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  1. Well, Dave, it has been a delight to follow your travels. I have thoroughly enjoyed this from start to finish and really appreciate your details covering costs and standards of accommodations. I wonder where you're off to next?
  2. Oh no!!!!! Day 13 tomorrow which means you're almost half way through your trip report . When following Trip Reports I usually ask to be notified of updates weekly; not this one though....Immediately it has got to be. Thoroughly enjoying it all; especially your honesty about the accommodations and meals...not to mention the superb images of course. Keep going and the more details the better for me. Ian
  3. Dave, I'm thoroughly enjoying your report and hope that you keep us informed about the places you stayed at how you felt they compared with each other in terms of cost and quality of accommodation (like you did with your first couple of stops). Many thanks Ian
  4. Hi Dave I've no view either way on the ID of the buzzard, however, if you want to try and nail it then this article might help: http://bryndekocks.com/blog/the-buzzard-problem-differentiating-steppe-jackal-and-forest-buzzards/ Good Luck! Ian
  5. I just knew that this was going to be a great read!
  6. Well Dave, if this report continues as I suspect it will, you might just get that call about Namibia!! Ian
  7. Hi Dave I am really looking forward to reading this report; I have followed all your earlier trip reports to Cuba, Gambia et al and you may recall that we spoke on the telephone last January just before my trip to Sri Lanka, prompted by your own trips the previous year. I am sure that your photography will be up to your usual high standard and please keep including the helpful hints and tips about the logistics that you always include that prove invaluable to your readers. Thanks in advance Ian
  8. Please include as much detail as you can, this is a great start and I look forward to reading the rest of your report!
  9. @@Kitsafari Hi, unfortunately when I try to play the videos I get a message saying they are private. Ian
  10. @@Eagle Owl you have got me excited with the start of your report; is there more to come?
  11. Wow.....the one thing you can always rely on from Safaritalkers is help and plenty of it; many thanks to all of you. I started this thread but haven't responded to your comments over past few days since I have been mesmerised by the on-going conversations about the types of lodges and camps; I can't wait to login each day and see what else has been added. I can only imagine the responses when I eventually settle on a destination and start asking questions about a proposed itinerary. @Game Warden The discussions about the different types of camp has been particularly useful for a novice like me and perhaps warrant a sticky of their own on the planning forum.
  12. @amybatt Many thanks for providing information about the costs of your trips; the difference between Kenya and Tanzania was not as great as I had expected. What was the respective duration of your trips? @@Adam Your input was timely, a couple of days ago I had been viewing the Expert Africa website and ordered a copy of their brochure. @@Atravelynn Wow, what a detailed trip report. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and was chuckling out loud at times at some of your encounters. Your details about vehicle numbers is invaluable and provided a real insight into an area that I had been dismissing because of my pre-conceived ideas of huge crowds of other observers. I especially liked the way you draw attention to the often-overlooked species and birds. This really seems like my kind of safari. I don't know how you find time to write fabulous reports like that one and still find time to help newbies like me.....but then again that's what is so good about Safaritalk, there are so many experts that are only too willing to share their expertise.
  13. @Game Warden Thank you....I have edited the post.
  14. As I anticipated I am getting really useful input from all of you and it really is appreciated and given me plenty to think about. Just can’t wait to be able to repay you back in some small way by being able to post a trip report. (I have posted one previously for South Goa in the India forum but nothing like the African adventures I droll over from you guys) My heart is still leaning towards N. Tanzania and I need to meet up with our friends and find out for sure whether they are in or not and also what is on their wish list. Once that is done then I will start contacting some TOs to see what is really achievable and see if the head needs start to ruling the heart. @@ExtraordinaryAlex – Thanks for your comments about Sopa; if the Crater stays in the plans then I am sure Sopa will be the place we stay. I realise game will be dispersed in Tarangire but it might help satisfy my needs for birding. @@COSMIC RHINO – I have tried to check out the Ngorongoro book you mentioned; following your link to the Book Depository showed the book to be Currently Unavailable and an Amazon search came up with a remarkable £570.04 I think it will have to wait for now!!!!!!!!!! @@Soukous – Tarangire is very tempting primarily for the birds and I will look at the T. River Camp. On balance, whilst my heart says N. Tanzania, my head is telling me I really needs to give more consideration to Kenya. @@Atravelynn – Thanks you for all your thoughts; you’ve certainly thrown in another option for Sopa that I hadn’t considered and your comments about mid-day walks are reassuring. I followed your link to the Banda rates but it appears to be down at the moment and I don’t seem able to find a working link from their homepage; I will bookmark it and keep trying. Damn….your answer to the $64k question was not what my heart wanted to hear. @@amybatt – Thank you for your input; whilst not rude enough to pry in to the actual cost you paid, I would be interested in how significant was the difference in price between Tanzania and Kenya?
  15. Hi Alex, thanks again for your very prompt reply and yes it is proving very useful. I have always wanted to see the Crater and all the advice that I have read suggests that staying on the rim is an advantage to ensure an early entry before the rush and Sopa is often recommended for this. I am not sure if Karatu would allow this however it does seem to offer a number of other advantages. Perhaps one night at Sopa arriving mid-afternoon for the sunset and then an early morning game-drive before moving to the Serengeti could be an option(?) Your comments about wildebeest just standing around is interesting; living in the UK and being passionate about wildlife usually means working very, very hard for any decent sightings of anything including the pretty mundane stuff. Somehow being amongst thousands of animals and not having to work hard to see them almost seems like cheating! Please don't get me wrong I am in no way underestimating the thrill of the experience but it just doesn't excite me as much as searching hard for something or being fortunate enough to see something completely unexpected, that's why I commented earlier that I would rather miss seeing a leopard that join a throng of other vehicles surrounding a tree. I guess for me it is the thrill of the chase and the challenge that excites me most. I might change my mind though if I spent all day looking and found nothing! I understand that birding could be good in Tarangire in June but what about the rest of the wildlife; is it still fairly wet with the wildlife dispersed or are good sightings to be expected? Ian

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