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  1. I have had same "problem" as @Gilgamesh . So many great trips, but is any of them within my travel budget?? After a while and building a relationships with several members here, I can ask them directly what their costs were. And for many lodges mentioned prices are readily posted on their web sites.
  2. Kite??
  3. Those photos are fantastic. A lot of effort to get them, but so worth!
  4. Now that is a proper trip report! Lions on the road ... they rally slow the traffic 😁
  5. Ahhh, the Motor Museum! A bit surprised there are so many modern cars there, but hey, maybe you like them more then oldies ?!
  6. Great read, @MeezersUK! If only you would add a photo or two ...
  7. As per @Galana expert advice and mentoring, we are able to add one more bird to Namibia 2017 collection. BY 231 / NAM 155 Yellow Canary - Serinus flaviventris (see Candidate B and Candidate C photos above)
  8. And I am glad you did it as it brings colours to the mix . Spitzkoope is impressive; your photos of the bridge are excellent specially the sunstars one!
  9. Why, @Galana? Is it another hybrid?
  10. I did my part of the deal, viewed again all 9000+ photos, and below is the selection of most likely candidates. Now, @Galana, please tell me if any of those are indeed Yellow Canary, and if not, what are they: Candidate A / Ameib ranch 30 April Candidate B / Hoba, 13 May Candidate C / Hoba 13 May
  11. All very nice photos. For night photos, a tripod is mandatory. I am in awe at the quality of your photo based on the very low shutter speed and very high ISO! What I am not sure is why -0,7 EV?! But on second thought, it does make the black even more black, and thus it keeps ISO one stop lower. That is a good trick to remember!
  12. In case they will want to weight your camera bag, open it and hang one body with heaviest lens on your shoulder. A photo vest can also be very helpful for distributing excessive weight out of the bag .
  13. Great photography, @TonyQ! Good weather also ... hoping to get some of the same .
  14. By rechecking all names I have found this mistake; just to keep the record correct. BY 229 / NAM 153 Lesser Masked Weaver - Ploceus intermedius
  15. In the water ... it is a wader. Short bill ... a plover. Greyish legs ... Grey Plover juvenile. ????

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