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  1. I seem to be accumulating lots of squirrel pictures so here are more to share: Baby Rock Squirrels learning to climb, Arizona, USA Round-tailed Ground Squirrel, Arizona, USA Sunda Giant Squirrel, Borneo Whitehead's Pygmy Squirrel, Borneo Bornean Pygmy Squirrel AKA Plain Pygmy Squirrel (this guy was TINY!) Prevost Squirrel, Borneo Red Giant Flying Squirrel, Borneo Bornean Mountain Ground Squirrel (with a tick I believe). Alan
  2. Love that shot @Dave Williams!
  3. @pomkiwi If you have time to go hiking around Anchorage, try the Eagle River Nature Center. It's been 10 years since we were there but it was really pretty and we saw a few moose too which isn't very hard around Anchorage really. Alan
  4. Fantastic! Can't wait to see more!
  5. @janzin, yes I meant 2018. I too would be interested in a small group tour of like minded individuals. But, I am not sure if a dedicated birding trip would be for us. While we do like birds a lot, birding tours don't tend to be our favorite way to spend time. I would rather look for mammals and herps over birds if pressed. But, that doesn't mean we can't have a discussion about who might want to go and figure out if anyone's interests align. @BeatNavy, thanks for the tour company name. Regarding the Pantanal, take a look at my trip report. I think it rated it my favorite trip because I built it up in my mind in advance. So, I really wanted to see Jaguar, Tapir, Giant Otter, Giant Anteater, etc. And the Pantanal exceeded my expectations. Also, it was our first trip to South America so 95% of the wildlife we saw was news. Borneo is one of my favorite trips ever for the same reason. I didn't feel unsafe for one second. Take a look at the trip reports from both myself and KittyKat since our itineraries were similar.
  6. Wow, @BeatNavy that's a stunning shot of the avenue of the baobabs. I would love to get the name of the agency you used. I, like many others that travel independently, would prefer to book a tour for Madagascar. @janzin, if you can't tell I vote for Madagascar too. For 2017, we are thinking about a return trip to Borneo in May/June and also a return trip to Brazil for the southern Pantanal and possibly the Amazon in Aug/Sept. Nothing is booked yet though so I wouldn't rule out a Madagascar trip if the pieces fell into place. Anyone up for a ST trip to Madagascar? @kittykat23uk, sorry to hear that your Brazil plans hit a snag. I know that originally our itineraries didn't align well. But, if you are possibly interested in either the Amazon (Christalino) or Southern Pantanal legs let me know. I will start making plans in the next few months for that. @xelas, Our Pantanal trip last year (North and South) is the best trip we ever had. So, in case you needed any more encouragement... Alan
  7. Great thread idea @kittykat23uk. Of course, I will have to contribute the Marbled cat we saw in Deramakot, Borneo about a month after your trip. I still love that this is a different cat exhibiting the exact same behavior as yours did.. Here is a blurry Leopard Cat, also from Borneo: Here is an Ocelot from Belize. Unfortunately, this was one of our first trips to the rain forest and I agreed to see this Ocelot that was attracted by chicken thrown by one of the lodge workers. In hindsight, I shouldn't have supported this. Luckily, I have seen other Ocelot since but never have I gotten such a good photo. Do, Bobcats count as a small cat? I am assuming they do so I looked through my website and pulled a couple of my favorite images. I have been lucky enough to see lots of Bobcats. And, here is one from our yard... Alan
  8. @monalisa what a great time you had on the river. Congrats on the tremendous Jaguar and Giant Otter sightings! Your photos look great to me. Going in May certainly paid off for you. I am curious, do you know if it was cheaper then if you had gone later? Not sure how you would know that unless you got quotes for different time frames but I thought I would ask. May does have the risk of more rain and less wildlife so I assume it's cheaper...but you never know. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Alan
  9. @Janzin - your pictures looked great to begin with. But, you are right they are much sharper when you click on them. So, I am now even MORE impressed by them if that was even possible . Thanks for the workflow tip on your framing. I am sure I can do the same in Elements (I'm too cheap to buy full Photoshop), so I will have to take a look. Alan
  10. I love this feature @Game Warden! Looks great on PC in Chrome. Alan
  11. @monalisa - Wow what a scary transfer down the Transpantaneira. That trip was bumpy enough in the dry season, so I can only imagine what it was like crossing all those bridges in the wet season. Last Sept, they were replacing many of the wood bridges with either concrete or metal ones if I remember right....hopefully that made things a little better . Unfortunately, any trip report where Southwild is involved is going to elicit some strong opinions. These are definitely not aimed at you personally. But, the owner of Southwild is making it a mission to bait animals at his lodges and that is not something I support. He has another lodge in Brazil that baits the Maned Wolves there and rumor has it he is trying to do the same thing in Chile with Pumas now. In the past, he did this with Jaguars in the Pantanal. I don't feel that baiting has any place in conservation and it certainly shouldn't have any place in professional wildlife photography. So, I have just decided not to support any lodges he owns and to make people aware of his practices so that they can make their own decisions. There, enough said on that topic from me . I am looking forward to reading about the rest of your report, so keep it coming. Alan
  12. @janzin One amazing shot after another. I am in awe! The urge to make our first Africa trip grows and grows the more I read great trip reports like this one. I know it takes a while to "frame" your photos but I love the way you do it. They look even more professional that way. I am looking forward to reading the rest when you get back. Alan
  13. @michael-ibk - Thanks very much. The photography in Borneo was just as challenging as any other rain forest location and I was a bit disappointed during the trip with the lack of "decent" shots. But, when I got home I realized I had captured more than I thought. So, given the conditions and I am quite pleased with the memories and photos. But, not so pleased that I don't want to go back and do better! @Alexander33 - Thanks! Our motto on our vacations is typically "we can sleep when we get home". I must admit it was tough doing that for two weeks though. But, there is no way you can sleep in with the birds and insects waking you up at dawn everyday. It's a pretty cool alarm clock actually. As soon as we logged into work the day after arriving back home (no buffer day ) we too were back into our old urban habits. But, we have to pay for the next trip somehow... @kitsafari - Thank you. What a treat to have seen Orangutans at BRL. That is really a remarkable place. A month or so before we got there a Clouded Leopard killed a Red Languar near the lodge and hung out in a tree for a couple days. All the guests there say it...that would have been pretty special. Yes, Tarsiers and Gibbons alone are two more reasons to return. But, I have LOTS of other ones on the list. I think we will be going back soon. Alan
  14. @monalisa, great report from BA! The armadillo photos and video are great and I am even MORE jealous at the number of Giant Anteaters you saw! The picture you took of your trip companions in the rainy dark with ponchos on brought back a "flood" of memories from our recent Borneo trip. I had that same view numerous times on that trip...but luckily we had no rain in the Pantanal when we went. I am looking forward to your reports from the North. Alan
  15. @monalisa - Fantastic report from BA! It brings back so many great memories from our trip last September...the macaws, cruising the Rio Negro, and of course the sunrises. Believe it or not we didn't see any Giant Anteaters there in our 5 days. We did see one briefly in the North though. We also plan to go back. It's a special place that you have captured so nicely in your photos. Alan

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