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  1. Looking up some of Stevenson Hamilton's books on the creation of the Kruger National park could be up your street.
  2. This is a trip report you don't see everyday - and I'm enjoying it! Lots of nice birding and scenic / architecture shots as well as story to go along with it. Sorry about the wolves and hyaenas though! But incentive to come back!
  3. Fantastic! A great, superbly written opening and looks like some good quality sightings so far. Sorry I'm late, but looking forward to more!
  4. Little lizard poking out to the right of the broken branch on the left? More excellent pics. Savuti is indeed legend, some of my favourite docus from Dereck and Beverly Joubert come from there. It has always sounded like an incredible place. @@Game Warden also hits the nail on the head, with these older pics looking like classic wildlife photography with a warm, vintage appeal that is hard to put into words.
  5. Superb. Awesome, vintage photos from a legendary place. Love the little cheeky parrot! What camera / lens were you using then also, may I ask?
  6. Superb sequences! Well shot and what lighting for it too!
  7. Superb images. Well shot, clear and action packed. fantastic!
  8. Thanks for all the advice @@ice !
  9. Hey all! Booting this thread for a query...looking at my map of the Kruger and thinking / half-planning future trips, has anyone been to Olifaunts camp? If so, what's it and the roads around it like? In terms of sightings and carnivores and such?
  10. Magical stuff. Got all the storybook characters!
  11. What a charming set of photos of thee cubs! Glad we finally have the story revealed!
  12. Looks like a fantastic trip so far! You occasionally get doubts about how game rich the far north is...this has put those safely to bed with lions, dogs, and great birding! The far northern terrain also reminds me somewhat of Pilanesberg, as a brief aside. Really looking forward to more!
  13. Fantastic stuff! Out standing photos, with the dogs being particularly spectacular. I am also looking forward to the tale of the lion and the axe...
  14. Thanks for the advice all! The reviews seem mixed bordering on don't...I may try out a rental just to decide, but right now slanting on maybe not. But we'll have to see from results! I also hope this may answer queries for others...even if I'm probably the least experienced.

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