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  1. Well done on reaching 300. A great achievement and so many beautiful bids!
  2. @douglaswise i tried again and got the full article. I don't know what happened the first time, but I will read it now!
  3. The link only lets me see the abstract, it appears to need a login to access the article. Or am I missing something?
  4. Thank you for a wonderful report. You give a great view of the landscapes as well as the wildlife. I have really enjoyed your photos and those of your husband! you saw a great selection of animals, I particularly liked the Bat eared fox, and of course the meerkats are lovely. But also a great sighting of that wonderful creature the Ardvaark. It it looks like you had a great trip. 😊
  5. Great additions. The downy woodpecker is lovely.
  6. Wonderful. A really special time with that family. You capture their personality so well, it is a real pleasure to read this. It is interesting to see the board showing the different families. There appear to be a good number of juveniles and babies. A good sign I hope.
  7. Superb photos and beautiful light. The cheetah photos are very special.
  8. Congratulations on reaching 200. Some really beautiful birds in these last sections!
  9. A fascinating section with beutiful photos. Whatever you did with your camera certainly worked! I am really enjoying reading about this region.
  10. Congratulations on the magic 300 - and what a fine bird to achieve it! It has been a real pleasure following your thread.
  11. Well done with the Hen Harrier - you did really well with that. Great to see the Short-eared Owl as well. It looks like the trip to Scotland was very productive, even if the weather didn't always cooperate.
  12. Aardvark and Pangolin - great stuff!
  13. @xelas As a beginner birder - I like @Dave Williams identification method! My book shows the female Mallard and Gadwall looking very similar. It points out that the orange on the bill of the Gadwall is broader than on the Mallard, with the orange stripe almost up to the nostril. It looks convincing in the book, but is harder to see the difference with real birds, and I am sure you get a lot of individual variation. I am sure it is also more difficult with the juvenile!
  14. Great photos from Scotland!
  15. If it is a Tip then $250 is absurdly high. According to the monthly wage of a "Highly skilled" worker in Tanzania is about $450.
  16. I have not stayed in Porini camps, so have no feeling for or against - other than information from Safaritalk. However I did stay in some excellent camps in Kenya last year. In one, we talked with the managers about using information from Expert Africa and ATR. They asked how we saw the differences. We thought that Expert Africa had a lot of information about the typical day in camp, routines, as well as level of comfort etc. The ATR site had a lot of good photos. The managers said that ATR didn't stay in their camp, or go on a game drive. They turned up, walked around taking photos and left. Obviously we have no way of verifying that but that is what was reported. (We had booked through Expert Africa) I would (and have) asked the agent if they have stayed in the camp. The Expert Africa staff we spoke to were very knowlegable and had spent a lot of time in Kenya. We felt that when we talked about the difference between a couple of camps we were considering they were able to compare them on features that may or may not suit us (not saying one was better than the other as they rated them both very highly). They were also able to talk about the quality of guiding, and knew the names of individual guides. We have not used ATR so I am not saying that their staff could not give give equally good advice. Much of it will be down to opinion, of course. But as @Soukous suggests, we need to research from many different sources, not just rely on the opinion of one company.
  17. Thank you @michael-ibk and @Atravelynn for an excellent report - and a wonderful round up at the end. That last photo certainly shows a good spirit. I amsure you will enjoy your next trip together!
  18. A superb report -great photography, engaging writing and your enthusiasm shines through. You saw a remarkable selection of wildlife. The huge herd of Wildebeest is amazing. It looks like an excellent first safari - and I suspect not your last! I think the behaviour of that white van is shocking- tha animals have a tough enough time without an idiot behaving like that.
  19. A great Meerkat sequence - a lovely photo of you with a very big smile! The Pangolin is a really special sighting as well.
  20. It looks like you had a great trip. The aardwolf is wonderful - and the Roan so beautiful. Great that your husband could come with you (or you could go with him ). It looks like you made a good choice with your new camera - excellent results.
  21. Congratulations on a superb 400. And a fine bird to reach that magic number!
  22. Wonderful photos of the Kestrel to make your 300. Congratulations - and good luck for the 350!
  23. No trips to Africa this year – but a trip to Scotland! Puffin Predator Bird One of the mammals. Outline of trip A few days based in Broughty Ferry (east coast, near Dundee). May 26th- June 1st Isle of Mull (based in Salen) June 2nd- 3rd Iona June 4th-5th Kippford (Dumfries and Galloway) – for the Galloway Kite Trail We chose the timing of the trip to give us the best chance to see Puffins. They are on the Island of Lunga (just off Mull) from mid April to early August. I had never been to Mull before (MrsQ had visited a long time ago) and I had never seen Puffins. Mull is also well known for White-tailed Eagles as well as a variety of other wildlife. @Towlersonsafariwere very helpful in sharing their knowledge of Mull, and the guidance they provided contributed greatly to our trip – so thank you. Be booked the second section of the trip quite a while ago, but then we had to also visit the east coast for family reasons. We managed to fit in in some wildlife viewing in the east and then we travelled across Scotland to the west coast to visit Mull. The report will not be a detailed day to day report, but I hope it will give a flavour of some of the places we visited and some of the creatures we enjoyed seeing.
  24. A great selection of wildlife, lovely photos and engaing writing - thank you for posting
  25. @Ginny Welcome to Safaritalk!. If you start a new thread in "Trip Planning" - in the "Travel Talk" section at the top of the page, you will probably get more people giving suggestions based on your questions.

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