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  1. what a stunning collection of photographs @xelas, a very fruitful safari.
  2. At the risk of being called a pixel peeping nerd, this is not the same shot as your cropped photo Mr Williams.
  3. gorgeous photo @Dave Williams It seems insulting to refer to this as a 'common' kingfisher. Every bit as beautiful as the African ones.
  4. Absolutely! Lovely looking bird. Neat photos too.
  5. Racket Tailed Roller must be a contender. It even has the pose.
  6. @Galana I've now had a chance to check the ID of the birds you listed and I agree with you in every case. I was obviously a bit lazy with my IDs in my hurry to get the pictures posted. Lesson learned.
  7. @Galana Many thanks for your ID updates. I do not currently have access to a bird guide as I am away from home but I look forward to checking them out and improving my own knowledge. Once I've had a look for myself I'll ask @Game Warden to open the thread so I can update the posts.
  8. Great thread, looking froward to more stunning posts.
  9. Those Bee Hummingbird photos are gorgeous @Dave Williams
  10. super pictures of the Malachite Kingfisher @Peter Connan .
  11. If, like me, you'd rather see all the comparative information laid out than watch a video clip, here's a detailed comparison of the Fujifilm XT-2 vs Nikon D500 I guess the other factor that will stop so many of us from making the switch is the cost. If you've already invested in a DSLR system with a range of lenses, then the cost of moving to a different manufacturer is substantial. Maybe if Fujifilm offered incentives; like we'll give a 50% discount to anyone switching from Canon or Nikon - that would rattle a few cages.
  12. I really like the Fujifilm XT-2 (and XT-1), they are terrific cameras (I have fondled one covetously on more than one occasion) but a lot of that weight advantage is lost when you add some of the Fujifilm zoom lenses - they are very well made but boy are they heavy. The other drawback, as has been mentioned, is the limited range of lenses available. It won't be long though before Sigma and Tamron start making third party lenses for Fujifilm - then things could get interesting.
  13. The pace at which camera technology is progressing is astounding. Just when you think it has plateaued there is something new. Mirrorless cameras have really come a long way in the past couple of years. However they still rely on either a display on the rear LCD panel or an Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) which means that you are not seeing the same image you would see when using a DSLR with a mirror/prism in the image path. Personally, I don't like using an EVF and in bright light or with longer lenses the LCD screen on the back is often impossible to see.
  14. EBC?

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