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  1. Oh how I would just love to be able to partake in this adventure. I probably have most of the equipment, but unfortunately lack the free time and more importantly, the required level of fitness!
  2. Where to start!!! I am able to spend a considerable amount of time researching for self drive trips, one of the benefits of retirement! We used a local agent ( Discover Namibia ) to arrange car hire and to book the accommodation that I had chosen. A friend recently used Expert Africa to arrange everything for them. Expert Africa has an excellent website and I think they give suggested self drive routes plus prices. For a first visit I feel that a good agent would be essential, to advise about routes and to book some accommodations eg. Etosha, that can be difficult to get. Some places we stayed at, for example Hobatere, game drives were with the lodge driver/guide. In Etosha we drove ourselves, there is lots of information available online about the best waterholes to visit. Namibia has more to offer than just wildlife and if you were to consider going, reading a few trip reports would give you some idea of what is available. For very detailed advice/information about Namibia @xelas would be a good person to contact. He has written some excellent trip reports. Good luck!
  3. In May 2016, three female friends and I visited Namibia for our first self drive holiday in Africa. Although several of us had been to Namibia before, I thought it might reassure you to know that this trip was to celebrate my 70th birthday. In other words if we could do it, so can anybody! We had a wonderful time. I should also add that we felt Namibia was a safer place to self drive, than many other african countries.
  4. Thanks @mtanenbaum, for a very opportune trip report. I will be at Offbeat Mara the first week in March, looking forward to seeing all those growing lion cubs. Did you stay mainly in the conservancy?
  5. Nothing planned, but have asked Doug Macdonald to keep me in mind if trying to make up numbers for a trip to Mana Pools and possibly Kafue.
  6. 'Herniated disc' sounds very painful, hope you make a quick recovery.
  7. @Kitsafari, somehow pressing the like button just doesn't seem enough. Thank you for expressing your thoughts so eloquently and restoring my faith in the Safaritalk 'community'.
  8. Happy Christmas to all Safaritalk members, wherever you are in the world.
  9. Thanks for your commiserations @michael-ibk, the only wildlife we saw at Kanga pan were a resident hippo and a small crocodile. Some vervet monkeys did make a brief appearance on the far side of the pan. Just before we stopped for a sundowner on our first evening, there was a call informing our guide that wild dogs had chased an impala into the pan. He said the camp was too far away, so we did not follow up on it.
  10. A fabulous trip report, so glad you had such a wonderful trip. Reading about Kanga was difficult, after our experience of being there after the rains.☹️
  11. This had me a little confused as I have no memory of Doug ever suggesting, or doing, off road driving in Mana Pools, during our recent stay. I did see him taking photos of some number plates, where cars had driven off road,and he spoke of off road driving not being allowed. Just in case I was having a 'senior moment!' I contacted my two travelling companions and their memory is the same as mine.
  12. Not sure if he was 100% convinced the cubs had died, but we did check the area they had previously been. No sign of them at all.
  13. We saw the four females after the rains, but sadly no sign of the cubs while we were there. There were suckle marks on one of the females, but unsure how quickly these would disappear if the cubs had died.
  14. During our recent stay in Mana, after the rains, I was told that the temperature reached 46c one day. I would not normally describe myself as someone who tolerates heat well, but in Mana I found it manageable. I was also fortunate enough not to experience any significant reaction to bites. There was little to see at Chitake and our three nights at Kanga would have been better spent on the floodplain. While the wildlife sightings on the floodplain may not have been as good as many have experienced in November, due to the unusually high rainfall, we still enjoyed reasonable sightings .
  15. Really not sure I should be reading this, after our recent visit following the rains.😀 Looking forward to another wonderful report from you.

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