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  1. Thanks for your replies. It sounds like a big gamble... On the one hand, I would like to experience a new area, but on the other hand, I want to be where the animals are. Since my trip is going to be in June of 2018, i would like to hear from someone who will be there this June. Of course, this will all be anecdotal evidence. Have you seen the migration herds by the Grumeti River and if yes, how was it?
  2. Hello, I'm planning a return trip to the Serengeti, self-driving and camping again, but this time in June of 2018. I understand that the migration movement has been very erratic last year and herds arrived earlier than normal at the spots in their merry-go-around. Any predictions of what will happen when this year? I'm considering spending a night or two camping in the Ndutu area of the Serengeti, but.... Only if there is a reasonable chance of seeing wildlife. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but by June, the bulk of the migration should be in the western corridor, as per normal? Would you skip Ndutu in June and rather spend more time around Seronera? Time is not an issue, as we will be spending a total of 22 nights in Tarangire, LM, and Serengeti NPs. Hope one or more of you with experience or an opinion will write back. Thanks, KaliCA
  3. Thanks@@Canadian Robin. Always nice to get your feedback and it's fun comparing sightings and places we have both visited. Everybody's experience is different, not better or worse, just different. They say that Nxai Pan would be amazing about now with thousands of wildebeest and zebra grazing. It could be very difficult to get there in the rainy season, though.
  4. Thanks @@Canadian Robin, glad you enjoyed the read and I passed the compliment on the pics on to DH. It sure was great meeting you and your family in person. I have so much respect for you guys and all your adventurous self-drives have inspired us to try it out as well. As you know-we love it! ❤️❤️ So we totally blame you for having infected us with the African virus.
  5. And with this shot of a magnificent lion from the western section of Etosha, I conclude my trip report. Thanks to all who have "liked" it and left comments and I hope it has provided some entertainment for you arm chair safari goers. Cheers and happy trails, always.
  6. Lions were lounging at many waterholes and it was surprising to note that the herbivores seemed to know when it was ok to come quite close. in the case of the wildebeest below, this was not so. they came to drink with lions in full view, except they only noticed them after they had finished drinking and then panic ensued. Lions under the tree only elicited curious stares
  7. Western Etosha showed us quite a few eland, always a welcome sighting.
  8. Chudop waterhole, always some action there Dik-Dik finding something to nibble in the wasteland of eastern Etosha
  9. One last batch of Etosha pics This was one of the most curious and surprising sightings of the trip. A predator is having spa time while the giraffe are drinking and looking on. This was a first for a safari guide next to us and that's saying something.
  10. Maybe it was Siri at work ? The Olifantrus camp looks very interesting indeed. Hopefully in May there will be some green on the trees. Congrats on order of the Pith. when did this happen? The western part was a lot greener and had more vegetation than the eastern part. It should be nice and green in May. We have yet to go on safari in the green season.
  11. Camping at Olifantsrus was pleasant. The hide was well done and I'm still mad at myself for leaving ten minutes before the lions showed up. A fellow camper was sure to let me know that when we washed dishes in the sink there. Drats, I hate knowing what i missed! This happened in Okaukuejo as well. Missed the lion when we went and ate dinner at the campsite. The next night we ate at the waterhole, picnic style, and they came by... at 10:30 at night! ha, of all the plans of mice and men.... Camping in the red sand the arched foot bridge to the hide Sitting in the two-story hide
  12. An unusual combination The only time i felt a little afraid of a lion. His stare was so intense that I closed the window half way up... just in case. His buddy or brother Almost missed this one. Any shade will do!
  13. Here a few shots from the less visited and alas, less busy western part of Etosha. The lanscape here is much more interesting as there are hills and kopjes to break up the flatness. The grass further west was still quite long and there was plenty of water in the waterholes. we saw rangers even check on water flow. Once you fence in animals, you are now responsible for them, so good for them. BTW where would the animals have gone in the olden days, before the park fence when there were just a few springs of permanent water? Over to the Okavango, the Kunene? Probably just a few days old Mountain zebra wearing their pjamas Evidence of tall grass

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