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  1. @monalisa - Fantastic report from BA! It brings back so many great memories from our trip last September...the macaws, cruising the Rio Negro, and of course the sunrises. Believe it or not we didn't see any Giant Anteaters there in our 5 days. We did see one briefly in the North though. We also plan to go back. It's a special place that you have captured so nicely in your photos. Alan
  2. Blue-Throated Bee-eater - Borneo Rainforest Lodge Alan
  3. Same location (Deramakot, Borneo), same species (Red-bearded Bee-eater)...could it be the same bird as posted by @Antee???
  4. @monalisa - I love reading Pantanal reports and I look forward to this one especially the first part at BA. We loved our stay there and it looks like you are off to a great start. Alan
  5. The time has come to end this report. We did have a morning at BRL before transferring out and flying back to KK. This post also includes a summary count of everything we saw plus some video highlights. Alan
  6. Not yet @Game Warden. But, I will do that once I have more details to share. @kittykat23uk signature link idea is a great one! Alan
  7. @xelas - Thanks! @kittykat23uk - Yes, the elephants were a super lucky encounter. The river certainly came through for us although I think I still want to go back for more looks at primates AND of course night cruises to look for Tarsier and Flat-headed Cat. Your Tarsier sighting there pretty much sealed a return visit for us. We want to maximize our opportunities to find one. @lmonmm - Thanks very much. I am glad someone else gets my humor. It tends to spew forth more "humor" depending on my "beverage" of choice while I write. It sounds like you need to go back to Borneo to find those elephants and get some better primate encounters. While I do agree we were lucky at certain times, we were also very unlucky with the weather. So, next time I hope for better weather and the same wildlife good luck . @Alexander33 - Yes, BRL is a must stay in my book for anyone going to Sabah. I give lots of info in my TripAdvisor review and the Subject pretty much sums up my feelings: "Jungle Luxury that is Almost Perfect" You are right on the money about having to hike with a guide. Our guide let us walk the road, the Canopy Walkway (accessed from the road), and the Nature Loop boardwalk close to the lodge by ourselves. So, I think the rules are that you have to have a guide to hike the trails but not these other areas. Everyone is assigned a guide when they arrive. Since we hired a private guide for the 4 of us (which was quite reasonably priced) I don't know how many people they group together but I don't remember ever seeing more than 6 people with a guide so that might be the max. There are numerous benefits to having a private guide as you can imagine. As my TripAdvisor review states, the other thing that bothered me was the fact that they wouldn't allow flash photography. This is problem in the dark rain forest as you can imagine so I had to crank my ISO up more than I would like. Our guide did have a bright spotlight for the night shots but I was unable to use fill flash during the day. Night a deal breaker, just a disappointment. For our return trip that I we are hoping to take next year, we will go back to BRL for sure. We will probably do it last again to save the most luxury for the end of the trip. We will be looking for a couple folks to join us...hint...hint..SafariTalk users! Alan
  8. Awesome @Patti! Congrats!
  9. Well, the trip is winding down at this point as BRL was our last destination. We knew that it was the most luxurious stop so we made a good decision to save it for last. Day 14 was filled with great bird encounters and ended with one of the best mammal encounters of the trip: Day 15 was our last full day at BRL and was a GREAT day for primates: Alan
  10. @Alexander - Thank you. Yes, the R-rated plush toys in the BRL gift shop were pretty funny. If I still worked in an office, it would have been the perfect thing to display next to my desk.... Seeing the wild Orangutan was special. We got pretty wet watching it but wouldn't trade a second of that experience. Our guide seemed pretty optimistic about the future for the Bornean rainforest so let's hope he is right and people will be able to see wild Orangutans there for years to come. The sanctuary at Sepilok is certainly doing their best to ensure the preservation of this magnificent ape.
  11. Here are the next two days of reports from the Kinabatangan River and our first night at the Borneo Rainforest Lodge. Spoiler Alert..we had some incredible primate encounters. Alan
  12. @Alexander33 - Thank you. Yes, we got REALLY lucky to not only see the elephants but have them in perfect end of day light...with no rain! I have to agree that despite the rain we did come back with lots of memorable photos. The Proboscis Monkeys are incredible. I enjoyed watching them a whole lot more than I thought I would. @xelas - Thanks as well. Unfortunately, the river still has only a narrow strip of forested land around it. You can really see the impact of the palm oil plantations looking at Google maps satellite view. There is a side benefit of this for us tourists though...the wildlife is concentrated along the shores making it easier to see. By far, the river presented the best, longest and most photogenic wildlife encounters of our trip. @Kitsafari - Thanks for adding more about the wet bathrooms. It is just different and something that western travelers should be aware of. All the places we went to, including roadside restaurants, had both western and squat toilets. The tip to carry toilet paper with you is a great one though. The wet bathrooms were just one more thing that added to the experience for us.
  13. @@offshorebirder, my understanding is that "wet bathrooms" are pretty common in Asia. We did encounter a few that weren't very wet but if they had just been cleaned they were wet with water (not something else ). I certainly wouldn't let that discourage you from going to Borneo. It's a great country. Next time we go we will be prepared for that and take flip flops or something like that. Alan
  14. Unfortunately, the rain followed us to Sepilok as you will see. But, I am very happy with everything we saw and the pictures we came back with despite all the rain. After Sepilok, we headed to the Kinabatangan River and stopped off at the Gomantong Caves on the way. Here is that report (yes, it rained this day as well): Alan
  15. @@kittykat23uk, that's why we are going back next year. I am thinking of 5 nights in Deramakot and it STILL might not be enough... @@Kitsafari, Leopard cats are pretty much guaranteed at Deramakot. It will get to the point where you might not even stop for them unless they are closer or posing better. That's a nice problem to have isn't it. The Marbled Cat encounter was very lucky. Not just because we saw one close up but because it climbed down the tree for us too. I love that Black and Yellow Broadbill too.

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