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  1. 3 snakes in one day...that's more than we have seen in multiple safaris put together. I hope your new guide makes up for what you had to put up with so far.
  2. @mtanenbaum We were at Offbeat Mara in January 2016. It rained almost every night we were there. We had a hard time getting in one night drive. Your luck with the babies was fantastic. We certainly would consider a return visit. We are retracing a safari taken in Tanzania ten years ago, this summer.
  3. Beautiful birds. What is the eagle in the second photo carrying?
  4. I did not know anything about these monkeys. Nice shots and interesting report.
  5. Will you provide descriptions of your other treks? Have now put Uganda on my bucket list. Who did you plan your trip through? Thanks for the TR.
  6. We ended up booking the Ethiopian Airline flight from Dulles. We have to fly to Washington DC the night before and stay at a hotel overnight since their was no flight early enough from Kansas City to make the 11 AM flight. We saved almost a 1000 dollars per person even with the extra overnight over the cost of flying on KLM through Amsterdam. Plus you arrive at Kilimanjaro in the early afternoon instead of late at night.
  7. Also depends on the time of year. I would be more apt to add a day on the front in winter in the US.
  8. Really enjoyed reading this report. We visited India many years ago. I don't think you can describe India without presenting all the multitude of cultural things that surrounds you, even if you are primarily doing a wildlife tour. Our heads were constantly on a swivel while traveling between game parks. There never seemed to be a lack of new, interesting, or shocking sights. I just recently was thinking about a return trip with Sri Lanka as a combo. Your report has given me a boost. We definitely would enjoy seeing the rhino. We were fortunate to see 12 different tigers in 4 parks on our tour.
  9. @Atravelynn Yes, soon to be 2018, the year we return to Tanzania. You evidently were satisfied with the service on EA. Any difficulties ?
  10. @serendipityntravel Thank you for the kind offer. I may be in touch. I plan to start with our TO on Tuesday. They have people they use for customer bookings.
  11. @serendipityntravel Thank you for the advice on Dubai. Hopefully, something more reasonably priced can be found. What do you mean by"fly EY"?
  12. There are six of us from the Midwest who have our safari planned and booked to northern Tanzania for mid August. My question is about flights to Kilimanjaro. It appears that the easiest route as far as reasonable layovers and decent arrival times is the flight through Amsterdam direct to Kilimanjaro. It is nearly 2500 dollars rt coach from Kansas City. Are there any other flights that are nearly as convenient as that one but cheaper? I looked at flying to Nairobi and then to Kilimanjaro. It could be some cheaper but haven't really figured out if we could make all the connections work so we arrive on the second day of travel. Flights to Johannesburg are much cheaper but I could not see a direct flight from there to Kilimanjaro. Also, does anyone have a booking agent for flights that is expert at finding the best deals for Africa? Thank you.
  13. You should start by having an idea of what you want to see and do. It sounds like you have a rough idea of a budget. Don't be surprised that what is described as a budget tour still seems expensive. Next, contact several respected tour organisers and tell them what you are wanting to do, for how long and how much you can spend. There are many mentioned here on Safaritalk. Two we have used and would recommend are The Wild Source in Colorado, and Expert Africa in Great Britain. They will ask you many questions to fine tune a plan and come back with a quote. You can compare and adjust until you are comfortable. Good luck. I find the trip planning is fun and rewarding.
  14. I can understand why you wanted to stay with the 5 boys. Want a fascinating group of action shots.

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