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  1. @madaboutcheetah I agree with you that Sheks is a true gentleman as well as a very capable and intelligent man. We had some fascinating conversations with him about how technology was going to change Africa in the future. He is also quite well traveled.
  2. Due to my terribly limited photography skills I wasn't able to take the photos which I wanted of all the dreams animals that I saw for the first , second or even third time. Nevertheless I did get a lot of good shots of antelope. I have never seen so many sable bulls before as well red hartebeest.
  3. http://www.independent.co.uk/travel/africa/botswana-rhinos-anti-poaching-unit-help-conservation-south-africa-tourism-a8005516.html I am so delighted to see increasing evidence that Botswana's model of conservation works. Sehenyi Tiotlego (Sheks) is an old friend of mine from Lagoon Camp. I'm glad to see that he has been promoted.
  4. I can hardly wait because I'll be visiting Kafue next year. I'll be spending no less than 11 nights there.
  5. @Safarichick as I told @Sangeeta any travel ban on Chadian citizens to the United States will undoubtedly be full of loopholes. I spoke to @Sangeeta and she told me not to worry. I just bought my ticket to Nd'jemena from Nairobi and already sent a copy to Chloe Cottrel who works for Doug. I am excited about this trip as well as going to Ethiopia.
  6. I just spent no less than 10 days at Tswalu Kalahari. I was fortunate enough to be guided by Kale and thanks to @Sangeeta's recommendation I had Jonas as my spotter. I will undoubtedly return to Tswalu Kalahari. I did get to see a pangolin, one animal which has been highest on my list of dream animals as well as cape fox. I saw mountain zebra for the first time. I did see an aardvark for only the second time in my life. I can say the same for aardwolf and brown hyena. I saw meerkats on several occasions. I also saw the resident pack of wild dogs as well as lions, cheetahs, and white and black rhino. The antelope sighting were just marvelous. Unfortunately my skills as a photographer still don't measure up. I especially need to start using the night flash on my camera Here are my first photos which were of bushmen rock carvings. I found it just fascinating that the bushmen left these carvings to help guide other bushmen through the desert. They also recorded the wildlife to leave a record to other bushmen. Kallie was a superb guide and Jonas was absolutely the best spotter that I've ever had. I will definitely ask for him again.
  7. https://www.hiiraan.com/news4/2017/Oct/144536/africa_lauds_britain_s_proposed_ivory_trade_ban.aspx This is a positive step in the right direction. I will post and write more.
  8. @gatoratlarge As you know it was a great pleasure to finally meet you in person. I was so happy to spend a full 10 days there and take advantage of the fact that they even gave the last two days for free. I did see aardwolf,brown hyena. and meerkats. I had several sightings of bat eared foxes,cape foxes, as well as meerkats.
  9. @Kitsafari I did see the pangolin, as well as cape fox three times. I also saw aardvark, brown hyena, aardwolf all for just the second time on safari. I was delighted to see meerkats as often as I did. The mountain zebra were just awesome. I also saw cheetah, white rhino, black rhino, lions, and yes even a leopard. The sightings of birds and antelope were simply awesome. My trip report is coming. As you know it meant so much to me that you contacted me while I was there and also on safari with @Zarek Cockar. I will revisit Tswalu Kalahari and hope to see a zorilla as well as a caracal.
  10. @Inyathi I am encouraged to see these latest developments especially since I'll be going to Zakouma next year and staying at Camp Nomade. It will without a doubt encourage more visitors to visit Chad. I am feeling optimistic for a change.
  11. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/afp/article-4856798/Tales-murder-suffering-Hong-Kong-ivory-ban-debate.html This is a wonderful video when an unknown hero in the war against illegal confronts one of the shop keepers in Hong Kong. Here it is the face of good versus evil. I needn't say more. This man's best friend died so that ivory could be traded in shops in Hong Kong. I am looking forward to the closing of these shops in 2021.
  12. I continue to be ecstatic over Botswana's hunting ban. Please keep in mind that according to the latest estimate Botswana now has over 130,000 elephants.The current government believes in opening corridors so that they can go to neighboring countries.
  13. @Jeremie I had the priviledge of meeting Julian Fennesy las year at Sarara Camp on my first visit last year. He recommended that I visit Kidepo National in Uganda and I certainly will. I am glad the UWA is showing some real interest in the wildlife and actually doing something substantial.
  14. @Pamshelton I have stayed at Tafika twice so obviously I share your love for it. I am so happy that you got to see wild dogs something which I have never seen despite having been to South Luangawa Park 3 times. I hope that I'll get lucky when I return next year.
  15. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-41163520 I have little doubt that Botswana's and Kenya's approach to tourism will continue to grow in other countries in the future. As this article points out, there is simply far more money and an assured, renewable source of income in wildlife tourism. I have no doubt that Zimbabwe has had to be far more dependent on hunting as source of dollars, because so many tourists have understandably been afraid to visit due to the land grabs, and violence towards Mugabe's political opposition.

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