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  1. Really enjoying your fabulous trip report. We will be visiting the same area next year only at a different time of year. Hope we have half the great sightings you experienced.
  2. I include a vote for Offbeat Mara as well. They are well situated to the action with a resident lion pride, leopard, and cheetahs.
  3. I never thought about a leopard eating a mongoose?? That was an interesting experience.
  4. What a relaxed serval. Another kill!!!!!! Wouldn't you just love to take that selfie stick and #$%&((*&^%*!!!. What a great trip and resulting report Thank you for posting. We have just made our down payment to The Wild Source and will have the services of George as our guide due to your trip reports and recommendations along with a couple other Safaritalk participants reviews. Where to next?
  5. With over 40 years of cattle ranching it still amazes me the miracle of how quickly a calf is born, gets to it's feet to nurse, is playing and ready to travel. Often, all of this in less than an hour.. Good documentation of the birthing cycle of the Wildebeests.
  6. That will be dry season. We are staying 2 nights at Sanctuary Kusini on the way to Northern Serengeti to hopefully view the migration. There will probably not be many people in Ndutu at that time but hopefully we will have good sightings of predators.
  7. Great day for you @Atravelynn. 6 safaris for us to Africa and not a kill yet except for a LBR with a snake. Gives us a good excuse to continue going back, not that we need one. We will be with George in Ndutu next year so maybe your and his luck will produce for us.
  8. My eyes glassed over when I saw the math equation. I would have never passed high school algebra except the coach was the math teacher. Anyway, the final total is mind blowing. The split quote was probably because I did an edit after I had posted because I thought of something I wanted to add.
  9. Wow, @Atravelynn I am getting really excited about going to Ndutu a year from now with the volume of cats that you saw. Ndutu looks to be well stocked with cats .That's quite a deal when you have to describe the number of sightings by saying "30ish"!!! Were you able to see any of the wildebeests calving with the dry weather? You have some really great pictures. I especially like the pile of 5 sleeping cheetahs, the large group of running ostriches, the 3 sub-adult sitting cheetahs, the large paw small paw lions and the bolting zebra.
  10. Since discovering Safaritalk we have abandoned the organized group safaris we had taken previously and started using the resources of the folks here to help plan private safaris. We will probably not return to the group trips. We are in the planning process of a safari to Tanzania in 2018 including four of our friends. I have spent hours reading trip reports and forming a list of places we would want to visit. When I called a TO, one that is used by several here, we were able to quickly put together a really nice itinerary. I used the private message option to visit with a couple of Safaritalkers to find a private guide that we should be very happy with. They replied with valuable insight that may have saved us from choosing someone who would not have been ideal. Lastly, I don't know how @Game Warden manages to develop and maintain such a great sight and forum without advertisers. After using this site for valuable planning and advice it seems only fitting that we as members should help financially by supporting the cause.
  11. My wife and I did a similar trip in January 2016. This was when Off beat had a camp in Meru and Sosian was in operation in Lakipia. We finished up at Offbeat Mara. We loved Meru. It feels very isolated and is a unique place. Very few other tourists. You get to see Rhino, gerinuk, and other northern species. I would not be too concerned with the mobile camp offering. They will surely be en suite. There are not many places to stay in Meru so you should take advantage of the opportunity. There were no Tse flies while we were there in January. Offbeat Mara is a great camp in a great location. Good guiding and plenty of wildlife.
  12. I am planning a trip to northern Tanzania next August with friends and have read this wonderful report from start to finish. It has given me many ideas to investigate along with the pleasure of viewing your fantastic photos and text. The road less travelled is the one worth searching for. Thank you for your contributions to ST.
  13. Nice tease, you got me hooked now. Happy for your Amani experience.
  14. We had a foggy morning drive to the Mara river and breakfast at the same spot a year ago with Kapen and David. Good to hear they are getting some rain. It rained nearly every night when we were there. Did you do any night drives?
  15. All right, bring it on. It was a year ago that we had the fortune to be guided by David and Kapen. With your visit and @@offshorebirder's recent visit, we can enjoy a wonderful return to Offbeat Mara.

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