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  1. Predator bird with prey. A Dark Chanting Goshawk with a Burchell's Coucal for supper.
  2. They weren't exactly showing me their bums but that was the view they gave me
  3. I seem to be becoming something of an expert on Giant Kingfisher bums They would certainly much rather show me their bums than their fronts
  4. @janzin For what it is worth I just had a family group staying at Offbeat Mara over Christmas and they LOVED the place. High praise for all aspects of Offbeat. They did not see a leopard though. I've followed Kicheche since they set up and have been very impressed with how they have evolved, although I personally think they are a bit over priced - but they get good booking levels so obviously others don't agree. and when it comes to great value for money Porini are very hard to beat. So I don't suppose I've helped you at all with your decision.
  5. There's one here, singing with his Yellow Billed mates
  6. sunrise over the Luangwa river, Zambia
  7. what a phenomenal effort @Galana well done. I can't imagine myself getting anywhere close
  8. Absolutely @Galana, thanks for pointing that out. #11 Great Tit.
  9. Thanks @Dave Williams, the pheasant pose is good because for once I can see all the tail feathers, but sadly the light is very poor.
  10. You are all welcome. Plenty of space for tents and lots of nearby cafe's that do a good breakfast. Actually there are several good birding sites quite close by. Two rivers with good shore birds and RSPB Minsmere which is highly rated for migratory birds.
  11. @Dave Williams your lapwing is so much nicer than mine. You've really caught the plumage well.
  12. #10 Bar Tailed Godwit (Limosa lapponica) River Deben, Suffolk, UK. Jan 2018 the colour of the bill suggests that this is a young bird
  13. #9 Lapwing (Vanellus vanellus) Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK. Jan 2018
  14. #8 Herring Gull (Larus argentatus) Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK. Jan 2018
  15. #7 Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) River Deben, Suffolk, UK. Jan 2018

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