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  1. Any chance to let us know which two particular species you will be searching for? I must have been lucky not to observe such disgusting behaviour Very different perspective and experience, seeing Namibia from above! Driving through its amazing landscape will be as exhilarating as flying over it.
  2. Congratulations! Arriving to #500 is an exceptional feat, doing so without hat&boots even more so !
  3. Guys, you can try your best but you will not sway me !
  4. Mental note to myself: no cruise ship until 80th b’day!
  5. Birding on a cruise ship ... it must have been a first even for you, @Dave Williams !
  6. I will wear my ankle high hiking boots at all times. Any specific place to look for them?
  7. Excellent timing as our DeHoop visit is coming closer by the day. The whales will probably not be around anymore but hopefully some flowers will remain. Also looking forward to the rest of your Western Cape drive & report.
  8. Eight days filled with great sightings turned into a trip report filled with extraordinary photography ... a joy to read in this cold and gloomy morning! Thanks, @Bush dog!!
  9. @TonyQ now also I can see the bird ! Why I would wish you to withdraw this bird? However as already mentioned in @michael-ibk Big Year my opinion is as this is a photo Big Year, bird should be recognisable beyond any doubts (to a specialist birder, not me). But this "wish" goes for Big Year 2018, and is only an initiative.
  10. In case that the brother is not available, would a distant cousin from East be of any help ??
  11. Who on Earth puts his hat and boots into checked luggage?! Oh yes, those that can roll out a bed ona long haul flight. Not us, luckily. But it was a happy ending to not so happy flight(s). As for the "contra speech" we could do it as a duo, in twin language. Loud and clear!! Will you teach me the trick?? Please!!
  12. Why?! Already planned out?? I think you might change your mind even if so, flight tickets for 2019 are still not on sale ! Wonderful trip report, one of those that makes readers starting to re-shuffle their short and long terms travel plans.
  13. Your sunset photos are marvellous ... as are the sunsets themselves. And NamibRand is the perfect place to enjoy them.
  14. Lovely short trip and lovely trip report, @PeterHG! So a "quickie" over two weekends is feasible, after all. That is one good news for me.
  15. Oh, sorry for missing that info. With that one, and 5D MkIII, one does not need a crop body, specially with the selection of (stellar) lenses you have .

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