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  1. You must have been very unlucky @Jochen if all of the self-drivers you encountered failed to turn their engines off or were aware of the animals needs! We enjoy both being guided and self-driving and must admit have rarely encountered bad behaviour anywhere-save the Masai Mara where 15 guided vehicles surrounded a leopard in a tree! On Our Feb trip to the Kruger we perhaps saw 2 instances of slightly selfish behavour-both not giving an elephant enough room to pass on the road, but that caused the elephant to move off road and denied the driver a sighting. The OSV's did seem to "hunt" in a pack but several stopped us to report sightings and we would do the same for them-as indeed did the fact several self-drivers seemed to go out of their way to give us a better view. We adopt the same tactic-hardly rocket science- as we do in the KTP-if we see a car stopped, we slow down, approach very slowly so as not to spoil a sighting, get excited in case it is something very wonderful, and try to spot what it is so as not to block a view.We will wait a few minutes to see whats what.We then found people making room or pointing-it is very pleasing to show someone else your "spot"-"look at our lions" for example!
  2. enjoying the report @deano we stayed at that chalet a few years ago and loved watching the ellies and buffalo in the lagoon, and the leopard sightings were spectacular the landscape is just beautiful
  3. Hello there @ElaineAust a splendid camp in spite of the bees! and a faint concern about using the loo at night! - imagine the embarrassment of being eaten by a hyena whilst sitting on the loo! really loved the walking there and our only ever Wild dog hunt!
  4. Hello @MeezersUK I think your eagle is a juvenile Batleur which are brown just be confusing with a dark eye and short tail
  5. It's probably no help whatsoever @TonyQ and @Galana but sparrowhawk trailing wings seem to have an S shape which is how I recognize them along with the long tail and when not soaring or hunting the flap flap glide style of flying they seem to adopt.the picture which looks like one I could easily have taken looks like a sparrowhawk to me!
  6. Thanks @ld1 i haven't read the book yet-I fear it will just make me angry!
  7. To celebrate the "Glorious 12th" -the start of the UK Driven grouse shooting season, lets .........kill a Marsh Harrier! Hurrah! I do try to find different birds that have been killed by those who may well have a connection with Grouse Moor interests and I do think Marsh Harriers are a first. north Yorkshire police have released an appeal for more information abut the deliberate killing of a Marsh Harrier nesting on moorland near Ilkley (although they were sadly wearing hats) a notorious illegal raptor killing hotspot the RSPB were monitoring the nest which had 5 eggs the link to the press release is hopefully, here the RSPB have released video footage, which is not pleasant , but which you can see on the RSPB blog site. anyone would think this was yet another reason why grouse moors should be licenced . In better news the same survey on the Isle of Skye that i have mentioned on this thread that found all 5 nest sites of Hen Harriers failed last year-from natural causes, found 7 successes this year.That is on the Skye Birds site.Interestingly the nests were observed from more of a distance and the author wonders whether that helped in avoiding fox predation. the some might say foolish plan to release Hen Harriers in the south of England is struggling to find suitable sights-shooting interests are protesting-this is pheasant shooting I understand. I say foolish because the problem with any zonal scheme or southern relocation scheme is that Hen Harriers can fly-of and in the UK wander widely -of the birds nesting in the North of Scotland, the Orkneys, Hebrides etc many will winter in the south
  8. Hello @kittykat23uk I think the fire was in March but I have seen blogs etc saying the birds are still there dated May and June
  9. Oh no not boasting at all @Galana
  10. Wildcat ? @Galana now I really am jealous!!! We have been lucky enough to see Pine Martens,once in daylight, and of course stayed at cottages where they come and visit in return for peanut butter, jam eggs and even, just in the interests of research, a Mr Kiplings fruit pie, But never have we seen Wildcats. The pine martens would take the eggs away and we would find the shells about a quarter of a mile away over heathery moorland in Wester Ross -they can have a big territory. the Red necked pharolope and Snow buntings in summer plumage are very fine
  11. Really enjoying your report @Tulips Cape Town is a splendid place to visit, and the Robben Island tour very moving. to try to understand how someone could micro-manage that kind of brutality to the extent of fixing the portions of meat depending on skin colour! and we have photo's of that sign! As everyone has said, your photos are wonderful
  12. Really enjoyed your report @TonyQ Jane and I had our honeymoon on Mull nearly 20 years ago and it remains one of our favourite places .Your report really captures it's charm
  13. a very esoteric list indeed. When we were there a couple of years ago we were based in south Uist, and lost count of the short eared owls we saw-I look forward to seeing that fine bird-as wella s Hen Harrier-on your list shortly!
  14. That is a superb picture of a corncrake!!! I have only ever seen 2 , both at Balranald, but i have stared into patches of grass and iris hearing them but just not seeing them many a time and your pictures of the landscape and the iona cloisters i very much enjoyed Bravo @TonyQ I am however very glad you got soaked as every time Jane and I have been to Iona, we have always got very wet.i would l'd hate it if you missed out
  15. That isn't a dotteral peeking out behind the rock is it? I am looking at your report on a small tablet so forgive me if it's wrong! As soon as you said loch ruthven I was looking forward to the Slavonian grebe and the drive there is fun isn't the ring ouzel @Galana

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