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  1. @Peter Connan Thank you, I really enjoyed your TR and your beautiful photos. I especially liked your nightshot of the milky way with the quiver tree.
  2. Hi Alex and Zvezda, I am enjoying your TR very much and the pics of the dunes are absolutely stunning. Been to Sossusvlei myself 24 years ago but missed out on Dead Vlei - maybe time for a return? Looking forward to the rest of you trip. Andreas
  3. @@TonyQ I suffered! I do like birds but not as enthusiastically as Michael. For me, the birds are often too quick (or I am too slow for them!). My favourites are Kingfishers, Bee-Eaters and the Lilac-Breasted Roller.
  4. Thank you @@xelas and Zvezda for this great, beautiful and enjoyable TR. Zvezda, your photos are absolutely stunning! Hope to see both of you again soon.
  5. Thank you @@Big Andy for this beautiful TR and I enjoyed it very much! It was very nice to meet you and Shirley.
  6. Indeed, this was a great, awesome, amazing, beautiful and exciting trip. For me also one of the best. I loved the wilderness, the scenery, the new experiences, all the great and incredible encounters with wild animals, the walking with Doug and the hospality of staff at Kanga Camp, Natureways Safaris and Little Makalolo Camp. Thank you Zim, thank you Doug. We will come back, that's for sure!
  7. Hi Lynn, thank you for this beautiful, informative and enjoyable trip report. Absolutely great photos of the polar bears! I've seen polar bears in Svalbard, but not as close and in such numbers! Churchill is now on my list !
  8. @@Zubbie15 Thank you for your wonderful trip report. Your photos are beautiful and bring back a lot of memories. I´ve been to Australia eight times between 1988 and 2007 ............. and now, I want to return !
  9. @@SafariChick Have a wonderful trip!
  10. Hi Lynn, really enjoying your TR in this form. Beautiful, fascinating photos and as you know I love Baobabs!
  11. Hi @@Big Andy, Great start, beautiful photos (no problem to see them), love your photo of the civet, I am enjoying your TR and look foreward to more. Say hi to Shirley for me. Andrew (Andreas)
  12. @@Caracal Yes, you are right! I took the pic in Lamington National Park, Qld. in Oct. 2007. I travelled to Down Under for several times and I love your country. Andrew

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