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  1. I have already told @Sangeeta that I'm going on her scheduled trip to Gabon which needless to say I'm terribly excited about, especially since @Kitsafari and various other Safaritalkers have already expressed their interest . Apparently nine people have already said that they'll be going on this trip which will mean that she will be organizing another group of six people. My great friend Dave Matthiesen who fortunately decided to go to Zakouma at the last minute will also be going. Of course this is further encouragement for me. It may be that 2020 is a long time from now, but I like to reserve my safaris long in advance. I am thinking of also going to Mashatsu in combination with a new camp opening up in Gorongosa national park this year: Muzimu camp. I spoke to Douglas MacDonald in Zakouma and assuming that the Eastern Congo doesn't completely blow up this year; I would love to go there guided by him and accompanied by Dave Matthiessen who said he would love to return after an absence of 27 years. I'd also like to make my long anticipated second safari to Uganda where I'd be going to Kidepo for 5 nights, Murchinson Falls for 4 nights and Toro Semliki even if it isn't really great for anything other than bird watching.
  2. https://phys.org/news/2016-06-legal-ivory-black-greater-demand.html This is arguably the best article I've ever read against any trade in ivory. It's incredibly well balanced. As it mentions there are species of animals which simply can't be farmed and elephants among others are one of them.
  3. @vikramghanekar I was one of their first clients shortly after they opened 4 years ago. I found that Moli and Noelle were the finest hosts imaginable. I also thought that Moli did live up to his reputation as being one of the finest guides in Africa. One can walk, go on vehicle drives,go fly camping or go mobile fly camping. Kichaka expeditions is totally flexible depending on what the client wants. You'll feel like you have the most enormous portion of Ruaha National Park all to yourself which is perhaps the best part of it.
  4. https://www.kenyans.co.ke/news/26730-worlds-top-ivory-detective-murdered-nairobi This is truly horrible news especially coming so soon after the murder of South African conservationist Wayne Lotter. One has to wonder who was behind this and why did it happen following China's decision to close it's ivory factories, and Britain's to ban all ivory.
  5. @Kitsafari as I'm sure you know I couldn't wait to see your trip report. I just love your photos of the leopard. I have some ideas for you and your gentleman husband Herman if you decide to return to Kenya.
  6. @Sangeeta@Jeremie I have a strong suspicion that at some time in the future I'll be visiting Pendjari especially because now so much money is being made available to improve it.
  7. @Matias Cox, @Ratdcoops, @janzin, @amybatt, @Imonmm. Thank you all for your warm wishes.Obviously I couldn't be more excited about my upcoming trip to Zakouma!!
  8. http://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/health-environment/article/2131433/hong-kong-approves-elephant-ivory-ban-landslide Today is my 57th birthday and I'm celebrating it by going to Zakouma next week, Fortunately I saw some positive news this morning, I am simply overjoyed today. It's wonderful knowing that no matter how tiny and insignificant you may be in the greater scheme of things, at least you can see that your efforts are paying off. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/boris-johnson-vows-uk-will-be-at-forefront-of-war-on-ivory-trade-a3754396.html
  9. @Janzin I decided to visit Bilingumwe, Chamilandu and Kuyenda because as much as I've loved my previous 3 trips to South Luangwa where I stayed in Kaingo twice, Mwamba twice, Tafika twice as well I wanted to stay in a new area of the park where the scenery was quite different. I also know that in this area of the park one is more likely to see wild dogs. I've also stayed at Chikoko Tree Camp and Crocodile River Camp as well as Mwaleshi Camp in North Luangwa National Park. I'll be staying for 3 nights at each camp as well as one night at Mfuwe where I'll be there relaxing. I'm sure that I'll be quite satisfied at all of them.
  10. @Janzin I'm so sorry that you had such a bad experience with Bilingumwe,especially since I'll be going there as well as to Kuyenda and Bilingumwe later this year. I'll certainly be prepared for the tse tse flies which have never been an issue in my 3 earlier trips to South Luangwa.
  11. @Geoff@ice I know all about the horrors of canned lion hunting after seeing the documentary "Blood Lions" on Netflix. It was absolutely horrifying. This practice will inevitably be ended at some time in the future by another South African government.
  12. @inyathi I'm quite aware that it's not so simple to replace hunting concessions with ecotourism, it's a long and gradual process. I also know very well that all not hunting concessions can be given over to ecotourism. My point is; the hunters not only haven't done anything to stop the massive poaching but they are often the poachers themselves.
  13. @safarigirl.se I have been to South Luangwa 3 times already, and will be going again this year. I just love Mwamba and Tafika Camp. Kaingo camp is also excellent but I prefer the "bushier" build and feel of the other two camps. You will love walking safari in these camps.
  14. @garito1 Your photos are bringing back my precious memories of Namibia. I can't wait to see the rest of your TR.
  15. @douglaswise I have seen in various places that local people aren't in fact jealous when scarce resources are spent on conservation rather than on their needs. Great example is when I stayed twice at Sarara Camp in the Northern Rangeland Trust as well as when I stayed twice at Ol Donyo Lodge in Chuyulu Hills National Park both in Kenya. Poaching is almost nonexistent in both areas because the local residents are able to find work in ecotourism and are compensated for the losses which predators inflict upon their livestock. I am sure that I will think of some examples.

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