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  1. Complicated Indeed. If you are booking through an operator (or direct with a lodge) they will usually give you the inclusive cost but I remember arriving at the entry gate and being amazed at the number of charges we were hit with.
  2. As of 1st December 2017, the Tanzanian government is planning to implement an increase in concession fees for all permanent accommodation based inside the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. A concession fee is a rental tax paid to the government by all hotels/lodges/camps that are located inside these boundaries, for every bed night utilized. This increase has only affected a limited number of lodges. Although you may have received separate emails from various lodges and camps, we would like to provide you with a simplified list below of what type of changes you can expect. Please find below a list of lodge and camp names along with the supplementary increase to the per person per night accommodation pricing from 01 December 2017 onwards into 2018. Rhino Lodge: +$51 Ngorongoro Serena Lodge: +$41 Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge: +$41 Ndutu Safari Lodge: +$50 (estimate) TWC Lake Masek Tented Lodge: +$29.5 Above concession fee increases are inclusive of VAT Please note that andBeyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge pricing will not change as they are absorbing the cost of this increase for the 2018 season. Any properties that are not mentioned in the above list will not have any price change.
  3. very envious of your bee eater collection - so many I've never seen outside of guide books.
  4. It looks as though your visit was much more productive than mine @xelas, lovely photos
  5. This does seem a very odd situation. In some ways I can accept that (a) a specially requested guide should get some kind of additional recompense, but surely that should be at the guest's discretion (b) staying out all day every day is probably a greater workload for a guide than is normal and deserves a larger 'tip', but again, this should be at the guest's discretion. It is none of my business but will you also be paying Promise a tip in addition to this up front fee? Obviously the choice of whether or not to accept this situation is down to the guest but I would really hate to see this kind of charge become the norm. @shinson20c Can I ask - You mentioned a $395 charge for private vehicle - are you being charged a Private vehicle fee of $395 per day AND the additional guide fee of $250 per day?
  6. I'm surprised that you can wear our a shutter mechanism after just 62,000 shots. That is not much at all. Were Nikon able to tell you if that is normal / average?
  7. I'm with @ExtraordinaryAlex on this one. That level of tip is absurd. As a surcharge for private driver/guide it is about par. I know that many will not agree, but we always tip based upon merit and guides at most camps are very happy to receive a daily tip of $60-$75 per day from a group of 4 people.
  8. I am sure that, if challenged, they would just say they are trying to give you the facts as they see them but you would need to have a lot of trust in them to base your decision on their advice alone. Especially as it is so easy to find client reviews on the web. I know Porini well enough that, if they ever received the kind of feedback you quoted: "simple and soul less" Poorly maintained" "below average guides", they would very quickly investigate and take steps to remedy. Edited, Matt
  9. Sorry to hear about your camera @Peter Connan you've been posting such terrific shots since you got it. When you say it 'broke', what happened? Is it terminal?
  10. BTW, the joys of camping are even more joyous when you're in a tent - not a caravan with all the mod cons.
  11. The joys of camping indeed. I've had 2 trips to the west coast of Scotland in the last month and both have enjoyed more than their fair share of rain. BUT, when the sun does show its face the landscapes are truly incredible.
  12. Mashatu also lost their wild dogs to disease or poisoning a couple of years ago. They have successfully re-introduced the species.
  13. #130 Common Buzzard (Buteo buteo) Loch Sunart, Scotland. Sept 2017
  14. #129 Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus) Canna Island, Loch Sunart, Scotland. Sept 2017 A long way away and cropped severely, but the year is passing quickly and every bird counts.
  15. well said @janzin Laikipia & Mara is a fantastic combination.

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