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  1. Yo ...weve got our first law...the law of dinner..what are some more..?
  2. Hi guys what are some basic wildlife laws which every common safari goer should remember?
  3. Sometime people protrude out of the vehicle to take selfie when they see big cats in the park . Sometimes they catch a nasty baboon somewhere outside and click pictures with it .. I think these are highly dangerous activities which could be fatal sometimes.
  4. Is it ok for us to take selfies while dangerous animals are around inside a national park?
  5. While taking photo on a chilly tanzanian morning i didnt notice moisture on my camera lens but took a really nice photo of a lion drinking water in mikumi national park.The photo got blurred and i could only regret after that.
  6. I mean did u book via private lodge or govt based agency? And what was the total cost pppn?
  7. How much did u spend ? Did you hire govt accomodation and vehicle or private own?
  8. If somebody tries to paint the african bush and wilderness is very difficult to achieve even for the master artist ..such is the beauty of africa.
  9. Black panther and normal leopard together is one of the rarest pic.
  10. @@madaboutcheetah have you ever been to Bandipur national park?
  11. If the buffalos come near rhino it will chase them and so the elephants.So the scene with all big 3 herbivores may last for a few seconds only.A crouching lion and watching leopard on a tree may not even move for several minutes. So in a nutshell crouching cats eagerly waiting for attack may be captured easily but all 3 herbivore peacefully eating grass next to each other may not be easily possible.
  12. Hi friends I was thinking if it is possible to find an african rare camera image with all big 5 animals in it?
  13. Not gud for rainforest area in the world.. should not be like that..
  14. In rajasthan state/county (as per uk english) sariska , ranthambore ; bharatpur and desert sancutuaries/parks are must...also for rocky adventure mount abu is a twin brother of nainitaal in india..if you have an archeological taste then go for various forts on rocky mountains...also for ultra luxurious adventure try the udaipur resort which is in the middle of lake ..surrounded and submerged in water just like lake palace in jaipur...
  15. @@Botswanadreams ...desert national park has rich variety of indian jackal , fox, wolf and rock leopards that could not be found elsewhere in the world...indian bustard, wild ass,camels, small cats are other attractions ...also the landscape and hue is the one which is more mesmerising..

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