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  1. I am so glad that you stayed at Brian Freeman's camp in Masai Mara, @penolva! You also had Josh for a guide, he's been a good friend of mine for almost five years now... I just don't know what to say about your safari - one of the very best in the Mara that I have ever seen on photos or video... The sightings have been just out of this world, so many of them that I just can not comment on individual ones. Fabulous photos, as well, again too many to comment, can't help not mentioning the red sunset (or was it a sunrise?), the breeding herd of elephants, the dramatic landscapes with the heavy clouds, the shot of the stars and the milky way that you have taken at the camp, the Mara River crossings, the lion cabs, the leopard shots... One of the nicest safari experiences that I have seen here and this is not because of the fact that Josh guided you and you stayed at Brian's camp... Mara always delivers... I hope that I will revisit the reserve some day... Thanks for sharing this with us!
  2. Once again, thank you all ( @Paolo, @Botswanadreams, @Sangeeta, @Africalover, @pault ) for your valuable input! I will write again if I need additional help with planning. Cheers!
  3. Thanks again, @Paolo!
  4. Thanks for your input @Paolo! How are the UWA HQ (respectively Apoka Rest Camp) location-wise in your opinion? Have you done night game drives in Kidepo Valley NP? Cheers!
  5. Thanks very much for your input,@Sangeeta! I don't think that the person I am intending to share this safari with, will go for basic camping, but your post will make me think twice about the Apoka Rest Camp bandas. I thought that their location was good and the problem was only with the basic accommodation and food. In any case there are two camps just outside the gate - Mga'Moru Wilderness Camp and Kidepo Savannah Lodge. I found also another place, located about 8 km. from the gate - the Buffalo Base guesthouse. If I materialize this trip, I will definitely go for the safari walk(s). Did you try the night game drives? I received somewhat controversial info regarding those. One safari outfitter wrote to me that KWA do not have any game drive vehicles in Kidepo Valley NP and the night drives are done with the vehicle that we are using for the entire trip, just taking a KWA ranger with us and renting a couple of spotlights (at US$ 20 each!). On the other hand I think that I've seen information about KWA night game drives in the park at US$ 40 p.p. (minimum 3 people). Any info on that? I hope that @Paolo also writes a few words about Kidepo Valley NP and Murchison Falls NP. What about accommodation in Murchison Falls NP? I am tending to use Pakuba Lodge or Bwana Tembo Camp. They are at the edge of the park, but close to wildlife areas and we do not have to use the ferry in order to go on a game drive. The other mid-range option would be Murchison River Lodge or Murchison Fort. Cheers!
  6. Thanks very much for your input @pault! You are giving an answer to my main question! Love your Uganda TR!
  7. Great trip report and photos @Botswanadreams! I have seen it before, your report was one of the reasons for me to start looking into a trip to Uganda.
  8. Thanks for your reply @Botswanadreams! I will certainly look into your link, this sounds very interesting. My travel companion for this trip will not go for basic camping, though. Otherwise that would be a great adventure and a good option for lower budget safari. Any ideas about the length of stay (number of days) in the parks I have mentioned?
