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  1. Hello @xelas if @TonyQ does not mind here is a list of the breeding birds that are on lunga-and the Treshnish Isles-from the website of the main operator-it has got a note of how long they are there for Common Guillemot April - end July6000 Puffin April - 1st wk Aug3000 Razorbill April - 3rd wk July700 Kittiwake May - Aug 600-1000 Fulmar May - Aug400 - 600 Shag May-3rd wk July (nests)100 - 250 Greater B Backed Gull May - Aug300 - 400 Herring Gull May - Aug200 Artic tern May - Aug80 Black Guillemot May - Aug70 Lesser B Backed Gull May - Aug40 Common Tern May - Aug5 Common Gull May - Aug5 Great Skua May - Aug1 so sadly you will miss them-the book is available on mull and there is a similar book for the Outer Hebrides.Where I think you said you were going as well-sounds like a fun trip!
  2. reading your trip report has made me realise its been too long since we were on Mull-so have booked for next Easter! @TonyQ the lunga puffins are quite difficult to believe until you actually see how close they are!i @Kitsafari there is quite a lot of self catering cottages but they do get booked up for the May/June periods-i was looking last week for May/June 2018 and most are booked up already. April and September/October or even the winter are all good though for otters and Eagles!
  3. Woohoo!
  4. Hello again @kittykat23uk we also saw Cape Rockjumper at Took Els and can also heartily recommend Dyer Island cruises we thought they were committed to conservation friendly and the boat was fine. A southern right whale swam under the boat! They also go to an island full of seals and a nearby channel called I think Shark Alley We also had splendid views of whales close in from Walkers Bay nature reserve a cape nature reserve.So many choices
  5. I enjoy your trip reports so much @xelas I'll even forgive you for mentioning cricket in the same breath as rounders sorry baseball!!! Have a great Scottish trip!
  6. In case anyone is interested I just saw this on the San Parks website- Please note: Dear valued client, Due to possible strike action, SANParks will be shifting the opening of our June and July 2018 bookings from Tuesday, 25 July 2017 to Tuesday, 1 August 2017. This is to ensure minimal disruptions. SANParks apologises for the inconvenience.
  7. Hurrah! a splendid report @xelas although I had to wait to read it again as the last time I read it England collapsed in the cricket. I am not exactly blaming you but........
  8. Hello @kittykat23uk the recommendation we would have for near Bettys Bay is the Harold Porter gardens which we think are lovely, especially if your mum likes flowers. apologies if it has been mentioned already.We did go to Strandfontein but we would never have found it without a guide-but we loved the flamingos .I have not seen it mentioned before and again your guide will know I am sure but the last time we were in the KTG the rep at Lawsons who we booked through urged us to look in the trees by the sid eof the Auob river-so the KTC side-for wild cats as they roosted in them-if that's the right word- during the day time.It is probably the best single piece of advice we have ever been given
  9. Loved the report @Fischwife and especially the varied referenecs from Kipling to Kelis and to have your own pelican escort must have been great fun. And I agree Elephants rushing to a waterhole like big kids is splendid fun.
  10. wonderful wonderful wonderful @TonyQ 2 otters already and a peregrine-which are not easy on Mull. your pictures make me realise it was time we went back. It is such fun watching otters especially fishing-and waiting till they dive and trying to sneak a bit closer-as long as the wind is right! although the first one we ever saw on Mull must have been deaf because we were walking along a road and saw it in front of us eating a large fish on the shore-only about 10 feet away.Jane squealed -literally-in delight saying "an otter an otter" before she put her hand over her mouth in embarrassment!-it ignored us whilst it had its meal and we remained frozen like statues! And i do love hoodies. you are right about golden Eagles-it is really a matter of luck even on mull-stopping in likely places and scanning is all you can do.Can I ask which guide you went with and how you got on? The golden Eagle looks like the cliffs at Croggan but i am just getting too excited-looking forward to the rest of your report.(By the way did you have cake at the Salen Coffee Pot?-I used to work with the owner
  11. Thank you for your very interesting report-and what wonderful sightings! @Grasshopper_Club
  12. Your trip will be splendid @xelas just keep a look out for the midges! Jethro Full were the first gig I want to and the live version of the first side of Thick as a Brick remains the finest piece of music ever!!!!
  13. Ha @Tdgraves don't book up all the Wilderness camps before we do!
  14. Hello @lmSA84 according to the splendid book "Whose Bird "Le Vaillant is supposed to have made up a new name for the girl, Narina, as he did not like her proper name although at least he used her language for the new name it apparently means "flower" having said that Jane often makes up new names for me none of them meaning flower

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