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  1. Have to add my thanks and appreciation for your report. Your photographic work stands out superbly. I like the frame filled with elephant and pad very much! ( posted with photos at the beginning of your report) Thoroughly enjoyable images and read.
  2. Looking at the possibility of a Travel Companion. Mana Pools/Chewore around September 2016.......dates dependent on availability of exclusive camp sites in Mana Pools. Will hire fully equiped 4x4 with two roof top tents via Harare. Minimum 10 days. Split costs 50/50 via Harare return.
  3. I assume that ​for some reason they hate the human race…with a passion.. is sarcasm.
  4. It would take at least a week in my opinion to travel up from Cape Town, through Namibia, and then into Northern Botswana, if you want to see some of the Namibian main attractions, as mentioned. I don't feel you'll do Namibia justice. Sounds too rushed. Time and again I have personally regretted trying to cover too much ground on an African self drive.
  5. @ whyone? particularly like your second image "the mighty Zambezi with the hills of Zambia in the background" …….evocative. Brings back memories immediately.
  6. Definitely agree with those that are pro this approach. We MUST try any approach that will REDUCE DEMAND. I feel more money, research and effort put in this direction is worthwhile.

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