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  1. Ahhh, the G&T, it never taste as good as late evening by the braai in Namibia! Enjoy your trip, @The_Norwegian!
  2. I will make daily notes so the trip report will be easier to complete (and quicker too).
  3. Hermanus - DeHoop - Wilderness - Karoo np - Franschoek - Cape Town is our itinerary over 14 days.
  4. Got our South Africa visas today so proper count down to Cape Town and around can start ... 42 day of cold and gloomy days to be survived .
  5. D3 again?! I like the IQ.
  6. One of those folks with budget constraints, so I am very glad to read your post @Soukous! When is Green season in Zambia? Or more precisely, which dates one can expect those lower rates to be active?
  7. That is so nice from you, @Ritsgaai, to help my folks! Heck, we do love to travel, but with only 2 million, crossing paths with 3 of them in far Botswana ... I am quite surprised they have tempted the crossing as I cannot spot a "snorkel" on their car ... What is the name of the character that gets face-red and very loud in critical situations ?!
  8. Happy birthday, @The_Norwegian! That is one heck of a b'day present you gave yourself . Hmmm, what about western part? No Dolomite Camp ?? A very wise strategy! A few lines each day, with date and places works miracles after a month or two when all photos are sorted out, and ready to start a trip report. I wish you a great trip, and I wish us a great trip report! Namibia is oh so beautiful.
  9. So, we are all set for a visit to your mother next spring?!
  10. Beginner's luck was on our side in 2016, and total of 434 bird species a complete surprise to us ... and to others. Repeating similar number in 2017 will be impossible, and as every bird will count, not even a winter break to Caribbean paradise should not be birding-free. No big birding detinations are planned but a series of shorter trips will hopefully kept us in the game.
  11. At least for the Bar-headed Goose Zvezda has found article(s) saying they are now living wild in the country. Escape or no escape, they do count! I've heard a Bearded Tit can be found in Slovenia, that one will join Green Woodpecker on my "hunting" list !
  12. Perhentian Besar or Kecil?? Snorkeling in front of Perhentian Island Resort back in 2000 is still The Best Underwater experience in my (our) life, tops even the Great Barrier Reef! Do not snorkel without a t-shirt on ... I have regretted it for next 2 weeks .
  13. There is one saying that we have used to describe our family travels: "The three of us are the best couple!". The three of us meant Zvezda, me and our daughter Tanja. That was a perfect traveling team for many years, until Tanja graduated and started to become independent financially; our new love, Africa, did not fit into her budget plans. Until when Qatar Airways has announced a new direct route from Zagreb to Windhoek via Doha. At 550 Eur a trip to Africa was finally feasible. To keep the costs even more within her reach (and anyway it was my secret plan to start traveling this way), part-time camping became part of the upcoming trip. ‚ÄčApril/May is our preferred time, clear blue skies, almost no rain, and decent wildlife sightings. To make the best out of the plane ticket, we opted for a 3 weeks travel. Itinerary was easy to make, usual tourist clockwise route. Also stops along the route were quickly determined, and our travel agent of choice, mrs.Gemma from Discover Namibia did not have too complicated of a job. The route: and the itinerary: Toyota Hilux with two roof top tents, and necessary camping equipment was again hired from Advanced Car Hire. Some needed and useful info has been collected from various sources, and in September 2016 we were all set to go. Why not camping only?! Firstly, to allow the ladies some extra creature's comfort, and inside Etosha, to allow for being at the gate of the camps before they opens. To start with the end: we all have enjoyed the new experience very much! We will camp more often, and we will be back to Namibia.
  14. Kruger is a perfect place to reach #300! Congatulations !!
  15. After 3 trips (plus the one to Kgalagadi) I have found that best option for us would be sleeping under the "fix roof" (i.e. in a room or cabin) and doing self-catering. That would allow us to save some money on meals and to be quicker on the road or off the road. We have used this strategy when in Etosha, and it worked well. That is OK for 2 persons; if going with 3 or 4 persons (like parents and kids) then roof top tent is obviously much cheaper option. Some camps have option of using their fixed tents (I have seen those in Madisa and in Hoada) Prices are still quite high but as other "fix roof" options are even pricier, they are a viable solution. Another "step down" in total costs would be using a different type of vehicle. But I am quite sure Zvezda would oppose this even if she would have to sleep on the roof again!!
  16. One great GIF photo, @Peter Connan! It looks like you enjoy your new toy ; pro gear in hands of expert photographer = excellent photos .
  17. @Jaycees2012, my "problems" with organisation were that we have to unload and reload quite many things each evening ... and morning. As there were no extra dedicated space for camping equipment that means like: everything out, dinner, everything in, sleep, everything out, breakfast, everything in. OK, not everything but still moving too many items twice a day. There are more specialised camping vehicles, like bushcampers. However they are more expensive, and some items are not needed in a "normal" roads. I have spotted one "normal" vehicle on parking lot at Hoba meteorite, and you can see it in this trip report: Extra drawers for cooking and utensils, tyre on swing arm, pull-out fridge, table and chairs under the roof ... it looks much better organised then our was. I will probably try it next camping trip.
  18. Thank you, @Jaycees2012, for taking your time and reading (and liking) our trip report! It was an amazing journey, our third in Namibia but far from being the last one; we have still to set our foot in Kaokoland and in Caprivi. Camping was a lot of fun; working with roof top tents were "interesting" but with a very good assistant we managed to get through, and even to enjoy it (not always, of course). One only downside was the arrangement of camping gear and spare tires and luggages inside the pick-up, but we have now identified a much better organised vehicle for our next trip. There will be more trip reports posted in 2018 so stay tuned !
  19. @Ritsgaai I completely agree with what @Peter Connan wrote in English, and probably also with what he wrote in afrikaans . I like your landscape photos also, the Motorways of Delta is one I hope to reproduce once, if lucky. You surely have an eye to capture the amazing beauties along your route.
  20. What a great collection of colourful birds! Are they around also in August??
  21. Perhentian islands ... are you switching to marine world now?! Or just for pure relax ??
  22. Thanks for the clarification, @Ritsgaai! You did the wise thing, IMO. Any dispute would only spoil your great journey! The Little Bee-eater photos are gorgeous ... have you used the same camera/lens as for other photos?
  23. Elephants in the rain ... truly a very special photo! I have noticed a couple of double posts (same photo posted twice). Is there a reason behind? Two different post processing attempts maybe??
  24. Below are two photos of a "mistery bird"; it looks like a Snow Goose ... but it should not be around. It could also be a juvenile Greylag Goose, or an albino version ... but it is much bigger bird in comparison to Greylags around. Any idea about this one?!
  25. Indeed it is a stunning bird, very active.

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