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    Africa's rhythm of life. Predator / prey relations. Photography. Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Kenya. I adore Africa and visit whenever funds permit. Would love to work there.

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  1. ......... giving up the humdrum and rather safe life of the western world in order to take "a chance" and explore Africa. A rather reckless and stupid idea - some might think - but is it ? I have no partner, children or ties - I'm 55 and would love to meet like minded people. Adam.
  2. Thanks Matt
  3. Incredible footage. You were very lucky to have witnessed such an event. That's what I like about Africa. No imposed morality in the bush. Nature in the raw. The food chain at work. Here in the developed world , we see our meat products packaged in polystyrene AND we are somewhat divorced from the reality of the steps taken to get the product to the shop. Once again great footage. Thank you. Kind regards, Adam.
  4. Dear fellow members, I'm curious. I think that many of us will encounter spiders whilst on safari. I had a large baboon spider in my small tent whilst on Safari in Botswana. The guide ushered it outside. Only then could I sleep !! Have any of you had similar situations and what did you do ? Kind regards ....... as always, Adam.
  5. An engrossing report - Thank you. I have only seen African wild dogs twice. Once in Linyanti, Botswana and once at Thanda Game reserve KwaZulu-Natal. Both sitings were rather brief. I was struck by their beauty and rather pungent scent ! Long may the species survive. Once again - Thanks. Regards, Adam.
  6. Africalover - I concur. There is something exciting about camping in wilderness areas without fencing. Respect nature and in the main it will respect you.
  7. Hi Everyone, I travelled with Wilderness Safaris through Botswana. It was not a luxury experience but much better for it. There is something really fabulous about having a bucket shower in the bush surrounded by captivating scenery and the sights and smells which accompany it. I had a hippo sleeping outside my abode and the chilling roars of lions penetrating the canvass - Sheer soul food. I like rustic ! Regards, Adam.
  8. Thank you to all those who have read my post and to all those who have replied. This is a splendid forum. Matt , I applaud you. Kind regards, Adam. PS - Still waiting for my Apartment to sell , in order to release capital , so that I can travel.
  9. Has anybody stayed at Elsa's Kopje and spent time on safari in Meru and Ngorongoro - I would love to hear your views on it ! The films Born Free and Out of Africa still resonate - They produce moist eyes and a yearning to visit. Thank you. Kind regards, Adam.
  10. A welcoming, interesting and enthusiastic guide will elevate your safari experience. Whilst in Botswana Richard Avalino was our guide. He was at the time working for Wilderness Safaris - A very well respected company. Richard was humorous, as well displaying the aforementioned qualities. He may now be working on his own. His email address was I can thoroughly recommend this man. You can google his name and read reviews. Regards, Adam.
  11. Thank you to everybody - The world is an exciting place and although Africa is peppered with political hotspots , it still has a certain magnetism. I know that it's a cliche but this magnificent continent gets into the blood. I will let you know how how get on with the sale of my property. Adam
  12. I'm 52 years of age, single and in very good health. I have no ties here in the UK except my apartment which is mortgaged. I'm going to do something adventurous with my life. After all we're only here once !! I am putting my property up for sale. The equity I will use to keep on travelling , initially in Africa via an overland trip and then see what happens. Africa, India or wherever. The thought of approaching a crossroad appeals and then tossing a coin to see whether I carry straight on or take a turn ( left or right ) Does anybody know of anyone who has done this - Views appreciated ?? Thanks, Adam.
  13. What ever happened to Mad Mike and Mark - I used to watch them present wildlife documentaries from Botswana. I'm not sure however if their methods necessarily ran in tandem with that prescribed by the Botswana Wildlife authorities ....... I'm just curious. Adam.
  14. The wilderness safaris mobile camping experiences can be found at lower prices. Adam
  15. Hi, The falls from either view point are spectacular. In my opinion however the Zimbabwe side gives a wider and broader perspective. 3 hours should afford enough time to gain an appreciation of the falls via the Zambian side. Enjoy. Regards, Adam

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