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  1. @modelski I have no doubt that it will be. I also think I'll see wild dogs in Little Vumbura and Sango Camp (in Botswana) as well.
  2. I've been to SLNP three times and loved it so much that I'm returning next year!! I can guarantee that you'll just love it.
  3. @Kitsafari I'm particularly enthusiastic about going to Zakouma because you saw so much on your night drives. The pale foxes are particularly cute.
  4. @Tom Kellie I visited Namibia on only my second safari 7 years ago and have to say that I loved it. Unfortunately, I only spent 8 days in the country which was far too little. I should have spent at least two weeks there; I loved the scenery,wildlife, and the mixture of German, Afrikaaner, Herero and of course other tribe's cultures. I must say that this was before all of Namibia's current problems with poaching, and before it was apparently bought up by various hunting organizations which shall remain nameless.
  5. One can only pray that all the ivory dealers are closed before 2021. The ban was supposed to have been imposed in 1989. There can be no compensation for the owners of these stores.
  6. I can only say that it's a shame that the Namibian government is so unable to see the long term potential of it's wildlife. It has a policy where all "problem" wildlife can be shot and it doesn't belong to the hunting quotas. I won't make more comments as to how it is supposedly a great conservation "model" for their African countries. I have made my opinion known here as well as on other places.
  7. I'm of course surprised and enthusiastic that Zambia decided that the numbers of these antelope simply weren't sufficient to warrant further hunting. I really wish that they would do this with leopard, lion and elephant.
  8. @Tom Kellie There is good side to this story; please keep in mind that the scimitar horned oryx has been reintroduced to Chad from hunting ranches in Texas. There are other examples such as the European buffalo and Pere David's deer in China.
  9. @Tom Kellie I am indeed optimistic because penalties for illegal wildlife traffic are increasing everywhere. I would also love to visit Nouabele-Ndoki National Park as it is supposed to be awesome. I hope that it reopens for tourism. It would combine well with Sangha Lodge In Dzanga Sangha National Park in the Central African Republic.
  10. @Tom Kellie I'm sorry to say it that if the PHs and game ranchers had any interest in conservation they wouldn;t permit it. The fact is that unfortunately despite all their protests to their contrary they could care less!! I even had PHs tell me that they hope that with Trump elected President that the USFWS was going to allow the import of cheetah trophies. Well thankfully it hasn't happened and it won't. Namibia also has a serious problem in that all animals which are judged to be "problem" animals can be hunted and don't fall into the quotas. This loophole has caused the unnecessary shooting not only of cheetahs,but also other numerous lions and leopards.
  11. @Tom Kellie If all the "ivory" in Hong Kong was real then there wouldn't be a single elephant left in Africa. As you know P.T. Barnum said" there's sucker born every minute."
  12. I learned many years ago that the only an expert could tell the difference between worthless plastic and the real thing. You would have to burn it otherwise to prove that it was real ivory,obviously this isn't something which store owners are going to allow in their establishments. I remember that i had a student when I was an English teacher in Taiwan who had a pair of elephant tusks which he had bought in Hong Kong and were nothing but plastic.
  13. Has anybody know who isn't an ivory trader nor a professional hunter ? Any exception of the current ban will only lead to continued poaching. Furthermore a total ban would hopefully encourage other African countries who have stocks of ivory to destroy it once and for all. Since at least 95% of so called ivory in Hong Kong is worthless plastic, a ban won't even hurt them, they will continue to sell their ivory to gullible customers.
  14. I'm glad that the government of Gabon is doing something positive in regards to protecting it's fabulous marine life. I really wish that it would do more to encourage wildlife tourism. I would love to visit Gabon,unfortunately the infrastructure simply isn't there.
  15. Please take into consideration that the African delegates are saying that illegal Ivory trade is killing them.

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