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  1. @@Kitsafari, I do so agree with @@Alexander33. Your trip report has been an absolute joy to read and as with @@Alexander33, I now feel 'a visit someday just might be feasible'. @@inyathi, I saw some patas monkeys in Ol Pejeta, earlier this year. Obviously did not appreciate just how fortunate I was!
  2. The website www.4x4 might be a useful source of information for you.
  3. I do sometime feel a little guilty about my lack of trip reports, but the standard on this forum is soooooo high!
  4. @@taylorqobrien, no planning involved, but there are now five of us going! Several years ago I did a short trip with Hurtigruten, to see the northern lights. I recently received an email from them with good offers for a trip to Antarctica, on their new ship ( due to be launched next summer ), Roald Amundson. For true Antarctica aficionados this ship would be too big, but reading a blog by somebody who travelled last December on Hurtigruten's Midnatsol, was encouraging. The route will be; Punta Arenas, Cape Horn, Antarctic peninsula, Falkland Islands and back to Punta Arenas. Unfortunately we will miss out on South Georgia, but I am just grateful for the opportunity to visit Antarctica.
  5. Thanks for giving us so much detail, especially about Ashtons shuttle.
  6. The saying ( Mark Twain ) along the lines of regretting the things you didn't do, rather than those you did, comes to mind. The older I get the more quickly the years seem to go by, fifty five sounds a good age to take off and explore!
  7. Change of plans for me, just booked Antarctica for December 2018. This used to be top of my list, until the safari addiction really took hold. Offbeat Mara may have to wait until 2019!
  8. Frustrating and so disappointing for you both.
  9. Many thanks @ offshorebirder, that information is so useful. I have just been reading and enjoying your recent trip report, which I had missed. Eventually I realised this was because it started, when I was in Kenya myself! ( Old Pejeta and Aberdares) If I find myself in tent number four, I will report back on your 'visitors'.
  10. A nudge from those who have been to these camps is probably what I was hoping for! Your trip report was a glowing recommendation, I enjoyed reading it. I have already contacted Offbeat and it is looking likely that I will go there. Can you remember which tent you had? Number three has been mentioned in another report and I really enjoy being able to see wildlife while sitting outside my tent. David and Kappen seem a good combination, I have seen them mentioned in a number of reviews/reports.
  11. @@pault, thanks for that information. A bit of a minefield!
  12. @@pault, thanks for that information. A bit of a minefield!
  13. Thanks @ pomkiwi. At present Offbeat Mara is tempting because there are only six tents, the guiding looks good and walking is an option, but who knows!!! I hope the safari withdrawal symptoms are not too difficult to bear, I cannot believe how ' addicted ' I have become.
  14. I am looking at the same area as a possibility for next February, would like to stay at one camp for between six and eight nights. Serian Mara North, Kicheche Mara, Offbeat Mara or Porini Lion......I have even taken to listing the pros and cons of each place! Using ATR as a resource to check costs, Porini Lion was coming out as more expensive, although they may have included the conservation fees. Offbeat are offering eight nights for the cost of six, which is very good. Thanks to all those who have written trip reports, a big help.
  15. Lovely photos, which brought back some fond memories for me. Other memories, of a different sort, are of watching one member of our walking group crawling round an exposed corner on his hands and knees, because of the wind! What rotten luck to just miss out on seeing the puma, hope you have better luck in the Timbavati.

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