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  1. I will be at Offbeat Mara in early March, next year. Thanks @amybatt for the updates.
  2. Have you booked your next trip yet? Having had such an incredible first safari, I can just imagine how strong the desire to book another one must be!
  3. Your excitement and enthusiasm shines through in this trip report and the photographs are wonderful. With a week in the Mara booked for next March, I have particularly enjoyed reading this section. Glad to hear from other comments, that driving into wildebeest is not a regular occurrence.
  4. Is it really common practice in the Mara, for drivers/guides to disrupt the natural behaviour of the wildebeest in this way?
  5. We leave home nine weeks today, looking forward to meeting you Amy. If you happen to be flying with Emirates, we could be on the same flight into Harare.
  6. I read the news from Zimbabwe every day, which can be very depressing. Conflict between the various factions certainly seems to be escalating and the financial situation is scary. Thanks for the shopping recommendations😀
  7. @Id1, I have just been reading some old trip reports and with just over thirteen weeks still to go, I think I am really going to have to try and focus on something else for a whille! We have arranged a driver/guide through Doug, for our extra day in Harare and AmyT is going to join us. I am hoping to bring back some metal silhouettes of warthogs for my garden, so that I can sit and imagine I am in Africa!
  8. My countdown started some weeks ago, down to 13 weeks as of yesterday. If I admitted to friends/family how much of my time is really spent planning/day dreaming about my trips, they would be worried about me! One night in Dubai, one night in Harare, then seven nights with Doug Macdonald on the Safaritalk Special in Mana Pools, three nights at Kanga and another two in Harare. Excited, but also a little anxious about Chitake and keeping my fingers crossed that we do not have to leave our tent at night to use the facilities!
  9. We travelled this way in May 2016. We stayed at Hobatere for a few nights before driving through Etosha, to Okaukeujo. There were not many people staying at Hobatere, fewer than we remember from a previous visit in 2006, but that was in October. We were not self driving that trip, but I remember our guide telling us that we were able to drive through the western gate, because we stayed at Hobatere.
  10. Thank you @Jochen, from one whose brain seems to freeze, when trying to master anything more complicated than point and shoot. Several years ago I bought a Canon Powershot ZX50, but despite several attempts to improve my skills, I still mainly use auto. I have just printed out your instructions and taken my camera out of a dark cupboard, ready now to try and commit myself to practise, practise, practise!
  11. Welcome to Safaritalk @BeatNavy. I am sure you will find the members here welcoming and helpful, as I indicated on that other forum some of us use!!!
  12. If I could have pressed 'like' multiple times, I would have. Not sure I would personally choose to have an experience like this, but I really, really, really, enjoyed the read! Looking forward to the next instalment.
  13. Just started reading your trip report, your first days sightings were incredible. Hard to beat that!
  14. When I was at Porini Rhino in February, I was told that the eastern part, where the rhinos were generally to be found, was strictly no off roading. I think this was the area where self drivers were allowed. Really enjoying reading this @AmyT, and most impressed by your photography skills.
  15. @@Kitsafari, I do so agree with @@Alexander33. Your trip report has been an absolute joy to read and as with @@Alexander33, I now feel 'a visit someday just might be feasible'. @@inyathi, I saw some patas monkeys in Ol Pejeta, earlier this year. Obviously did not appreciate just how fortunate I was!

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