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  1. Welcome back home! Can't wait to see the photos and read the stories, you both make a great team!
  2. Not knowing anything about Nairobi, this is just a general thought: for that 1st night, consider either a hotel next to airport or your regular hotel for the stay in the area. Compare how long it would take you to get to each of them, the cost and the fact that you's need an extra transfer if you pick a hotel next to the airport (extra time + cost). Based on that, see what seems to be the better solution in terms of convenience and cost (they usually go in opposite directions, what's more convenient is more expensive).
  3. On our recent trip to Thailand we had the same problem, and booked the hotel for the arrival night. We notified the hotel abut the arrival time and the room was waiting for us when we got there. It's an extra expense, but well worth it IMHO. After such a long flight all we wanted was to crash and sleep.
  4. Ohhh, Jeremie, theses all sound wonderful, can't wait to read more about these areas and see the pics. Hurry up, please :-)
  5. Amazing trip and sightings! I love them all, but if I *** had to *** pick a favorite, that would probably be the leopard. What an elegant, beautiful animal! Brings back memories as the ones we saw in South Africa. Keep them coming!
  6. I finally got to read! Great trip with some amazing photographs that brought back fond memories. So sorry about your mom...I'm sure she was with you somehow on this trip. I relived all the excitement of finding and seeing a new animal or bird, you have a gift of telling the story. Our time at Rancho was nowhere as good as yours because of too much rain. We got to see the hummers, but a lot of other birds were not too active. Just a glimpse once of the snowcap, but luckily we got to see the quetzals at Savegre :-) Thanks for the memories!
  7. Good point, thanks. We might keep it to 2 trips...because, that's a good reason for a return trip to Africa
  8. Great start of what looks like an amazing trip. Abundance of wild life? Yay...I love that! I was wondering if a migration (Kenya/Tanzania) and gorillas (Uganda/Rwanda) trip can be done in one shot of about 3 weeks, or we would need two separate trips for it. What do you think?
  9. Another vote for Lightroom. I use it and I'm very happy with the results. It's easy to use, and you'll keep learning and discover new features all the time as you get better and more comfortable with it.
  10. You must be so happy! I know I would be devastated to lose such pictures...glad it worked out well in the end, that jaguar is a beauty.
  11. Ohhhh, YES! Me too...would go back anytime. And it looks you were lucky and had wonderful weather. We were there in August too, a couple years ago, and had rain and high winds for 5 days in a row. No Table Mountain, no sharks boat, so you see, we absolutely need to go back! Can't wait to read all about your trip, the first set of photos is great, with 2 big favorites: the landing view + the tea with the view. Looks like there was more than just tea there
  12. Keep it coming, looks great already!
  13. @xelas Fantastic report, photos and stories, thank you! I'm almost more excited about your next trip than mine. Almost Where are you going next?
  14. Have a great trip, can't wait to read all about it and see pics!

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