  9. Hello everyone, I've been away from the forum for quite a while, hopefully will be able to stick around and complete the S. Africa (Madikwe and Entabeni game reserves) trip report I have started plus publishing reports for the next two trips that I have done in the meantime - Namibia + Kgalagadi TP in 2016 and Serengeti / Ndutu / Ngorongoro Crater in Feb. 2017. At the moment I am thinking about a possible trip to Uganda in January - February, 2018. It will be somewhat limited time / budget trip, so I will skip the main highlights - the mountain gorilla and chimpanzee tracking in Bwindi and Kibale national parks. Main target would be Kidepo Valley National Park with Karamojong people village visit. There are several local safari agencies that provide road trips to Kidepo Valley NP. It takes 2 days to get there by road and another two days to return, but this will reduce the overall cost of the safari and there will be opportunities to see the countryside up north. Before I write to any local safari outfitters, I would like to see your valuable opinion and get some advise here on Safaritalk (as I have always done before). My rough idea about itinerary: Day 01 - Early morning departure from Kampala to Kidepo Valley. Possible visit to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary for an hour or two of Rhino tracking on foot - do you think that this is a good idea? I have seen quite a few rhinos (both black and white in the wild) and I am not sure how interesting this would be for me. Overnight - either in the town of Gulu or in Kitgum (just to break to long transfer). Day 02 - Morning departure to Kidepo Valley NP, game drive, overnight at Apoka Rest Camp - UWA self-contained bandas. Apoka Lodge is kind of expensive, the only mid-range option (Nga'Moru Wilderness Camp) is outside the gate. The bandas at Apoka Rest Camp are basic, but the location seems to be nice - wildlife is coming into the camp, UWA headquorters are nearby. I would assume that night game drives can be booked there. Any comments on the accommodation choice? I am thinking about 3 or even 4 nights in Kidepo Valley NP, giving the fact, that there is quite a lot to explore around: Narus Valley, Kidepo Valley, Karamojong people village etc. Any comments about number of nights there? Day 03, 04, 05 - Kidepo Valley NP. Day 06 - Leaving Kidepo Valley NP for Gulu, overnight (to break the long transfer to Murchion Falls NP). Day 07 - Leaving Gulu for Murchion Falls NP, game drive, overnight. I would seek advice about accommodation options - looking for moderate to mid-range properties. How many nights would you recommend in Murchison Falls NP? 3-4? Would be nice to do the upstream boat safari to the falls and also the downstream boat ride to the Lake Albert Delta (in the morning) and explore the various parts of the park. So, if I stay for four nights, that would be days # 08, 09, 10, 11 of the trip. Kind of the most important question is whether to try to squeeze in Queen Elizabeth NP or not. I am aware that this park is quite far away from Murchison Falls and it might take one or two days to get there. I could cut a day in Kidepo Valley NP and a day in Murchison Falls NP and add one more day to the total number of days in order to accommodate QENP in the itinerary. Any suggestions about this? At first glance it looks to me that it would be better to spend more days in the first two parks. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I have read the comprehensive and very informative trip reports of @Paulo, @pault, @bushbaby and @TonyQ, but still any advice and ideas here would be very useful. Thanks in advance for your input! Cheers!
  10. I posted my question in the wrong section of the forum. Sorry about this! Moderators, please delete this post, I will re-publish it in the appropriate place.
  11. What a great trip report @@xelas! Fabulous sightings and a great photography by Zvezda! You have certainly made the most out of your time during this safari.
  12. Another batch of beautiful sightings and photos, @@xelas! Love the male lion the all the elephants images, as well as the birds! So many great sightings in the Northern part or Kruger, the timing of the safari (the end of the dry season) helps a lot for that, I assume... I really want to do Kruger NP now, perhaps more than Etosha NP (have not been to either up to this moment - just to Timbavati and Sabi Sand, but Kruger proper is different).
  13. Indeed buffalos and hippos were never seen before (in the wild). Caprivi is on my list, Chobe not so much (have heard is quite expensive place to visit). but hey, I do buy regularly lottery so who knows ... . I just loved Zvezda's Buffalo and Hippo photos from the few previous posts. The part of Chobe NP, which is along the Chobe River is perhaps one of the least expensive places for African safari. You can stay at a budget (and very nice) accommodation for about 50-60 USD per night (for the room) and do boat safaris on Chobe River for about 50 USD per person. Shared vehicle game drives are about the same price. Despite the high number of visitors, I loved the boat safaris over there, less so the game drives along the river.
  14. Fabulous photos by Zvezda, @@xelas! Birds are awesome, but since I am not a birder (not that I don't like or take photos of birds), I really enjoyed her Buffalo, Hippo and Elephant shots from the last several posts. Buffalo and Hippos must have been quite a big thing for you, as far as I remember you always go to Etosha NP or Kgalagadi TP where these animals are absent. I don't remember if you did the Caprivi strip and a boat safari on the Chobe river. One of the nicest presentations of Kruger NP, that I have ever seen!

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