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  1. An early Christmas present @Peter Connan ?
  2. Grrrr @michael-ibk you got a broad billed roller at kanga. I spent two weeks looking for them with no success 😟 ! Well done.
  3. Well done on 200 - I hadn’t even noticed!
  4. Your nemesis bird! Congratulations @Peter Connan
  5. Congrats on the 350 p.s. @Peter Connan having issues with maths today??
  6. @Seniortraveller I’m sorry to hear that about kanga - the staff were excellent when we were there in September
  7. Is that just larger pictures or a larger book @Galana ??
  8. Lovely quail @PeterHG i’ve never seen one, mind telling where you spotted it?
  9. @Towlersonsafari we used to live in the chilterns, so were really spoilt with red kites - I miss hearing them call every day....
  10. @xelas thanks for the invitation. As it happens our Christmas plans have fallen through, due to the very early arrival of my nephew, so i’ll run it past the OH...
  11. It might be the angle @Peter Connan but 193 looks as if it has a red not pale eye....
  12. Whereabouts @Towlersonsafari ? the one from my garden that I am lacking is a coal tit, but they are rare guests and the other one I tried for in the summer was a red kite we are off to Devon/Cornwall at the beginning of December, so I was hoping for some sea birds or migrating species that I haven’t already seen to make up the numbers. Still I shouldn’t complain, I am already 98 up on last year....
  13. We did see flocks of harlequin ducks, but were unable to catch any on camera So this means I now have 5 weeks to find 3 new birds in the UK..... a sunny duplicate to make that task seem easier
  14. On foot (-14 degrees Celsius!!), Husafell, Iceland, 18/11/17 Canon 7D mark ii, 100-400 mark ii, ISO 400, f7.1, 1/125 347) Arctic redpoll (another new one for us)
  15. We went to Iceland for the weekend, to try and see the Northern Lights (failed ). Saw a couple of new birds, but nothing compared to what it must be like in the summer... From the hotel bedroom window (before sunrise), Husafell, Iceland, 17/11/17 Canon 5D mark iii, 100-400 mark ii, ISO 1250, f5.6, 1/400, EV +1 Canon 7D mark ii, 100-400 mark ii, ISO 2000, f5.6, 1/250 346) Snow bunting (new for us)

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