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  1. Taken in South Luangwa NP. They don't often stay still enough for photos! Dave
  2. Another B&W lion. Lower Zambezi NP, Zambia
  3. Benjamin an update. We did meet with Benjamin, an emotional time for all of us. Here is a photo of the three of us, with Benjamin's Teaching Diploma. Very proud of him. Dave
  4. In September, we are heading back to Zambia for a two centre trip: Sausage Tree in Lower Zambezi, and Tafika in South Luangwa. It's a trip we have done before, so what is the twist? For the past six years we have been sponsoring a young Zambian man, an orphan, for three years of secondary school, and then through three years of teacher training. A few weeks ago he told us that he has obtained his teacher's Diploma (with a Credit). Naturally, we are delighted. We are planning to meet up with Benjamin when we are in South Luangwa, and the lodge will help with logistics. We may not have changed the world, but I think we have for Benjamin. Dave
  5. "Green Iguana". At least they are green - till the males get frisky like this guy. In the wild in Costa Rica Dave
  6. Taken in Costa Rica. These guys normally stay well hidden, so it was great to get such a clear view. Taken from a boat, so not pin sharp, but not bad! Dave
  7. Oh dear - you are quite right! Thanks.
  8. (Cross posted, because I didn't know about this thread). Yellow mongoose, taken in Lower Zambezi NP, Zambia, Last September
  9. 'cos I didn't know there was one!
  10. Not exactly uncommon, but the first and only time I've managed a half decent picture... Dave
  11. Here's a female bushbuck from the Cape in South Africa. I was interested to see how the colours and spots differed a lot from the Zambian bushbucks that I posted a few months back. Dave
  12. Thanks again. As it happens we are staying a couple of nights in Swellendam. We are certainly planning the Robben Island tour. Yes, Kirstenbosch is on the list. In fact, it is less than ten minutes drive from our hotel! Dave
  13. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I wonder if a "non-safari" trip merits a field report? Dave
  14. Hi, we are off to South Africa at the end of the month for two weeks. We are not planning any wildlife parks or reserves, except maybe some birding. The plan is six nights in Cape Town, two in wine country and six along the Garden Route (fly back from Port Elizabeth) Our accommodation is booked, but no other firm plans (obviously, we will have a car). Any suggestions of must do or must see are very welcome. Thanks, Dave
  15. Here's a male from Luangwa. If you look on his flank you can see he's been in a scrap - presumably with another male Dave

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