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  1. Dave, with about 1000 photos per day we must have caught a fish or two ...
  2. ASA 1600 I recon?! Pushed two stops??
  3. @lmSA84, it is easy to get new bodies and new lenses ... if your wife is using them ! Peter, the fishing sequence is extraordinary !
  4. And to move on and up and ahead one more jump: BY 372 / SA 12 African Black Swift - Apus barbatus
  5. Beginner's luck was on our side in 2016, and total of 434 bird species a complete surprise to us ... and to others. Repeating similar number in 2017 will be impossible, and as every bird will count, not even a winter break to Caribbean paradise should not be birding-free. No big birding detinations are planned but a series of shorter trips will hopefully kept us in the game.
  6. The Lesser Grey Shrike is pissed-off, flushed down and substituted by: BY 370 / SA 10 Karoo Prinia - Prinia maculosa
  7. Probably here: https://africageographic.com/blog/update-photos-of-leopard-that-attacked-tourist-in-tent/ and here: https://production.safarious.com/article/14055-leopard-attacks-woman-inside-tent-in-kgalagadi-transfrontier-park and originally here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/333474230038829/?ref=group_header . As usually most info is found here: http://www.4x4community.co.za/forum/showthread.php/290249-Leopard-Incident-Matopi
  8. Wait, the year is not finished yet ! While you are waiting for final result do count how many photos were taken by Zvezda .
  9. All beauties, @Dave Williams! I am waiting for the weather to improve, and to start the year where I have ended it, before the ducks flies away.
  10. Well, if people have faith in Stock Exchange ....
  11. At the actual bird hide location only one new bird, and even that one just to help our total numbers . BY 369 / SA 09 Red-capped Lark - Calandrella cinerea And on the way out two more hits. BY 370 / SA 10 Lesser Grey Shrike - Lanius minor BY 371 / SA 11 Jackal Buzzard - Buteo rufofuscus
  12. Sunday, 31st December 2017 ... last day to collect as many new birds as possible. Before arriving I have contacted Hermanus Bird Club if any member might be available to show us around. No luck but kindly John has pointed us towards Rooisand Bird Hide. We were not early enough there, and sun was up with a vengeance so quality of photos suffered a lot. Bird hide is positioned close to the lagoon so usually there are plenty of waders and similar ... not this time as drought has moved the water far from the hide. Along the approach road there were small birds feeding on bushes. BY 364 / SA 04 Pin-tailled Whydah - Vidua macroura BY 365 / SA 05 Southern Double-collared Sunbird - Cinnyris chalybeus (female) BY 366 / SA 06 Cape Weaver - Ploceus capensis female male BY 367 / SA 07 Cape Canary - Serinus canicollis BY 368 / SA 08 Fiscal Flycatcher - Sigelus silens
  13. @Galana, so if they are free-winged and they breed then they count?! Great, as I have one Indian Runner on stock that is reported to be free-winged and breeding !
  14. @Dave Williams, ; and there is also 31st of December ... but there is not only a fox on your side, but also those 40-50 extra birds ?!
  15. Same day in Hermanus, flying over the house we have stayed at: BY 363 / SA 003 Yellow-billed Kite - Milvus parasitus
  16. Same location was also populated with this bird: BY 362 / SA 002 Cape Cormorant - Phalacrocorax capensis juvenile adult
  17. It is time to wrap up our Big Year 2017. Last two days we have been birding in South Africa. Our first location was Stony Point Penguin Colony in Betty's Bay on 30/12/2017. Obviously we have seen the most unusual bird of our BY 2017, in different stages of their life: BY 361 / SA 001 African Penguin - Spheniscus demersus youngster juvenile adult
  18. Not very likely, unfortunately . But your kind words do feel good, and entice me to post more trip reports !
  19. Hi there @toine! Firstly one thing is assured, you will be back for more to Namibia! Saying that, there is not much that you should change in your Namibian part of your itinerary, IMO. The main difference between Spitzkoope and Palwag stops are that in Spitzkoope the sightings are assured (mountaines does not move anywhere ) while in Palmwag, you might find or might find not the desert adapted elephants (which, to my untrained eye, were very much like their cousins or brothers inside Etosha, just more fit). I would not skip one day from Etosha!! And one more word to desert adapted elephants, you will probbaly stop at Palmwag on your way to Kaokoland on your next visit to Namibia. And, a word of caution about stopping in Palmwag. The camp lies on the "wrong" side of the vet fence; you can move food (meat, eggs, etc.) to Palmwag/southern side of the fence but not from Palmwag/southern side of fence back. So for purely logistical reasons, I would skip stopping at Palmwag entirely! If desert adapted elephants are a must on your list then stop somewhere near Twyfelfontein area. We have had a great sighting stopping at Twyfelfontein Country Lodge and hiring one of their guides on our drive from Madisa camp to Hoada camp in past May 2017. Caprivi area is indeed beautiful, and I am very interested in reading your TR from that part. I am missing the month of your travel (and the year but I assume it is 2018)?! This might be important as if after November rains might affect your Caprivi portion of trip.
  20. Some basic planning already done: an itinerary for revisiting South Namibia and Kgalagadi TP with our daughter for April/May is finalised but not yet sent to our travel agent. For January/February I am waiting for Zvezda to decide between Sri Lanka and one of the islands in the Caribbeans. The main event in August ... this one will be tough, swinging between continents and countries and changing minds after each TR read on ST . For sure not Africa or Europe or Central America. It is mostly Australia vs. South America right now. A shorter one end of October can even fly down to South Africa, sharing Kruger in 2016 was great.
  21. Just home from South Africa / Cape Town and around, and will head to Botswana end of March. Must hurry up with TR not to be caught in "commuter traffic" !
  22. OK, OK, I am working hard on our last 2 days, but I can tell you right now that you will not need to post all of your extra 40-50 to beat the hare .
  23. Yes, that would be more visible; the title of the section might be: ST Travel Contacts or Come visit me(us) or By Safaritalker to Safaritalker; other ideas for the title of the section are welcomed. Once the section will be up, I will post my data with a title Ljubljana - Slovenia so others will now from the title which country and where in the country. For those people living in larger countries, like UK or USA, the title should contain even more informations. The opening post should contain basic informations about the host, and what kind of services she/he can offer. This should be and remain strictly Safaritalk members section, no pros or tour operators etc (if not willing to apply the "fuel&food" concept of costs; if yes then they are most warmly welcomed to participate ).
  24. We have started with birds, as they are the most easy wildlife sighting, but as @kittykat23uk has mentioned, we should not be limited to them only! In fact, this idea could develop into any kind of guiding, being it wildlife, nature, history, or any other aspect of travel. We have had a great day with a ST member exploring Ravenna, Italy ... and with so many friendly members living in all those fantastic places, we all could benefit from each other local knowledge, and knit this ST fabric even tighter! Most of travellers usually rent a car, or in the bigger towns, one is not needed. Only the willingness to "meet and greet and assist" a fellow ST member is all we need .
  25. Great trip report, and excellent photography, @Davesg! You surely have had much nicer, softer light and more puffy white clouds. Yet it is obvious that wildlife there is like gas stations in Namibia: few and far apart.

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