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  1. Hi Norwegian agree its a Marico Sunbird - I saw them at Okaukeujo and Halai camps last year.
  2. Gemsboks or Oryx at various locations at Etosha National Park, Namibia in June 2016 Taken with EOS 7D Mark 2 with Canon 100-400 11 Lens and 1.4 converter
  3. Gemsbok or Oryx at the Dead Vlei Namib-Naukluft Park Namibia Wonderful animal these against a sensational desert landscape 2016
  4. Ah brings back great memories of our two days on the Chobe! Lovely!
  5. Great stuff ........ Crakes and Rails! Always great to capture these on camera! Nice work Peter!
  6. Honey Badger mayhem! .........Such characters these animals! In image one he looks like he's in the middle of a hangover - too much camp wine! Haha! In image two " I'm just a sun kickin, dirt lovin badger boy putting my feet up ya'll " ........ haha! Honey Badgers Halali Camp, Etosha Namibia 2016 Canon 7D mark 2 Canon 100-400 mark 2 David Taylor Brisbane, Australia
  7. typo! ........on my post above that should read Halali Camp
  8. Honey Badgers Etosha National Park' 2016 Saw these on three occasions in Etosha which was amazing - at halal Camp area they do scavenge around the camp - I managed to follow a couple and got a few shots. David Taylor
  9. Black-backed Jackals Etosha National Park Namibia June 2016 Underrated in my opinion - wise, wary and wily and I always enjoy seeing them on safari They don't like getting too close but I managed a few close shots whilst in Etosha David Taylor
  10. I certainly wouldn't reccommend sandals or lightweight shoes - trust me when you make the walk to the Dead Vlei or other spots in Sossusflei you will not want sandals or sneakers - its hard work walking in the sand - getting in and out of safari vehicles is also not always easy and so sturdy boots or Timberlands style lighter weight boots would definitely be my choice that support the ankles. Walking near waterholes in Etosha wasn't allowed but at private reserves it may be the case - once again there is lots of rocky ground in Namibia so good footwear a great idea for mine - forget thongs/sandals and lightweight stuff unless you want it around the lodge and that would be ok - boots don't need to be military hard leather but good soles and ankle protection for mine - and they may even save you from a scorpion bite!! haha!! Regards David Taylor PS - don't be fooled - mid June will be very cold in the morning drives - we did it in June and some morning and night drives were bitterly cold with the wind - all great stuff but go prepared! Your feet will also get cold!!
  11. I never done green season but I'm told it's great for birds and of course much quieter and cheaper - if Zimbabwe is on your radar you should consider imvelo's Bomani tented lodge in hwange - I know they do specials in the green season - camp is awesome with personalised safari drives - they will take you for as long as you like - apparently very interesting in the wet months - you can get a train I think from vic falls down to Bomani - we stayed there for 6 nights and saw wonderful wildlife - anyway one worth checking out cheers david taylor
  12. My wife and I self drove some of Namibia in June last year for two weeks and also did a short 4 day private tour to Sossusvlei/Swakopmund. Your itinerary will give you a reasonably good Namibian experience - Erindi is very good - game drives there are well organised and some nice action around the lodge - Wild Dogs a good chance at Erindi. Personally 2 days only in Etosha is way too thin for my liking - we spent 6 nights and would have easily stayed more! We saw Leopards, Cheetah, Lions, Hyena, and much much more at Etosha. Good move not to stay in Windhoek - nothing really to see or do. You will love Namibia - wide open spaces - some wonderful scenery and amazing wildlife - hopefully your guide provides full days in Etosha - moving between camps and visiting multiple waterholes is the way to go. Have a great trip! We did! David T Australia
  13. Nice Swazicar - I was in etosha last June - we crossed from the von linguist gate and out at Anderson gate over 6 days - would have liked to have gone to the western section and Dolomite - such a fabulous park - had a great time with some wonderful wildlife encounters! Cheers David T
  14. Nice one Geoff ! Controls 4 prides! No wonder he sleeps between visits!!!
  15. Male lion in amongst thick undergrowth at Erindi game reserve, Namibia June 2016 David Taylor

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