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  1. @@inyathi That was the one I was considering, your suggestion made me pull the trigger. Thanks. @@Botswanadreams Thanks for the site. It will give me something to play with until the physical map arrives!
  2. @@ExtraordinaryAlex Thanks for the recommendation
  3. Greetings, Can anyone suggest a place to get maps for the Serengeti and NCA, particularly around Ndutu? I'd prefer online versions. I've been seeing mention of different places in theses areas (Hidden Valley, Moru Kopjes etc) in trip reports and I'm trying to understand their spatial relations for our upcoming trip. I'd like to know if visiting somewhere is reasonable before I ask our guide. Thanks
  4. @@Atravelynn Thanks so much for all the information. We are doing a trip that has very similar elements (4 days Namiri and 3 days Ndutu) at the end of next month and this TR has been very helpful. The situation in Namiri sounds unfortunate, particularly for an area that seems so productive and has been getting such rare reviews. Your cheetah photos were wonderful and it seems like you had a great bit of luck while there. @@madaboutcheetah I'm contemplating talking to my TO about Ubuntu. Dunia would be my preference, but they are full on our dates. Two of our party will be at Mbalageti Lodge after we are supposed to be at Namiri and I'm not sure 7 night in the western corridor is a good idea, even with the migration slightly ahead of schedule this year.
  5. @@Atravelynn Interesting that you brought your guide in with you, we were told Namiri Plains allowed use of only their guides.
  6. @@Atravelynn Enjoying the TR so far, the cheetah and elephant photos in particular. The drinks cart is rather impressive, reminds me of something we rigged up one year to haul rocks and fossils out of a dig location far from a road. I'm going to be at Namiri Plains in a few weeks, would you recommend spending a good bit of time in the Seronera area due to the limited road network around the camp? How easy was it to do all day drives from camp?
  7. @@madaboutcheetah That is extremely frustrating. We will be there at the end of May, it was the place we were most excited about. Now I'm wondering if we should try to switch to another Asilia property. Just send the final payment in too.
  8. @@kilopascal Really interesting and different trip report. I'm enjoying the it tremendously. The more you show the more tempted I am to explore doing something like this with some of my student. Did any of your students take offense at the joke of being 'sold off?'
  9. @@kilopascal Really interesting trip report. Your photos are really nice and sharp and the stories that accompany them make for nice framing. I've toyed with the idea of taking junior and senior undergraduates on a biology and geology trip to northern Tanzania and this trip report is making me think about it again. How difficult was the organizing?
  10. @@JulieM My wife and I did two days in Johannesburg before our last safari. Like you we visited the Apartheid museum, but we also did a visit to Constitution Hill. If you thought the Apartheid Museum was worth the visit (we did), you might feel the same about Constitution Hill. They've keep in place some of the cells where political prisoners were held and have some interesting exhibits. When we were there they had a significant exhibit about Ghandi's time in South Africa. It certainly isn't a whole day experience though. I'd also recommend the Human Origins Museum We had intended to visit it, but it took us twice as long as we anticipated to get through the Apartheid Museum.
  11. @@kilopascal I wonder if it is the same pride? Perhaps we are looking at a behavior spreading through one pride of lions. Whatever the cause it is an amazing sight. Thanks for showing it to us!
  12. @@DrToonz There are no guarantees in any year where the migration will be, but at that time of year my vote would be to add a day to Ndutu. The wildebeest and zebra migration bring lots of predator activity with them, so while you might be tired of wildebeest you will have plenty to see.
  13. @@ice Lake Masek Camp's rates will likely be very close to Ndutu Lodge's raised rated. When we looked for this June Lake Masek was ~$250 pp/pn. My guess is next year will see a ~10% bump which puts them at about the same as Ndutu Lodge. Ndutu Lodge is likely raising their rates to the same level as their only permanent competition in the area.
  14. @@ice Good luck in your search. The vast majority of the camps listed at ATR will not be present near Ndutu June-August, nearly everything listed there pulls out at the end of May. We will be at Ndutu Lodge this June and when talking to TO's the only permanent options in that area seemed like Ndutu Lodge and Lake Masek Camp. There may be others, but they weren't mentioned.
  15. @@LynneB Shindzela in Timbavati in the Greater Kruger should come in under that I think, particularly with the Rand where it is right now in relation to the dollar. They have long stay discounts. It is a nice little camp, only 8 rooms, in a nice area of the Kruger. They also offer some walking safari.

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