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  1. A fabulous trip report, so glad you had such a wonderful trip. Reading about Kanga was difficult, after our experience of being there after the rains.☹️
  2. This had me a little confused as I have no memory of Doug ever suggesting, or doing, off road driving in Mana Pools, during our recent stay. I did see him taking photos of some number plates, where cars had driven off road,and he spoke of off road driving not being allowed. Just in case I was having a 'senior moment!' I contacted my two travelling companions and their memory is the same as mine.
  3. Not sure if he was 100% convinced the cubs had died, but we did check the area they had previously been. No sign of them at all.
  4. We saw the four females after the rains, but sadly no sign of the cubs while we were there. There were suckle marks on one of the females, but unsure how quickly these would disappear if the cubs had died.
  5. During our recent stay in Mana, after the rains, I was told that the temperature reached 46c one day. I would not normally describe myself as someone who tolerates heat well, but in Mana I found it manageable. I was also fortunate enough not to experience any significant reaction to bites. There was little to see at Chitake and our three nights at Kanga would have been better spent on the floodplain. While the wildlife sightings on the floodplain may not have been as good as many have experienced in November, due to the unusually high rainfall, we still enjoyed reasonable sightings .
  6. Really not sure I should be reading this, after our recent visit following the rains.😀 Looking forward to another wonderful report from you.
  7. I would not wish my comments to appear overly critical of Kanga. There were some positives and on the whole the staff were exceptionally nice and helpful.
  8. For two of our three nights there, we were the only guests. Four people arrived the day before we left, two of them had been delayed by one day because of the rain. There was talk at one stage of them closing the camp early. By remaining open when the pan is full and there is so little game to see in the surrounding area, I feel that African Bush Camps stand at risk of creating very bad publicity for themselves. We also had some issues relating to poor service/management, at a time when they should have been making an effort to ensure that we had as good an experience as possible, given the circumstances.
  9. Kanga pan as you really don't want to see it!
  10. I am inclined to be fairly optimistic by nature, so my concern was more that I would struggle with the heat, rather than the possible impact of early rainfall. Having only done four nights previously, on a walking safari, the opportunity to walk with an excellent guide probably meant more to me , than to somebody with more experience. Photography is of less importance to me, than to many others, so that perhaps made a significant difference in terms of level of enjoyment. I would love to return to Mana Pools, but perhaps not in November!
  11. I would say that the rain caused our safari to differ from our expectations. Any safari is a gamble, particularly going when rain is a possibility. Although we all enjoy the more exciting sightings, we also take pleasure in the little, or frequently seen things. I will admit though that my sister was 'birded out' by the end of the trip!! All three of us would love to do another trip with Doug Macdonald.
  12. We arrived home last night after seven nights with Doug, three nights at Kanga and two nights in Harare. The rains impacted significantly on the wildlife sightings. At Doug's suggestion, we moved from Chitake to the floodplain after two nights, because there were so few animals around. He mentioned that even the baboons had moved away from the river bed. On the floodplain the only road that seemed to be inaccessible was in the Nyamatusi Wilderness. Doug had obviously planned a circular route, but we had to take the same road out. We were there looking for the wild dogs, heard the next day that we had been very close to them! We did see them the following day. We very much enjoyed our time with Doug, even though the sightings were not what we hoped for. Kanga was to have been the more relaxing part of our safari but we knew by the time we arrived that our 'armchair safari' would be limited. It could probably be better described as non existent! A combination of limited sightings on drives and some other issues, added to our disappointment Accessing the closest airfield was becoming a problem as more rain fell and there was talk at one stage of them closing the camp early. Apparently the night before we left, the Zambezi Expeditions camp on the floodplain was damaged by high winds and rain Arriving in Harare on Wednesday 15th November, makes this a date to remember. We had no idea anything had happened until the pilot told us. There were soldiers around the airport and little traffic on the roads. Our tour of Harare and area was cancelled but through our accommodation (Jacana Guest Lodge and excellent) we were able to arrange visits to a market and a shopping centre. Lunching out was possible after the first day, but not evening meals. We were advised not to visit central Harare. It was heartwarming to hear all Zimbabweans speaking of their hopes for a better future and we felt it was quite special, to be there at such a momentous time. There were fewer soldiers around when we returned to the airport.
  13. We arrive in Mana next Sunday. I thought the heat was the only thing I had to worry about! @ice and I posting at the same time!
  14. I will be at Offbeat Mara in early March, next year. Thanks @amybatt for the updates.
  15. Have you booked your next trip yet? Having had such an incredible first safari, I can just imagine how strong the desire to book another one must be!

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