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  1. When I arrived in Mabuasehube I was directed to a campsite at a pan and told how to get there. Even though there was no one else camping in the park he was very careful to explain exactly which camping spot was mine. The description include a large tree as part of my spot. What the ranger failed to tell me about was the very large, mature, black maned Kalahari Lion sleeping under said tree. The lion woke up and stared at me for 15 minutes or so before he decided to walk off down the road, leaving me to wonder how far down the road he went and exactly when he would return. I can't wait to go back!
  2. My wife and I honeymooned in SA and it was wonderful. We flew to Joburg and rented a car. A few hours later we were checking into our first lodge, Nokoro, we spent 3 days exploring the area and animals. Next we headed over to Kruger and spent the rest of the week staying in the wonderful camps. We booked luxury bungalows when possible and tried to book the best huts possible when there were no "luxury" units in the camp. I made all reservations online with SA Parks. We had an amazing week in Kruger! We left Kruger drove back to the airport and that evening checked into our amazing room in Stellenbosch. We spent another week exploring the wine country and dining in wonderful restaurants. We return and do the same basic trip every couple of years. The details change but the week with safari and a week with wine remain a staple of our African trips. The whole trip was self drive and self booked on the Internet. I think you will find that planning can be almost as fun as the trip itself. One advantage of self drive/plan is you are on your own most of the time and since it is your honeymoon, I suspect being on your own would be a positive.

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