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  1. To everyone at this topic, there are so many things written here that are so far away from the truth! Mike Penman was everything but MAD! If anything he was MELLOW MIKE.....who is calling himself MAD MARK is Mark Tennant. I was never a fan of the show, and Mike did know this. Having said this, it seems that the people that posted here have no clue about what Mike Penman is all about and that is a true and real shame. Your loss.......I was blessed in calling him a dear and a close Friend. Warts and all.....I accepted his as he accepted mine. Been out on safari in Botswana with Mike several times and the utmost Respect I have always seen from him towards wildlife is unique and only a few do come close to him on that. I so wish and hope, someday, people will know what Mike Penman is all about and trust me......he is everything but MAD! Thank you. R.I.P. beloved one.......
  2. Mike Penman passed over yesterday after a massive heart attack while he was sleeping. R.I.P. (5th January 2017) Mike Penman was in a very "good place" of his life with major projects up his sleeve and several meetings scheduled.
  3. @@optig, Please, go to Gorongosa and then we can talk all about it.....
  4. @@optig Forget Gorongosa and Greg Carr please.......they are doing nothing to increase tourism in my country. Worthless..... @@ravipatel888 Coudn't agree more with you. Those moneys should have gone to anti-poaching patrol. That's what. In Niassa Reserve in particular were its mostly needed
  5. @@gagan, I do the same as @@Safaridude. And my equipment is always cleaned, as best I can, in camp after dinner. It all depends the conditions if the day. Also use the "DOMKEE" wrap, to protect the equipment in the field.
  6. No, I do not need any music to inspire me for a Safari My music is awayting me, courtesy of the African Bush ....HOME at last!
  7. @@Game Warden, I, proudly, stand by a dear friend, a guide per excellence, Beks Ndlovu. The death of Cecil was totally uncalled for and yes, IF a lion crosses to a hunting concession and is collared he should NOT be shot dead. Period. This will affect tremendously the pride dynamics in the Park. Fact.
  8. @@Pat Dewi In fact we do know much about lion dynamics. They do live in a pride and Cecil was the one in charge of one if not more than one pride. I suggest you see the movie "THE LAST LIONS" from Dereck Joubet & Beverly Joubert, there you can learn much baout lion dynamics. The death of Cecil will have enormous repercussions on his pride, only time will show the extend of it.
  9. @egidio @@pault I would appreciate if you woudn't underestimate my knowledge of what goes around in Game Reserves, Lion Hunting legal, canned and otherwise or on KNP. The game reserves that have their fences open and are not contrived reserves, do not need and do not cull Lions. There was this horrific episode some years back in Sabi Sands with the whole pride, but I am a firm believer that it will never happen that again. I know its easier said than done, but it can be done. That's all I am stating. Best Irene I APOLOGISE, BUT I AM NOT YET GOOD IN MASTERING THE REPLIES ON SAFARITALK......
  10. @@Tom Kelly @@pault I can understand the reasons that you mention on your reply about culling lions. Rather put them implants so that the reproduction doesn't continue? That is a solution used with Elephants in one reserve, although those elephants are extremely agressive due to the constant "researcher" fiddling with takes much responsibility to do so. But that is a way to go. On some other place, they did remove half ovaries to the lionesses and the reproduction was cut in, there are ways out. As for Canned Hunting, who does it and who practises it simply has NO soul whatsoever. Having worked on it hands on for over 17 years, going to all those horrific places, lets hope people will go and see "BLOOD LIONS" a masterpiece by IAN MICHLER who battles this for endless years. Proudly I stood and stand by him. Please visit Thank you
  11. @@Tom Kelly, thank you for this. Yes, its impossible in a zoo to start even to try and recreate their dietary requirements. Thank you Irene
  12. The great President Ian Khama.......enough said!
  13. I believe it sent a message, maybe not THE message, but surely a message. Plus, one must not forget that the USA is the second world country consumer of ivory.
  14. @@pault Thank you for your reply and kindness in approaching the subject. Canned Hunting that I work to ban hands on for over 17 years must be totally banned. Its totally outrageous such practice and all its contours. I did throughout the years, undercover, to many of those canned hunt farms and what goes in there is horrifying. There are many footage of how a Canned Hunt (?) goes. On March 15th 2014 we manage to make the First World March to Ban Lion Canned Hunt. So, this is one issue. As for contrived reserves and culling their Lions because, usually, they do eat a lot of their general plains game, I would prefer them to look at the first option: moving them to another reserve. Recently that was done with two males. Its not a very expensive procedure, unlike with other animals. Option B, they could dart them, euthanize them, bury them BUT never ever use their bodies to sell it for Lion body trade. If we go that route with Lion Body parts, we are only encouraging Lion poaching. Its enough of the poaching and body parts of other animals. Let's not go and add Lions to the list. They are already there, so, lets not make it easier. Lions, as you know, have a very social structure life. Imagine you go to a contrived reserve and watch, photograph, film these two wonderful male lions. You get so involved that you want to return there and see them again. You get back, but alas, they aren't there anymore, because they were culled. Usually guides do not tell guests the truth, for obvious reasons. My company strives to deliver the best experience to our guests as possible, and this is not one that I like to give. There are out there so many more that do not do this and that's where we aim to send our guest, along with other conditions, such as involvement with local communities. Thank you. Irene
  15. Man & Night & Lion & Bush NOT a clever combination! It is bound for this. Lions get experts in what abounds as prey in their territory. They are not "man eaters" per ce. The lions that used to eat many Mozambicans who used the same spot to cross the border of KNP at night, where exactly that, opportunists. They knew the prey was coming. So they waited and got it. Same thing happens with other lions everywhere in the Wilderness if Africa. They get their experts in different preys. There was once a well known pride in Selinda, Botswana known as the "Surfing Pride" as they were experts in hunting hippos inside water. I did save my guide's life from a lioness with 3 young cubs, still at the stage that she was changing them and hiding them for safe keeping. If anything, she taught me that lions are NOT man eaters at all. She could have killed him instantly, but she chose not to. She jumped in front of him as if to say: enough....not closer. According to the "books" he sent the wrong signs, so she got him and I could intervene and he is well, safe. Like the story of the Tsaro eaters. We must remember that most railway workers were dying from malaria and weren't even get buried, so, the lions kept on following them and eat the human bodies. No, please, give LIONS some credits, they are not Man Eaters.

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