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  1. There was much talk last year that guests at Namiri plains were limited to the use of just a few roads. Anyone have an update or been to Namiri in the last nine months ? We leave in 8 weeks for Namiri and Umbutu
  2. We received great advice on a different discussion thread last year. Advice was to Bring two cards for each camp, one for pictures and one as a back up. Found It much easier to manage the pictures by camp
  3. A follow up comment. I just watched a seasoned Africa traveler, 30 plus trips, get malaria. First time he did not take Malarone. His girlfriend waited three days before seekng medical attention, he was too sick to make a sound decision. Long term damage and probably will never travel to Africa again Beyond no malarone the bigger mistake was avoiding getting immediate healthcare when symptoms appeared. Again, thanks to everyone for your passion and advice to my question last year
  4. We just got back from our first safari, 8 nights in Zambia. Wonderful experience, so much so we booked Tanzania for 2017. Looking back at my first safari and from talking with others on safari, we learned we spent too much time moving from camp to camp. You lose safari and animal time by moving. Also learned flying from camp to camp was a great expense. As in 25-33% increase in our trip cost With that said, we never lost our"wholly crap, we are in Africa attitude" Accept the cost, book the trip you want and enjoy
  5. How was their Namiri experience ?
  6. We are looking at 8 nights in late May. Any advice in regards to weather, too wet, too buggy. Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated
  7. Wow... We arrived in south Luangwa on June 10th. We were at Kapamba, Chinzombo Camp and old Chiawa. I can tell you Frank is now at the Norman Carr Chinzombo Camp, or at least, he was there during our stay. Great guy We were at Chiawa, I think, when you were at Old Mondoro. Did you see the Pangolin at Old Mondoro?
  8. . My first test upload
  9. We returned three days ago from Zambia. We stayed at kapamba and chinzombo in the south luangwa and then chiawa in the lower Zambizi. The game viewing is unlimited in the south Luangwa. Beyond the expected animals we had many servals, civets, excetera. Kapamba was a perfect camp for walking safaris, nigh drives and many special surprises. The Bushcamp Company has a very nice collection of camps and offer good deals for longer stays. Excellent guides, Camps, and service. We would highly recommend the Bushcamp Company. Chinzombo is a Norman Carr camp and while lovely, was an over the top expensive and not anything I would want in a safari experience again. The chiawa camp was wonderful with the water activities on the zambizi river. This is a special camp,and combined with the sister camp old Mondoro would make a wonderful,package This was our first safari and the biggest thing I learned was to not move from national park to national park. We spent way too much money on Pro Flights. I also learned the area around the park entrance at south luangwa was very crowded and almost stressful. There was no joy in working to have a special sighting, all you had to do was drive around and look for way more than three vehicles crowding a leopard. This area almost felt like a animal viewing park. There were also many self drive vehicles causing trouble and getting in the way Best of luck in your,planning. We are home three days and already planing for 2018
  10. We are looking to go to Namiri in late may or early June 2017. We love the remote aspect and the reviews we have read. We have done the lower Zambezi and south luwanga parks in Zambia. We loved the ability to go off the dirt road to get a better view of sightings. I have seen that there are only a few roads in the Namiri area and that you cannot leave the road to go to sighting Question... Should I be looking at the limited roads as a challenge and is all of Tanzania restricted to staying on the roads?
  11. I plan on the trip report. We spent two years reading other reports and we got great advice from the group on malaria medications. Time to pay it forward!!!!
  12. We are leaving for Zambia in 7 days. Staying at Kapamba,Chinzombo,Chiawa , and Toka Leya in Livingstone. Whole thing booked with journeys by design in London. Will send you a note upon our return
  13. Many thanks for your reply. We have not been but we already love it! We start at Kapamba on the 12th of June and then work thru Chinzombo and Chiawa. Do we cross paths?
  14. Incredible trip report, we leave for the same area in 149 days. Which travel agents did you us or did you book yourself?
  15. Anita, We are at chiawa for three nights, starting June 17. What are your dates, we migh be crossing paths. Your trip looks perfect

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