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  1. @offshorebirder not so much, but don't tell the OH, as it was my Xmas present. It makes it really slow to focus, so tracking BIF is almost impossible. Also the IQ (at least in the crappy uk light) isn't great, but perhaps I am being unfair, because of trying for birds that are so far away I wouldn't normally contemplate. Most of yesterday's shots went straight in the bin, including some buntings which were pretty close. However, some of my garden shots in better light are pretty good, so I suppose it is the old zoom is not a telescope issue. It just detracts from what is an excellent lens/body combo. We have already decided that on Safari it'll be in the bag for use for far away stationary animals (not birds). It may also be useful on the 5d whilst on foot in Mana. It doesn't add that much weight and I use it hand held, indeed I lugged it for 7 miles yesterday....
  2. I did have a glimpse of a whitethroat and a sedge warbler (which would have added to this years total), but neither stuck around for their photos. I did get to see a good variety though, with a pair of marsh harriers active (but very far away), a kestrel and a hobby. Some other sightings... Lots of reed buntings The marsh harrier flushed these lapwings off of the lake Black-headed gull (testing the limits of this lens/extender combo) Grey heron Little egret Common tern Mallard and a green woodpecker! Is this a domestic duck hybrid?? And I had to walk through these intimidating youngsters....
  3. I had a bit of spare time yesterday and as the sun was finally out, I went to RSPB Ouse Fen. This is a reserve in the making, so there are not many paths, as a consequence, I went further than planned and ended up walking 7 miles This was the only new one that I managed to capture. Ouse Fen, Cambridgeshire, 15/8/17 Canon 7D mark ii, 100-400 mark ii, 1.4x extender mark iii, ISO 1000, f8, 1/320, EV +1 268) Common chiffchaff
  4. I believe it is the airport, not the airline that supposedly enforces this. I am going to vic falls on comair in three weeks and have the same issue with camera equipment, however, given that the plane seat map currently looks virtually empty, I think (hope) we'll be fine....
  5. I only have bins/camera aroung my neck when walking, otherwise everything is on the seat next to me, ready to grab. Some vehicles have seat back pouches and I tend to store the bins there, as they are not used much. You do spend a fair amount of time on Safari actually driving and therefore you camera will not be in use at those times.
  6. @janzin lovely tody. One of the Jamaican endemics which we missed earlier in the year....
  7. The only yellow weavers widespread in Namibia according to Roberts are the southern and lesser masked. Could it not be a female lesser?
  8. @xelas I would say that they are identical! Both glossy. Greater blue-eared have bluer bellies and more obvious "ears"
  9. @Galana I think not, as I'll just get twice as many wrong in my next batch! 😉
  10. @xelas I think you have been too hasty in your rush for 200. Your "puffback" looks like a shrike (probably fiscal) and your "red-backed shrike" ?another fiscal
  11. Occasionally this can happen, but I wouldn't worry about it. We had a scorpion in our room in madikwe (not a tent, a solid room) and a kalahari striped mouse in Kgalagadi transfrontier park. Otherwise it is just flies, mozzis and house geckos.
  12. 4 weeks today and we'll be in joburg prior to flying to hwange via vic falls 4 weeks tomorrow
  13. @xelas typo - you have called 114 and 116 spotted thick knees....
  14. @Soukous every bird counts @Peter Connan me again! I think the gabar is a pale chanting...too tall, head too big, GISS etc. Sorry. p.s. Roberts says that Wahlberg's do not occur in KTP.
  15. The side of its' tail feathers at the top are buffy orange not white, so I would say familiar, but I'm no expert....

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