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  1. Work trip to the area. Wondering if anyone has any leads/contacts/trip report resources for wildlife/mammal viewing ? Can sort security/permits out but no idea of where to go. Appreciate any/all info.
  2. Koure is about an hour's drive from Niamey. You hire a guide who's really just a spotter as you drive through existing sandy paths. Pastoralists and subsistence farming co-exist with the giraffes ( expect to see alot of goats and people on foot ). I saw approximately a dozen or so giraffes. They're very skittish of vehicles ( for obvious reasons ) but very relaxed when on foot. They keep a safe distance but are quite comfortable. The community attitude is very favorable towards the conservation program as they do not harm their livestock, destroy their small farming lots or pose a threat to the population. They are keen to have more tourists. @jeremie i agree completely with your point re : koure tourism is a worrying concern if species are moved. @inyathi in re stability - the country is not facing civil war - north and pockets like diffa are ' difficult ' but koure, W, Niamey are very manageable. The animals in W were surprisingly relaxed with the vehicle ( my driver was a bit of a speed demon at times ) and quite visible so safe to say whatever guidelines are being implemented there are positive signs.
  3. In conversations with military working the BF border on Benin side they're dealing with alot of weapon smuggling ( not related to poaching, primarily from Nigeria ). Until they receive adequate salary and not antiquated AKMs poaching will be low on their priority list. Good luck to AP. This will be their most difficult project yet imo.
  4. @@jeremie I would caution to not paint an entire country/ies - Niger, Mauritania ( diawling very accessible etc ), southern Mali " too dangerous " as they're simply not. They are very accessible. One need ensure they know their route and the current status but very doable. The security in the north of niger is not as result of the uranium mines. The operational and in development properties provide their own private security ( including juniors - was last there for work site visit in Feb ) Barkhanes operations are primarily Mali so logistically northern Niger makes sense for all western ops including US. Don't believe the hype of the Nat resource claim. It is not the case. I hope you do make it to ennedi & tibesti soon - perhaps/hopefully I will run into you along the way
  5. @@jeremie " Central Africa and more generaly the Sahel region has now a very bad reputation, especially in France, because of the Boko Haram terrorism issue. I have no doubts that one day (mid to long term) the situation will stabilize and that europeans, especially Italian and French citizens will travel back to Niger, Mali and Chad. These travelers should be interested to combine Zakouma with the Saharan more clasic destinations. " BH is largely restricted to lake Chad region affecting only northern Cameroon ( garoua and beyond ) & diffa on Niger side ( ie you can travel to zinder without fear of bh incursion ).BH does not affect central Africa Southern mali is still accessible. Security precarious but ok in bamako. Even djenne is accessible. Any further north is absolutely off limits/NOT safe. Between Al sahwari /mujao & the now merged Al mourabitoun , ansar dine & aqim along with the multitude of independent group banditry Mali is only going to further deteriorate in the future. Niger - niamey, tahoua, W np are very accessible and safe. zinder much the same with termit being accessible with obligatory military escorts. I was in arlit and agadez area with safety being an issue due to human/drug trafficking routes and the economies that have spring up around it. The positive is that northern Niger is FULL of surveillance security ( vs no man's land in northern mali ) In Chad both spazidavventura & FJ are still active in treks to ennedi, tibesti ( eastern , mtns ) emi kousi , etc. FJ heading to tassilli n'ajjer(algeria) and sudan as well. However I did tibesti and there are land mines still plaguing the region. Clearing operations underway but still present and the closer you are to the Libyan border the more precarious no matter how desolote a region. Nigeria - BH only operates kaduna region to borno. Otherwise parks like kanji, cross river no, afi mtns are very much unaffected by BH.
  6. Thanks @@inyathi . If you have any interest in going I have the senior researcher working in gola & coordinating guest guiding logistics email info. The trip reports were not camera traps but actual sightings by tourists. I'd recently considered it after pendjari & arli but opted for tai instead.
  7. As someone who is resident in West/central/sahel 85pc of the year I hope AP does not implement their Zakouma model to pendjari in terms of restrictions. Hopefully guides like @@Tony Busanga & other wildlife enthusiasts go into the west/sahel/central parks. Visit Gola, W, niokolo koba, bioko, kanji, benoue, lobeke, tai etc etc. Two recent trip reports had pygmy hippo sightings at Gola! You can find African manatee in Senegal! Just go!! These regions are not merely black holes on a map. They have industry, infrastructure, development​ happening. They have available logistics. As for cost - the average traveller needs to understand west/central/sahel is exquisitely expensive for EVERYTHING. That price does not necessarily reflect quality either. It's just how it is. Operational & logistics for Zakouma would be enormous. 390k revenue is pittance.
  8. The gibbons! I am soooo envious
  9. Not latest but recent. Could not find general primate or guenon specific posts. Red bellied guenon Benin subspecies - Lama forest
  10. Few shy korrigum - pendjari np Benin
  11. @@xyz99 speeding drivers, imbibing locals, dead roadside snakes, garbage, encroachment by development etc. in amidst some amazing wildlife
  12. The gibbon sighting! So good. It is a depressing park but had good dhole sightings ( they were chowing down on a sambar deer ) & gaur at adjacent site.
  13. Lovely report thus far. Was Reuben your guide ?
  14. Even better news is I saw (&posted here) a male cheetah sighting in pendjari several weeks prior to his female sighting. @@Sitatunga95 you will love the park.
  15. @@Tomeslice your primate sightings looked fantastic indeed. In case this helps for your return to CAR - I spent many hours at the bai in hopes of the bongos arriving. After probably five/six hours on one of the days they literally all appeared at once remained for maybe 20-25 mins then all left at once. I did not see them again. Lovely to hear Pangi is still in the vicinity of the lodge. Thanks for sharing such a great trip report.

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