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  1. @TonyQ - looks like a lovely itinerary We loved Woodlands when we stayed there. In Montagu we stayed at Klein Nektar which was lovely but it is off the grid, so all lighting is solar and the fridge is gas powered. I love my food and wine so for it's worth my recommendations would be: Cape Town Restaurants / Vineyards - Test Kitchen is genuinely one of the greatest restaurants in the World - it's expensive and you need to book months in advance but it's well worth it. Other great options are Pot Luck Club (it's above Test Kitchen), La Colombe, Harbour House and the restaurants at the Steenberg and Beau Constantia vineyards. If you're looking for something with a very local feel I would also recommend Kalky's - I think the Hake is best but you could also try the Snoek but beware it's a very bony fish. In Franschhoek I would recommend the restaurant Foliage and Le Petite Ferme (mainly for the view). Vineyards - In Cape Town, I would recommend Cape Point (for the wine) and Steenberg (mainly for the setting / restaurant). In Franschhoek, the vineyards of Chamonix, Glenwood, the Mullineaux tasting room and Boekenhoutskloof are excellent. All of the these you can just turn up to with the exception of Boekenhoutskloof which you have to pre-book weeks in advance.
  2. I've been looking forward to this update. Great start!
  3. @Zim Girl - thank you for sharing this wonderful inspiring story. It's heartening to hear that despite it's challenges there are still soo many great things happening in this part of the DRC. I would love to one day visit, trying to combine it with a visit to Nyiragongo.
  4. Congratulations! Helmet shrike is the best
  5. Love the photography and the birds
  6. @Galana - haha I think you're right. I reckon by December 31st I'll look back on that day with longing.
  7. @PeterHG - welcome back. I'm looking forward to this update! I'm also now jealous about both your Verreaux's Eagle Owls
  8. @Soukous - great collection. How forested was the area where you took the photo of the Tambourine Dove? I've always thought of them as a deep forest bird so was surprised to see it on the shoreline.
  9. @TonyQ - congratulations on breaking 200. Top notch photographer as always - the Sandwich Tern is particularly impressive.
  10. Without any trips abroad planned I'm getting desperate and when I do visit reserves I'm doing so to target specific species. In this case I was hoping to find Curlews. When I arrived I spoke to the receptionist who explained that there had been a small flock right out front all day but that they had just flown off! Sods law! The Water Rail was a nice surprise but really it was quiet. I arrived late so I waited till dusk hoping they would arrive, enjoying a few regulars and... Female Stonechat ...and the scenary Eurasian Teal Marsh Harrier Little Egrets As I was leaving though I finally got my reward. 352. Eurasian Curlew
  11. 351. Eurasian Wigeon, Rainham Marshes, 6.11.17
  12. 350. Northern Pintail, Rainham Marshes, 6.11.17
  13. 349. Water Rail, Rainham Marshes, 6.11.17 This is a lifer for me.
  14. 348. Common Snipe, London Wetland Centre, 27.10.17
  15. For the sanctity of my count I'm going to rescind my Great Egret so I'll start my count again on 346. I have to admit that I'm now scrapping through the bottom of the proverbial barrel into the floor below! I had a quieter work week so I managed a quick trip to the London Wetland Centre and an evening trip to Rainham. 347. Northern Shoveler, London Wetland Centre, 27.10.17

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