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  1. Thanks very much for your reply I looked at your pictures, no doubt I would love to do a 14 days safari;) I guess we could do a 7 day safari at max. Then go directly to the airport when we come back. I think we will try to do 3 days safri and 3 days cap malawi. I think we are thinking about 3 different choices. Liwonde, majete or South Luangwa (Zambia). Have seen quite a few offers to do the safari in Zambia and then beach at Cape Malawi. It doesn`t seem to be further away than Majete. If we are going to Majete I have seen many great reviews on Thawala Lodge, seems to be amazing value for money Mumbo Island is now also on my radar seems beautiful!! What was the temperature in the water like? being winter and all?. Seems I have a lot of thinking to do. We will probably fly in with Ethiopan like you say, but I`m going to order business tickets with bonus point. Se we have to be a bit flexible: I don`t know If I could for example arrive in Blantyre and leave from Lilongwe, or the other way around. Still sorting that out. Seems that if I get the plane tickets sorted first, I can plan the safari and beach in peace and quiet. That`s the fun part actually Love looking at lodges and planning! Just hope this will come correct now, my search has really opened my mind about Malawi Seems like an amazing place! Thanks again for your info Will check more now!! best regards, Ronnie
  2. Hi guys, There`s suddenly a possibility for a safari next year at the end of june or start of july. Since this is a birthday present for my girlfriend, It`s a safari and beach (Lake Malawi) option. We only have 7-8 days. Would probably need to fly in to Lilongwe. Does anyone have any tips for a safari that meets those criteria. I want a proper safari before going to the beach, it seems my best option is either Majete or going into South Luangwa, Zambia and then Lake Malawi. Afraid that the distances between those will eat away at our trip. Any suggestions and tips? Tryning to find something at good value. Not to break the bank Best regards, ronhalv
  3. PLease do, can`t wait to see some reports from this extensive safari
  4. Just seeing those routes makes me jealous. Seems like an epic journey planned. Really hope this trips is done and report written!!
  5. Hi guys, Never seen a video like this before. A "funny" way of looking at a serious issue! Remeber even though you are pro or against. Smile if you can
  6. Amazing pictures Seems like the trip of a lifetime. To catch a leopard sleeping in a tree like that, dream come true
  7. I have raed about this area before and it seems the whole of Save Valley is a great success story This is at the top of my list now when going to Zimbabwe. I guess this is the best proof that conservation through hunting is a powerful tool!
  8. Moratorium is a good idea. Kenya has had one since 1977, look at the flourishing wildlife in Kenya. They have lost about 70 % of their wildlife. No one can benefit from it, therefore it has been wiped out so many places. If you want a moratorium on something, maybe we should try mining in the parks. Then you can look at something useful. I get that corruption is a problem and that we should try to better both laws and implementation of how hunting is conducted. You should try to be better at what you do, but hunting is the best way to do conservation. In africa as same as the rest of the world. Esepcially the places tourist don`t want to go. Look at Botswana that banned hunting in all goverment parks. Their biggest problem is to many elephants and destruction of habitat. In Tanzania they have a problem with less and less elephants because of poaching. Africa is a big place and should be treated differently according to where you are.
  9. Managed hunting is probably the best way to conserve different population of animals, often they have much less poaching in those areas. Most countries do this in a good way, some better then others. Look at what the populations in South Africa and Namibia have climbed to after well managed hunting has been the norm. Even thought (in your mind ) most animals would love to have radioactive waste in their water instead, worst case scenario is to die slowly from cancer and other nasty stuff. Hope you see the sarcasm, to give you little clue;) Making a point. Would like it if you read the last issue of Safari Talk. Especially Conservation in Focus by Calvin Cottar. I don`t think you will change your mind, but please read anyways.
  10. @@egilio I know and that`s sad in it`s own way. Even though a lot of mines are bad, this one has radioactive waste as a product. Not good!
  11. Fundi: I am really impressed with the comparison of big game hunting and uranium mining. You even show the worst example from hunting here. They have been punished and outfitters have lost their leases. I hope they can never hunt africa or any other place again. If you take the worst examples of uranium mining, you have total destruction. I think most people, even anti-hunters would choose hunting from uranium mines. Especially in places like this. Sadly this is in Africa and you can surely get your mines even though everyscientist and report says you shouldn`t. I can se bribes changing hands a lot of places. Hopefully somebody will have som sense in this, but I guess money rules:(

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