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  1. awesome stuff Martin, some great shots indeed.. I would love to go there one day - it's not even far from 'home' (my folks live quite near there) but the only bloomin' time I can get away is the dead season of Jan/Feb.....
  2. We have had a media group here and on the first day they were blown away by the river in the early morning at sunrise. So we took some of them out yesterday morning and to my astonishment JohnD and I saw that the skimmers had arrived (first sighting of the season). I remarked to John that I was then hoping for mist, skimmers and sunrise and so was marginally surprised that it came together - although at a fair old distance.
  3. Tom, your words make me very happy. Thanks very much indeed. The area where we are is truly spectacular. Yes there are areas and lodges with more game, more luxurious chalets and what not. But there is no section of river that I have ever seen that is as special as here and where you can get true solitude and the feeling of wilderness. The 'raptor's eye' view is sort of capable of showing the beauty. To be honest I wish the drone could go higher - 200m is the threshold for the radio controller (newer ones apparently go hundreds more) - to really show even more. A couple more simply because your enthusiasm is so rewarding!
  4. Here are a few Tom:
  5. @@Peter Connan Peter, the quiver tree shots are fantastic! So is the rest. Great stuff.
  6. @@pault - will you be using adapted canon glass on your A7RII? If so I would be very interested in how you get on.
  7. Fantastic stuff Peter. Takes me right back. I must have camped very near to your spot a good few years ago. I love the picture of your GQ and the welwetschia. We did 4 months total s/drive in Namibia in our HZJ78 and absolutely loved it. Great pictures from your trip as always. And yep, Pratley steel.... my water tank bears a leaking seam patched with the stuff. That was 7 yeas ago!
  8. @@pault so are you thinking of getting one? I did read the latest ISO testing but all the talk of 12 bit Vs 14bit made my head explode! Really interesting technology. This and the Oly Om1 MKII and the panasonic GH5 are coming out with some amazing technology that can really do wonders. It's way out my price range, but fascinating none the less.
  9. I am like pault - left the 'western world' and also things just happened. 22 years ago now.... Then I left a west African job to travel, did almost a year on the road and another thing happened.... no regrets. I would evaluate things carefully but I would be the last person to urge you not to. What marketable skills do you have? Where would you like to work? Which countries are easier to work in (in terms of permits etc)? Obviously you will be looking at those things carefully. You could dip a toe in the waters with an "overland" style trip. But would will be surrounded by 18 year old gap inbetweeners getting blitzed all the time. You could buy an old hilux and a tent and just go. You could backpack it around. The safari industry as a whole employs a lot of expats. The problem is that either it is people with specific skill sets (at GM level, Pilots, etc) or it tends to be young people (often couples) as managers/hosts. Usually paid low amounts and the relationship is seen on both sides as very temporary. Clearly there is no shortage of people prepared to work in beautiful places surrounded by wildlife for little remuneration. It is an industry that you can quite easily sort of 'fall into', but my advice would be try and get to know/meet potential employers face to face. Sending off CVs I feel is less likely to work. Volunteering is another route. I have met peace corps people in their 60s.
  10. @@Game Warden You cant see the lodge as such - just the tin roof of the workshop (white object in the trees a fair bit back from the river). A few seconds later this one below was taken where you can see the lodge (just). It was really unusual weather conditions. We often get mist on the river but its quite rare to get it blanketing the whole area. At sunrise visibility was about 50m. I waited for it to start burning off and then launched my long-term loaner drone that a good friend has decided should be based here! I must stress I am using it only for landscape stuff at altitude.
  11. I thought that this thread should be brought back to life.
  12. Great report and photos Adrian! Brilliant lion sightings at Musekese. I can't wait for the Kaingu section...
  13. Yeah, I bought mine on specifically so that when relatives brought it out I could send it back if there were question marks about it having read about lots of issues. Happily it seemed to be totally fine.
  14. Thanks Peter. Nope no adding there. I am really liking the lens a lot and superb bang for the buck. Interestingly after reading your remark about canons and ISO1600 that is what I chose and I was very happy with how clean the image looked - so thanks for that!
  15. As far as personality goes, Pioneer all the way. At Pioneer you have a bush ambience, delightful owners (Paul and Sophie). Excellent staff, close to the airport, simple but great food (steak and chips are superb) and lots of friendly dogs everywhere.

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