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  1. Thank you very much for the trip rapport, great reading. We will be self driving and camping for 5 days in Katavi this July, looking forward to this
  2. Thanks for all your advice, great
  3. Wow, that looks really great! Thanks for posting. Can t wait.... We will be there from the 18th of July
  4. Thanks again Robin, great advice again, I m now going to read the other post
  5. Hello Robin, Thanks so much for your advice. This was wat i m looking for, very helpfull. We just finished reading your hole report, what a great adventure and beautifull pictures. We changed some things in our route and now we have 6 nights. Do you think it s worth it to stay the first night in the Ndutu area on the Ngorongoro side? I know it s not the best period for wildlife over there but what s your opinion on this? Or all 6 in the Serengeti. We have the Veronica Roodt map and found some special campsites on it. Do you still have Gps coordinates from the campsites or other important points Thanks again, greetings Sylvia
  6. There are 8 public campsites in the Serengeti But there are also 108 special campsites ( no facilities, book for your party alone, so privacy ) Maybe the stopped at 1 of these 108 sites. You cannot see if it s a special campsite because there are no facilities al all, it s just the place It s allowed and we stay allways at what park so ever on the special campsites for the privacy. A lot of people look very strange if we are having breakfast and making dinner at this sites, We pay for it and it s allowed
  7. Hello Tom, Thanks for your response. There are 2 types of campsites in the National Parks. They public ones, with some facilities, mostly crowded in the high season. They are also cheaper Special Campsites; There are no facilities so one must carry everything with them. They are totally pivate but they are more expensive.
  8. Hello, I hope some members can give me some advice, would be a great help. We are going on a self drive from Johannesburg to Tanzania. We have a totall of 5 nights in the Serengeti. We are used to camping with no facilities and we have a fully equipped vehicle etc. We will be there at the middle of July; Entering from the Ngorongoro and leaving in the North on our way to Mwanza. What do you think are the best SPECIAL campsites? Hope to get some advice, thanks
  9. Great campsites, good choice ENJOY and have a great time
  10. Hello, Sorry it took so long. I was on holiday and see your post just now. We also went at the beginning of August. It s a difficult question you ask. Offcourse is September better for wildlife viewing. The first time we went we were very happy with the sightings in Aug but last year there was not much to see because there was still some water at a lot places and the animals were not as much present at the Riverside as the year before. Last year in Aug we had better sightings of wildlife in other parks. But it s allways luck you need. Good luck making your desicion
  11. Hello , I managed to get the bookings for the campsites in 2014 and 2015 by email. It s a very loooooooooooooooong process and you must keep on mailing and mailing. Use every emailadress you see in the forums and send it to all the email adresses at once, then after a few days again and again. In time they will respond. Both times I starting to get i contact with them at Januari for dates in July. It worked out but I could n t choose a lot of days at the same spot. I was very happy with Muchei 3 ( 3 Days ) and we could also book Chitake but only 1 night, that was enough for me. We paid by bank tranfer from the Netherlands and this costs for us ( Netherlands ) an extra of 40 euro. Good luck
  12. We have been there in late December and also in a rented Toyota Hilux, no problem at all. Take extra jerrycans etc. for water and fuel. It will be very hot in this period. Maybe take something to create extra shade at the camp sites. Have a great time
  13. Hello Jeremie, We hired the car from South Africa we drive from there. Through Zim, Zam and the Ruaha, Katavi and back Malawi etc. Thanks Alien for the good tips;
  14. Hello, Kaingu Lodge, Thank you very much for your response, very helpfull
  15. Hello, I hope someone can give me some advice information about the 05 road through south luangwa. I allready found the GPS coordinates and read a few articles of people who allready driven this road. The people in the articles are doing the route from Mpika to Mfuwe but we would like to drive the opposite route. From Mfuwe to Mpika; so we will be going up the escarpment. We read there is a stretch from about 10 km what will be a thricky part. We will be going at the end of July with 1 vehicle ( Toyota Hilux ) Do you think this route is adviasble with 1 vehicle? Otherwise we will do the road through North luangwa, but this will take much longer.

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