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  1. @michael-ibk Thank you - in time to edit the post as well
  2. 188. (UK.143). Tree Pipit Anthus trivialis New Bird Arbroath Cliffs, Scotland 24.05.2017 Arbroath Cliffs, Scotland 24.05.2017 Probably the last of the birds from Scotland (although one or two may sneak in later!)
  3. 187. (UK.142). Meadow Pipit Anthus pratensis Iona, Scotland 02.06.2017 Iona, Scotland 03.06.2017
  4. 186. (UK.141). Rock Pipit Anthus petrosus Arbroath Cliffs, Scotland 24.05.2017 With Kill!, Arbroath Cliffs, Scotland 24.05.2017
  5. .UK.140 Red Kite Milvus milvus Seen in Mallorca, so not counted in overall total (but in my own UK total!) Galloway, Scotland 05.06.2017 Galloway, Scotland 05.06.2017 Galloway, Scotland 05.06.2017
  6. 185. (UK.139). Sparrowhawk Accipiter nisus Galloway, Scotland 05.06.2017
  7. 184. (UK.138). Peregrine Falco peregrinus Mull, Scotland 27.05.2017
  8. 183. (UK.137). Hen Harrier Circus cyaneus (New Bird) Mull, Scotland 02.06.2017
  9. 182. (UK.136). Gannet Morus bassanus (New Bird) Mull, Scotland 01.06.2017
  10. 181. (UK.135). Sanderling Calidris alba Iona, Scotland 03.06.2017 Iona, Scotland 03.06.2017
  11. @PeterHG @offshorebirder @Peter Connan Thank you
  12. @Dave Williams Thank you - it does take a while to get to Mull, but it is worth it @xelas thank you @kittykat23uk thank you for information on rabbits - I know you would know about this sort of thing! @michael-ibk Worth a visit now you are into birds and other wildlife. You can still enjoy the whisky - Single Malts are well worth exploring. The Puffins are great - pick the time when you can guarantee seeing them. @Towlersonsafari thank you for your supportive comments and your advice @Zim Girl thank you - not so far from Lancashire! @Atravelynn thank you. The Highland Cattle are amazing animals - and very popular with tourists!
  13. Shame about the restaurant! But a great trip report with very enjoyable writing and excellent photos. Thank you for posting.
  14. The sparrowhawk is interesting. By coincidence we were just trying to work out if a bird that flew very high over our house was a sparrowhawk - and my photos are inconclusive at the moment. (It probably flew over our garden just as you were posting this!) However, you are a much better birder than me, and if you saw it closer and know it was a sparrowhawk, then that is good enough for me (Though a jury usuall has more than one person!)
  15. @Dave Williams I don't know - I am still on Lightroom 5 and a Canon 70D

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