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  1. My wife and I turn 40 next year - I've been floating India early in the year, and then Tanzania (postponed from this year) in August/September. We'll see if she agrees - we've got two kids under 3 at home, and it takes a little more convincing these days to get her to leave them home with the grandparents.
  2. Thanks for sharing this report @Treepol, it's really interesting to see what is possible in New Zealand in terms of wildlife. I've been suggesting to my wife that NZ could be a good destination (sometime, maybe 2020?) - we're not twitchers though, more for the landscape and scenery.
  3. Welcome to the site, @Lighthouse. May is considered low season, so you shouldn't have too many issues. August is high season, but I would imagine that if you have flexibility in dates and which camps you want you could almost certainly still put something together that would work well. In either case, it's probably best to start contacting tour operators fairly soon.
  4. Happy holidays to all my fellow STers, and the best for a great 2018. It doesn’t look like I’ll be doing any Safari style traveling next year, so I’ll use the trip reports here to travel vicariously with everyone else.
  5. I donated, I’ve been working on my wife to go to Africa in 2019 and this certainly wouldn’t hurt my argument. Plus what a good cause to support. Thanks @Sangeeta for letting us know about this!
  6. I really appreciate all the details, they are quite useful even if ouvre already been to the area. Glad to hear the positive medical news for your wife. You certainly did a more unconventional itinerary, but it certainly seems it worked out for you. Looking forward to more!
  7. I think that hyena and wild dog interaction alone would be enough to make a successful Safari, what a great thing to see. I need to get to Mana sometime!
  8. I’m caught up now, the roan and sable sightings were definitely special. Imenjoyed the slightly different focuses and pictures from each of you, it’s always interesting to see how different people experience the same thing. Thanks for sharing @michael-ibk, @Atravelynn, @Kitsafari And @AndMic, another place that I’d love to visit, especially/hopefully with Doug.
  9. I’m only on page 2,but really enjoying things so far. @michael-ibk, really nice photos of the lion while you were out the car, not sure I’d have been thinking of my camera at that point! Also really like the tow Lappets walking in tandem, very nice timing.
  10. Thanks for sharing @pomkiwi, I had researched Fraser Island for our trip in 2014 but couldn’t make it work. It’s nice to see, and have some info for the next time we are down under.
  11. Very cool @Rockmann
  12. Really nice photos @BonitaApplebum. I follow Marlon on Instagram, and can certainly see some influences. Looking forward to more.
  13. I think @kittykat23uk and others have it right - unless you can afford to lose this money, probably don't do it. Most likely this guide is an honest person and will pay you back, but if you happen to be unlucky it'll be very difficult to get the money back.
  14. Fantastic photos as always @madaboutcheetah, the cats really came out for you. I don’t think Michael had to worry about the lack of cheetah photos...

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