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  1. Technology passed the stone adz? Unwarranted, unwanted and vastly unknown entities to museum curators!
  2. Giraffe baby and mother, 1924 Kenya
  3. Our original website mgr, Paul Westerman, wrote an article for our museum newsletter about his trip to Lake Paradise and below is an excerpt from his article. The photo he took matches Martin and Osa Johnson's pretty much to a tee and he’s given us permission to post it here for further comparison. Paul was armed with Osa’s 1941 book about their stay at in the region called Four Year’s in Paradise and with the book Martin wrote during the trip and published in 1928 right after their return called SAFARI: A Saga of the African Blue. If all the photos we have of the Lake are from reversed slides, then our curatorial staff will have years of job security sorting that out! Excerpt from a 2003 Wait-A-Bit News Article by Paul Westerman “When the road reached the highest point of the crater rim, the forest suddenly cleared and I unexpectedly found myself at the exact spot where the Johnsons’ took their best known photo of the lake. I climbed out of the vehicle, compared a copy of their picture with the view, then took a few photos of my own. I had anticipated a long, steep hike from the crater floor trying to locate this spot and wasn’t even sure if there would be enough time. But here was the view I had previously enjoyed only in a book, and it looked unchanged since 1924. In the past, the region had experienced droughts that periodically turned the lake into a dust bowl, but lately the rains have been favorable and the lake was nearly full. The water was smooth as glass and the reflection of the dark clouds gave Lake Paradise the appearance of a shiny black pearl placed in an emerald green setting.”

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