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  1. and still 6 months to go. You're setting the bar high for 2018
  2. @offshorebirder Yup, razorbills, 3 kinds of tern, eiders, kittiwakes, Yellow legged Gull, Herring Gull, Black headed Gull, Cormorants, Shags as well as puffins and guillemots
  3. Thanks @Tdgraves @TonyQ It's been a struggle to get there. Especially when I see others sailing past 200. I just need to get out more.
  4. @xelas The puffins can usually be found on the Farne Islands from mid May to mid July every year. They won't avoid you. The best time is probably from mid June onwards. The weather is usually better and they are bringing sand eels back to the burrows so the photo opportunities are better too. If you want to think about a GTG there next year you can count me in. Just don't pick a Bank Holiday weekend. Mid-week is much better as it is usually less crowded.
  5. Let's hope it's 'fake news' although I wouldn't put it past Mugabe and the Chinese to do something horrendous like this. Can you imagine? Who do they think would go anyway. If it's aimed at Chinese tourists better to build it in Asia. Africans? unlikely. Western tourists? no way. Mugabe & his cronies? Aren't they already living in Disneyland?
  6. is this for real? or a wind up? Surely no-one could seriously consider this. Those costumes in the Vic Falls heat.
  7. #101 Blackbird (Terdus merula) My garden, Suffolk, UK. June 2017 This year's crop of cherries is better than previous years, but it looks lik eI'll have to hurry as the blackbirds are already helping themselves. Male Female
  8. Guillemot, with a sand eel
  9. Puffin with a beak full of sand eels
  10. Puffins Farne Islands. UK
  11. #100 Mute Swan (Cynus olor) Ulverston, Lake District. June 2017
  12. #99 Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) Farne islands. June 2017
  13. #98 Common Tern (Sterna hirundo) Farne Islands. June 2017 Beak is longer than the Arctic Tern (#87) and has a black tip. They are also not aggressive like the Arctic tern.
  14. #97 Herring Gull (Larus argentatus) Farne Islands. June 2017 Notice the difference between this and the Yellow Legged Gull (#94). The legs. Herring Gull has pinkish legs.
  15. @TonyQ One bit of advice on gear. We saw dozens of people with lenses the size of bazookas heading out to the islands. Once they arrived they very soon replaced them with much shorter lenses. You can get so close to the birds that long heavy lenses are not practical. I took almost all my shots with a 300m lens. (on a crop frame camera that is equivalent to a 450mm lens. For the birds in flight it was perfect - light enough to move quickly and enough range to get them pretty large in the frame. Apart from that I used a 70-200 mm lens for the shots of birds on the ground.

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