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  1. Day 7, Morning drive, Changa, 8/9/17 It looks like I have forgotten to mention that all of our activities in Changa were private. I think this was mainly due to the film crew taking up half the camp, but only using one vehicle and the fact that the camp was not full. Even as the camp filled up towards the end of our stay, a lot of the clientele were local and had come for the fishing and relaxation, not the game. I had the 7D today. The film crew had been frustrated in Hwange looking for lions (not us though!!) and had not seen any here either, so it was time for desperate measures - they called in the local lion researcher and her radio antennae. Young male giving the film maker a look (he was on the floor under their vehicle) We hoped we'd be on for a hunt (although not as much as the film crew were desperate for) this lion seemed to be perfectly positioned as the buffalo got nearer and nearer looking for the mother (who is collared) this one also appeared interested in the buff but they all bugged out One from the OH on the 5D Buffalo 1 lions 0 The rest of the drive was uneventful.
  2. They were very lucky indeed that you came along. I don’t really think that these lodges expect people to drive to them. The last time we went to Sabi sands, we only had the lodges directions, which seemed sensible enough. Turn right at the crossroads, where there is a large sign with all of the lodge names on it. The problem was, that the “crossroads” on a sand road in a village was really not apparent and that the sign is constantly being removed for firewood, as it was the large, carved variety! We knew we had missed the turning, but this was confirmed road turned back to tar. Lucklily some locals were able to point us in the right direction.
  3. Day 6, Evening drive, Changa, 7/9/17 We thought that we'd try an evening drive for a change, but it was very quiet. We rounded a bend and I saw two raptors on the ground, so we slowly approached. There was a tawny on a yellow-billed stork kill, being closely watched by a Steppe eagle, a new bird for us We stopped for sundowners overlooking the lakeshore And back for dinner
  4. Thanks. Your guess is as good as mine @offshorebirder ....
  5. I think you need up to 400mm, especially as you will be driving yourself and therefore will not be placed next to an animal as can sometimes be the case in private reserves. I very rarely zoom back on my 100-400 even on guided safaris... the 300 would be an improvement, but is still lacking in reach IMHO
  6. Day 6, birds in camp In the "garden" this included a new one for us, a terrestrial bulbul and at lunch and a non-bird tbc.
  7. I’v bought three lens (and sold two) on eBay and not had a problem, but often camera shops/websites will also sell second hand equipment
  8. @SuperD the 100-400 is popular for a reason - it is very good. There is a huge second hand market and now that the mark ii is out, you could get a good mark i for about £550-600, maybe less, which is probably what you would spend on rental for two weeks. Our first one lasted 9 years and it was second hand....
  9. WOW! Looks like the KTP really delivered and hopefully removed the bad taste from the rest of the trip.
  10. Having just got back and catching up, my daily like limit is not my friend. Please assume that I “like” all of zvezda’s work!
  11. Thanks @TonyQ @Peter Connan @Geoff And @Ritsgaai I am now back from the Kruger, so should be able to continue this report soon....
  12. Day 6, Morning drive, Changa, 7/9/17 After a slightly annoying 10 minute detour to the parks office to log in, we are off. As expected there are lots of birds, but really nothing else to see. I had the 5D today. and a couple on the 7D from the OH Back to camp for breakfast. And then lunch!!!
  13. So sorry to hear of your experience in SLNP @janzin I am one of those who call it my favourite park, although I must admit, Tena Tena was my least favourite camp on our last looks as if LZNP was already amazing though!
  14. And the last for today, one I have never managed to get a good shot of, as they appear from nowhere when the cameras' settings are all wrong! Better than last years' effort though... RSPB Fen Drayton lakes, UK, 25/1/18 Canon 7D mark ii, 100-400 mark ii, ISO 320, f7.1, 1/1000 6) Western marsh harrier
  15. RSPB Fen Drayton lakes, UK, 25/1/18 Canon 7D mark ii, 100-400 mark ii, ISO 500, f7.1, 1/2000, EV +1/3 5) Eurasian coot

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