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  1. Keep it coming, looks great already!
  2. @xelas Fantastic report, photos and stories, thank you! I'm almost more excited about your next trip than mine. Almost Where are you going next?
  3. Have a great trip, can't wait to read all about it and see pics!
  4. I have to agree. Better horn-less than dead, until we humans learn how to just admire them as BBs. And I hope someday we will...
  5. Thanks for the ellie in the grass, @xelas! Can't pick a favorite African animal...well, maybe the leopard, he-he, but because we did not see any cheetah...please post more cheetahs. Maybe we'll get to meet them next time we're in Africa
  6. Beautiful cheetah and cubs!!!! The grass really works well in this case, and Zvezda did a great job. Don't listen to anyone who complains about giraffes, keep posting them.
  7. @Alexander33 Ha-ha, those car alarms....sounds like my neighbors....but that doesn't mean I'm used to it
  8. @Alexander33, wow, this is great info, thank you!!! Interesting take about doing the jungle firsts, and I understand why. I guess in the end logistics will dictate the order, but this order might work even better. Glad to hear that we don't need to spend a day/night in Lima at the end of the trip, as I'm trying to maximize the time in the other areas. Yes, the flight back is late at night, 10pm or so, so we can travel from Cusco to Lima that day. For now I think we'll try to get to Manu...we have 15 nights in Peru all together, and I'm thinking 3 in Sacred Valley (Ollantaytmbo?), 2 in Aguas Caliente, 2 in Cusco - this leaves 8 for Manu: 2 at the Cock of the Rock Lodge and 6 somewhere else, or 3 + 3 somewhere else... still need to refine these thoughts. Thanks for Ramada Costa del Sol recommendation. Somebody on flyertalk mentioned that you need ear it that loud? I guess it's the proximity to the airport. Anything that remotely compares to Bosque del Cabo automatically gets my vote. Yes, the view was a major attraction, we stayed in Congo, but the wildlife was THE thing there. I've tried other places hoping to find something similar, and I'm still looking. Will keep an eye on the night walks, I wonder if all lodges offer them...need to keep in mind and ask. I'm getting more and more excited about this trip. It's really the 3rd time we're planning it, but this time will happen.
  9. @Tulips, good to know, thanks a lot! I guess I'll have to see if with the new rules at MP they let you get out to use the bathroom, then back in. There must be a way...
  10. I really enjoyed the story and the pictures...maybe because that's my style too: primarily birds, but butterflies, dragonflies or anything else that moves, flies, swims, slithers, hops....will do. That's where the similarities between us end though. Your skills area waaay better than mine, as is your gear. Now I'll go check your other posts and photos
  11. Some great photos here, Zvezda is getting better and better. Loved the zebras action shots, the orange dusty sunset, the lions...yes, you were very lucky, but please don't try to pet Mr. Handome, you'll soon be Mr.Handless. LOL, I just had to
  12. LOL, I had no idea. For some reason I find that very funny and I wonder if insurances cover it for this
  13. @Tulips Interesting, I did not realize Diamox is a diuretic. How are the bathrooms in Peru? How easy is to find one when you need one? I read you ned to carry TP, because most of them don't have any, but are they clean?

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