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  1. Your pictures are fantastic! I am going to the Porini camps in August. I sure do hope I can get some of those sunset/sillhouette pictures!
  2. Thank you everyone! You have convinced me I will get this shot! Hopefully I will get to go on another safari to another country and the certificate will come in handy!
  3. I am traveling to Kenya in August. I will be in the Mara, Amboseli and also up near Mt Kenya at the Porini camps. I will also be in Lamu for a few days. I know it isn't a MUST but should I have a yellow fever shot? It is over a $100 for the shot plus $100 for a consult at a dr. here. Don't want to shell out that kind of money if I don't need to. What is the chances of contracting the disease?
  4. I am going to Kenya for a 3 week safari in August. Staying at all 4 Porini camps. Then on to Lamu for a 3 night stay at Kizingo. This has been my dream since I was a little girl. After looking at all your pictures posted and reading your trip reports, I don't think I can make it til August!

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