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  1. Congratulations on a 100! Love the blackbirds
  2. I'd fallen behind on your list but I'm very glad that I've got caught up! Beautiful photography and a number of birds in Europe that I've never seen. Impressive total list as well.
  3. 300. Common Linnet, Rainham Marshes, 16/6 Maybe not the most exciting bird for no. 300 but I think they're quite striking in their own little way.
  4. 299. Great Cormorant, Rainham Marshes, 16/6
  5. 298. Reed Warbler, Rainham Marshes, 16/6
  6. 297. Reed Bunting, Rainham Marshes, 16/6 These are a real highlight of Rainham Marshes. I've never seen so many in such a small area.
  7. 296. Eurasian Collared Dove, Rainham Marshes, 16/6
  8. 295. Common Kestrel, Rainham Marshes, 16/6
  9. 294. Eurasian Oystercatcher, Rainham Marshes, 16/6 More EBC's. The tidal flats of the Thames are a good spot to see these birds near London but it's hard to get close given the typography of the marshes.
  10. 293. Skylark, Rainham Marshes, 16/6 A classic EBC but I don't think that I will get another shot at this bird. I'm not 100% but I think this is a Skylark - you can just about see the crest.
  11. 292. Redshank, Rainham Marshes, 16/6 Not the most naturally setting but this was one of my target species and I could only see them on the cow fences.
  12. 291. Sedge Warbler, Rainham Marshes, 16/6
  13. 290. Common Whitethroat, Rainham Marshes, 16/6
  14. 289. Common Pheasant, Rainham Marshes, 16/6
  15. 288. Herring Gull, London Wetland Centre, 23/4

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