for that lesson....it would not have crossed my mind before. which is another reason to love this site....I learn something new with every report
  7. Ok- glad you were able to finalize your destination. Just so I have this straight...you are planning a 5 day trip through the Northern Circuit of Tanzania? It'll help with other's advice to know your time line.
  8. @vikramghanekar I am in awe....beautiful photographs, beautiful writing....how honored you must feel to be published like this....and well deserved!!!!!!
  9. @Guy Storch So, you've settled on Northern TZ vs self driving in Botswana , Etosha or Selous? Africa is a huge continent with unbelievable places/animals/people to see...it is tough to decide sometimes. I guess my first gut reaction to your question would be why would you not want to go to the Serengeti? (well, in my head that was in caps). My very first addict-causing trip to Africa was to Kenya and Tanzania. I did a mobile tenting trip through Tarangiere, Ngorongoro and the Serengeti. (Did Selous and Ruaha as well). I didn't care or know about migration routes- I just wanted to see everything....because...well, you know, this was my one and only trip (ha ha....8 trips later). Honestly...it's your first trip...there is nothing on this planet like your first trip to Africa. It is sensation overload. Nothing you choose will be wrong....but dang.....I wanted to be able to say I'd been to and seen the Serentgeti!!!!! No migration views (didn't know and didn't care), but did see lions, hyrax, hyenas, bat eared foxes (Lucy and Desi we named them) among many beautiful sights....lighting in the morning to blow your mind, sitting in front of my tent during siesta time to see who walked by (there was always someone)...checking the paw prints in front of my tent in the morning to see who came by...(always someone).....seriously....it is truly life changing. Anything you see will be a bonus.....literally, anything. You can go to the beach another time....experience the beautiful, breathtaking (at any time) Serengeti!!!!!!! Okay- my 5 cents
  10. @africaaddict Holy cow- I am awe struck.....what incredible photos....wow.....wow.....wow....
  11. Aaaah- the magical Amarula. I am thankful to have discovered it on my first Africa trip eons ago so have been indulging for years. I hadn't bought any in a while and recently bought a bottle (one of my local liquor stores carries it) which I have been savoring.
  12. @kittykat23uk Just went through these lovely pictures again (just love those meerkats). In #111 there is a picture of a zebra sniffing/checking out something. Curious..what was it? Just read an interesting article about how animals grieve....or scientists are trying to prove it....(on a personal note, I totally believe that animals grieve, but that's neither here nor there).....so I was curious to know what the zebra found so interesting. Looking forward to more pictures and info of course
  13. @SuperD Unfortunately, Tanzania is on the list for Zika (much to my surprise as I honestly didn't think Zika was an issue in Africa) Link below is from the CDC. https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/page/world-map-areas-with-zika
  14. @SuperD Hi- I see you have posted other similar questions soooo....does that mean you've ruled out Kenya? Or Serian? Now May- July instead of August? I can't speak to either of the companies you listed, though I have heard of Intrepid. Southern Africa during the time you mention (May-July) is starting to get into the expensive time and if you want exclusivity anywhere (away from the maddening crowds) you will have to pay for it. It might help to get a better idea of what your rough budget is. There are many others here at ST who can give good advice on where to go according to price/day-to-day cost. Wanting the Big 5 might narrow it down somewhat as not all areas have all 5.

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