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  1. I found it true for Botswana at a couple of the operators I enquired with.
  2. I was at SLNP in Sept and heard 2 shots. Speculation was that it was Zawa shooting for the pot.
  3. Re-checked some Botswana last minute offerings, Looks like rates have taken a plunge.
  4. Top fine for anything like speeding is $20 in Zim. But the cops will start much higher. 10 days at Mana is a bit much nowadays. Things have changed dramatically due to the drought and and poaching pressures. Still a very good park for the self drive. Because of the drought, my opinion now is that August should be a better month to go instead of Sept., unless Zim gets plenty of rain before the next high season.
  5. Jecha Point, a couple kilometres from Chirundu on the Zambezi is a fantastic place- campsite(good enough for a friends wedding) and chalets. It is also a fishing lodge. They prepare food for those that self cater, has a freezer in some chalets, rates are very good, and Iona will pickup Mana Pools permits for you if you have done the bookings)no more racing to get to Marangora. Resident bushbucks and ellies often come in or pass near the camp.
  6. Game count at Mana Pools got back on track just 2 weeks prior to normal schedule. Last minute bookings were available from 6 different top safari companies in Botswana, and I booked with one of them. Several camps in south luangwa offered last minute bookings to me also, I booked with 2 while there. Whatever people have been saying about it not happening, my experience was different. at the end of August and in Sept. Even a couple camps in mana pools offered some tempting rates.
  7. Booking of campsites will be online next year. No more battling with Zimparks.
  8. This just happened a few days ago. A short clip from what happened in about an hour.
  9. I need one injection in a series, so I plan on doing that during a brief layover at Joburg. There is a couple Travel Clinics near the airport. I think there is one at the airport too. Cost is just a fraction of what is charged in the USA. Because I will be in Malarial areas camping most the time, I plan on picking up my meds(like Coartem and doxy) after I arrive too.
  10. Qantas, Delta, Lufthansa, Ethiopian (no comment), just a whole bunch of them. You need to be flexible on dates of departure and airports, and timing(when you are looking) is everything. Even Chase Rewards is starting to reflect some great flight fares.
  11. I am not sure what is going on, but all of a sudden, cheap flights are popping up. $884 RT LAX to Johannesburg. $428 RT LAX to Sydney. $576 RT LAX to Paris. Wondering if the investigation the Feds announced last week regarding airline fare collusion may be related to this.
  12. Mana Pools game count cancelled this year. Going to Plan B.
  13. I decided about a week ago to go to Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe starting the end of August- for a month. Booked the flights yesterday and excellent fares on Emirates with "short" flights. The Mana Pools part is mostly worked out. Part of it with a top guide. Not sure if game count will happen this year, but have a backup plan in the works. The SLNP part is done. Maun- just going to rock up and make a plan. No worries. 2016 is not really last minute booking.
  14. ** IMPORTANT NOTE: TRAVELLING WITH CHILDREN** Please note that as of the 01st June 2015, all those travelling with children, will be required to carry the childs unabridged birth certificate for travel to, from or in transit through South Africa and Botswana. Apparently Botswana has already started enforcing this. At borders and airports.
  15. Kind of interesting about Lake Nakuru. I was there in '87, and there were no lions in the park. I spotted the 1st leopard to be seen in the park apparently, on an early morning game drive, self drive, while all the other tourists in camp were still tucked in bed before breakfast. In the mid-90's I was camping in Lake Nakuru right next to the falls, and don't remember any lions.

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