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  1. What a great trip report @@xelas! Fabulous sightings and a great photography by Zvezda! You have certainly made the most out of your time during this safari.
  2. Another batch of beautiful sightings and photos, @@xelas! Love the male lion the all the elephants images, as well as the birds! So many great sightings in the Northern part or Kruger, the timing of the safari (the end of the dry season) helps a lot for that, I assume... I really want to do Kruger NP now, perhaps more than Etosha NP (have not been to either up to this moment - just to Timbavati and Sabi Sand, but Kruger proper is different).
  3. Indeed buffalos and hippos were never seen before (in the wild). Caprivi is on my list, Chobe not so much (have heard is quite expensive place to visit). but hey, I do buy regularly lottery so who knows ... . I just loved Zvezda's Buffalo and Hippo photos from the few previous posts. The part of Chobe NP, which is along the Chobe River is perhaps one of the least expensive places for African safari. You can stay at a budget (and very nice) accommodation for about 50-60 USD per night (for the room) and do boat safaris on Chobe River for about 50 USD per person. Shared vehicle game drives are about the same price. Despite the high number of visitors, I loved the boat safaris over there, less so the game drives along the river.
  4. Fabulous photos by Zvezda, @@xelas! Birds are awesome, but since I am not a birder (not that I don't like or take photos of birds), I really enjoyed her Buffalo, Hippo and Elephant shots from the last several posts. Buffalo and Hippos must have been quite a big thing for you, as far as I remember you always go to Etosha NP or Kgalagadi TP where these animals are absent. I don't remember if you did the Caprivi strip and a boat safari on the Chobe river. One of the nicest presentations of Kruger NP, that I have ever seen!
  5. Here is a photo of a Pel's fishing owl, which I took inside Pelo Camp, Jao Concession in the heart of the Okavango Delta in May 2014: You can copy it and send it to your Cape Town birder fellows and say that you took it in Pafuri. :)
  6. Beautiful sunrise at Punda Maria camp, great photos of the close Lion encounter and the Elephants in Luvuvhu River and on the bridge, @@xelas! Nice and sharp African fish eagles and White-fronted bee eater images!
  7. @@FlyTraveler , I am very honoured to be able to show you the beauty of that northern part of Kruger. Landscape is, let me be honest, less amazing than landscape I have witnessed in Etosha or Kgalagadi. But nature is always beautiful, and wildlife was abundant, and what to say about the amazing birding?! I am sure you will love northern Kruger. I really didn't feel like spamming your excellent TR, but since you mentioned Etosha NP, how do you compare Kruger and Etosha? Which one do you like better? I am aware of the fact that they are very different, the main similarity being that both parks are very popular with self-drivers.
  8. Ditto the above. Looking forward to seeing the TR. It looks like you've been to the Gamewatchers' Selenkay and Ol Kinyei concessions. I visited them in August 2013 and really liked both places, especially Selenkay.
  9. What a lovely scenery around Luvuvhu River, @@xelas! Your photos have captured the beauty of the Pafuri area very well. Love the action zebra images (with the dust in their feet), the male Nyala portrait and the Elephant in / next to the river photos! I believe that things are never just a coincidence. Two months ago I watched an old NG documentary - "The Last Feast of the Crocodiles". I knew that it was shot somewhere in Northern Kruger and just noted the great scenery, so different from the usual tar roads images that I have seen from this park. Then I heard the name of the river - Luvuvhu and googled it. Found several videos, some photos and read about the Pafuri region, which made me start thinking about visiting Kruger proper (I've been to Timbavati and Sabi Sand). Then I learned that you've done Kruger this year and now comes your report with lovely photos from the same area...
  10. Fabulous lion sighting and wonderful photos, @@xelas! The images of the birds, the elephant, the female and male impalas and the two male buffalo are very nice, as well. I already feel like going to KNP...
  11. Great start @@xelas! I was waiting for your Kruger TR for a while and now will enjoy following your trip. Looking forward to seeing the next installment.
  12. Some beautiful landscapes, @@Tom Kellie! I like the photo where you compare the scenery with Tuscany.
  13. Fabulous Sykes' monkey in flight images, @@Tom Kellie! I am seeing these species for a first time. I'm quite impatient and glad that the journey is moving to the north towards Meru National Park.

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