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  1. Hello @douglaswise i am reading a book called "Shaping Kruger" by a Mitch Reardon that covers, amongst other things, the provision of artificial waterholes in the Kruger at a time of prolonged drought, and the unintended consequences that this produced, leading to a reversal of the policy. It is as you say a very complex issue and indeed a fascinating one.You will know I am sure of the disastrous effects on Sable and Roan antelope the artificial waterholes produced in the Kruger causing not only an increase in Zebra and Wildebeest numbers in areas that could not support both them and the rarer antelope, but bringing with it more lions who thus had a bigger effect on decreasing numbers of roan and Sable and Eland It also documents various culling attempts down the years, how successful-or usually unsuccessful they were, the biggest thing I have taken is just how complicated and, in the long term resilient environments can be
  2. Splendid report @monalisa with some wonderful sightings! Can I ask how the tent and food etc was at Flatdogs? It does look very good value!
  3. lovely lovely lovely @Alexander33 Jane had a slightly similar experience ( but without the fear!) when a youngster appeared from nowhere and grabbed her coat.she was backed up by the bamboo and had to sit down in it to try to avoid the gorilla and its mum who had come to investigate. Looking forward to read about your further adventures as we also went to the Nyungwe forest and stayed at some very entertaining accommodation but another wonderful place
  4. Hurrah! we saw Charles in 2005 so it is good to know he is still going strong! @Alexander33
  5. Thanks for the great report! And a palm nut vulture I would love to see one.What a varied and beautiful trip @AfricIan
  6. What wonderful photos and words @Alexander33 really enjoying your report and not just because it brings back such happy memories. The sheer joy of realising you are there sharing space with these wonderful beings has to be one of the greatest feelings in the world!
  7. Dear @optig whilst I largely share your sentiments, and read the article with interest, I don't think you can make the comment you did about an individual, not named in the article and with no evidence to suggest a may want to re-visit that and edit it to avoid any unsupported conjecture. It does seem bizarre that one can hold an auction, advertising it in china and Vietnam, that is supposed to be only for domestic customers mind you.One can certainly comment on that. and I still would love to see evidence that a legal trade in rare wildlife helps the wild population. I suspect the entertaining practice of farming Bile from Sun bears does not help the wild population, nor Tiger farming in china etc etc
  8. What a fascinating report so far @AfricIan a beautiful country
  9. Splendid trip report @lmSA84 and you are so right South Africa is a wonderful place to visit.We have used a guide from the Birding route program near Polkwane and can greatly recommend the scheme
  10. thank you for your moving introduction @Alexander33 and forgive my geography but hope you are not affected by the floods! greatly enjoying your report
  11. Wow! @Treepol what a destination- and i love the idea of feeding eels! this will be a trip report that most of us will never get to experience! one of the joys of Safaritalk!
  12. I was going to say @monalisa and @ForWildlife that looked like Pels Fishing owl! Folk try for a lifetime to see one! We have wondered about Flatdogs so looking forward to your report.lovely video of the genet
  13. I did vote @Tdgraves those male lions........ Just kidding
  14. so really @Tdgraves its your shot! Good Luck!
  15. Splendid report @deano brought back some lovely memories the lower Zambezi is a beautiful place

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