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  1. This is a "Bird in Flight" I suppose - a Bonaparte's Gull mid-dive for a cold-stunned fish that was being washed out with the tide.
  2. "Narok Governor Samuel Tunai has halted development of tourist facilities in the Maasai Mara Game Reserve. He has also threatened to demolish camps and lodges that will not meet international tourism standards. The governor argued the current congestion was risky for the survival of the world-famous reserve." The article goes on to say that Mara Rafiki Camp will be the first to be demolished.
  3. Northern Harrier coursing over the salt marsh in search of prey. Photo taken across the marsh from Wiggins, South Carolina.
  4. Golden Pheasant - wow. You lucky dog @Antee.
  5. This is one of my favorite ducks - a hen Wood Duck (Aix sponsa). The male is gaudily beautiful but the female is also quite attractive.
  6. Wow - this topic is heating up. I can tell @Dave Williams will help keep things lively and thanks @kittykat23uk.
  7. Unfortunately not - the powers that be ignore half of us in the USA about the Everglades and so many other other environmental issues! But I think in our case in the USA, having international criticism boosts the domestic cause. But this can backfire in many other countries/cultures. I wonder - did you have a problem with "foreigners" urging Tanzania not to build a highway across the Serengeti back when that was threatening? Because this dam project seems potentially worse from a human / economic (not ecological) perspective. Assuming things like the 200,000 people's livelihoods affected are true.
  8. Very nice @Peter Connan - swallows are difficult!
  9. Thanks @Game Warden for jump-starting this thread. It is a good one. Exactly right @Dave Williams - a fall male Bay-breasted Warbler. Over to you.
  10. Just so on all counts @lmSA84 - well done. In comparison to dark-legged Little Stint and Red-necked Stint, Temminck's Stint has greenish or yellowish legs. Of course leg color can be obscured on muddy-legged stints. In comparison to the scalloped grey plumage of nonbreeding Little and Red-necked Stints, Temminck's Stint has plainer brownish plumage. The plain brown-grey face of Temmick's Stints accentuates their slight eye ring into looking more substantial. One doesn't notice much of an eye ring effect on Little or Red-necked Stints. Long-toed Stint has green legs and somewhat grey-brown plumage like Temminck's but it is more patterned and scalloped instead of more uniform grey-brown like Temminck's. Temminck's also has a much more solid breast pattern than Long-toed. By the way, Coenraad Jacob Temminck - whom Temminck's Stint, Temminck's Tragopan, Temminck's Pangolin, etc. were named for - was quite a fellow.
  11. One of my favorite birds!
  12. I have no problem with Tanzania and others telling the USA they can't or shouldn't squander the Everglades, to use @inyathi's example.
  13. @AfricIan - my "Faustian Bargain" statement was not intended to be limited to humans. You should ask Norwegian wildlife their opinion.
  14. I agree with @Atravelynn - I try and arrange things such that if I missed the first day's activity it would not be the end of the world. Things like scheduling a Nairobi National Park day trip on the 1st day so if you miss it due to a missed connection, no days missed in the Mara, Lewa, Samburu NR, etc. @COSMIC RHINO - perhaps you could do the same? As you know, they do have 2 species of Rhinos in NNP.
  15. @AfricIan - except that Tanzania has accepted NGO, World Bank, and other funds for wildlife conservation, wildlife tourism development, etc. of places like the Selous GR. Taking such funds for decades and then building a dam that undoes lots of such good work (and money) over the years is WRONG. Hydropower is a Faustian bargain, especially on the scale Magufuli's regime is proposing. Bad bargain for TZ citizens, bad bargain for wildlife. Did you note the estimate of 200,000 Tanzanians losing their livelihoods in farming and fishing as a result of damming the Rufiji River? There are plenty of alternatives to hydropower for increasing TZ's electricity production - but that don't necessarily help prop up China's concrete and steel industries.

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