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  1. I am planning a trip to northern Tanzania next August with friends and have read this wonderful report from start to finish. It has given me many ideas to investigate along with the pleasure of viewing your fantastic photos and text. The road less travelled is the one worth searching for. Thank you for your contributions to ST.
  2. Nice tease, you got me hooked now. Happy for your Amani experience.
  3. We had a foggy morning drive to the Mara river and breakfast at the same spot a year ago with Kapen and David. Good to hear they are getting some rain. It rained nearly every night when we were there. Did you do any night drives?
  4. All right, bring it on. It was a year ago that we had the fortune to be guided by David and Kapen. With your visit and @@offshorebirder's recent visit, we can enjoy a wonderful return to Offbeat Mara.
  5. Nice report. I have been enjoying your descriptions of your trip. We have friends going to Kafue in the future so I have copied this to them. It will be their first trip to Africa
  6. Wow, really great morning of sightings. We have not seen a successful stalk and kill yet, but the anticipation of watching a stalk is still a tremendous thrill.
  7. Really enjoying your report. It is fun to recognize some of the familiar landscape of Mara North. Did you hear if Amani raised any of her cubs?
  8. @@offshorebirder, very much looking forward to your Offbeat Mara visit. What a contrast from all the rain last year to the drought they are now experiencing. Is David still guiding at the camp?
  9. @@optig I'm sure you will enjoy your time in NNP. Great place to have good viewings of both black and white rhino. Maybe you will see the sunni. A visit to the elephant orphanage is well worthwhile.
  10. The detailed pattern on the bustard feathers is fantastic. I never looked at one close enough to notice.
  11. Really enjoying this TR. Keep them coming please, Tom.
  12. We stayed at this camp in January as well and had a wonderful time. I know many of the staff live nearby and will not want to relocate. Our great guide Dominic was Massai so should be able to fit in anywhere. It is a real shame that Meru NP and Kenya in general are struggling to keep tourists coming.
  13. Nice shots. You had great sightings of the dogs. Did Steve talk about the hyena with the pack. Is this unusual?
  14. Beautiful shot. Looks as if you could step right in to the frame.
  15. Deano, I couldn't think of a Fleetwood Mac song but no matter, Wonderful World is jangling around in my head now. Sounds are definitely an appropriate theme.

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