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  1. I think I remember seeing a vehicle or two of theirs on the odd game drive or two, @Atravelynn ........ So, I'm guessing location wise - they can't be far off from the other camps near the Mwagusi river ...... Their exact location, I'm not familiar with.
  2. @Tbrad87 - Hope you report back after your experiences ....... Look forward to hearing from you!
  3. Before I get to the photo editing over the weekend and later ..... many many Thanks to Sangeeta, Smita and the Chalo Africa team for putting together a trip for us chasing the migration up north in Kogatende. Not only did they ensure we had a smooth trip, but, also ensured that Coastal got us checked in for our international flights on time by using their fast track service in DAR. Must say very impressed by the crew at the camps at both Asilia and Sanctuary lodges ......... Simply brilliant!!!! Thanks to our guides; Ellisante and Kivoyo from Asilia and Emmanuel from Kusini Lodge (he knows the Kusini area at the back of his fingertips - amazing!!!) Camp Management was brilliant too - Thanks to Michael and Abu at Olakira; Julie at Sayari Camp and Van / Es at Kusini camp. Top notch service and warm Tanzanian hospitality at it's best!!! Here's the first batch of photos....
  4. It's better late than never for a Trip Report I guess ....... Winter in the Kwando concession is pure magic with the light and game viewing at Lagoon and Lebala will never cease to amaze!!!! My Thanks to Spencer and Mr.Moe as always ...... Magic as always!!!! It was always going to be a trip where I knew that the "Boys of lagoon" were NO more - in April 2016, I got tragic news that the healthy brother (of the two remaining) had been found dead and the other (limping for the better part of 3 years) was in no condition to fend for himself ........ Passing of the baton as it would be -we found new males trying to make best use of PRIME cheetah habitat. Two sets of denning dogs at either side - one ultra aggressive hunters; the other ultra lazy ......... Can't complain!!!! The Greater Linyanti concessions are as good as they get!!!!
  5. Marc, I think we got lucky that the migration hit kogatende early this year - but, the advantage of going early is complete lack of visitors.
  6. Thanks a lot, @Dave Williams -
  7. Hello, What would the recommendations be for a 3Night safari in Sri Lanka? I hear Wilpattu is less crowded compared to Yala? Starting today, we have a new direct flight from Coimbatore to Colombo (one hour) - so, got to take advantage of that! Thanks Hari
  8. Vikram, you don't need a transit visa anymore ......... they have scrapped that silly requirement. Make sure you check in your luggage through to Maun. You can collect your onward JNB-Maun boarding pass on arrival at JNB after you pass through the transit side at the SAA or Air Botswana desk.
  9. Anything that will help?!?
  10. This news story is more main stream now ........ No surprises!!! Just FYI for those interested........
  11. @optig - Mahale is very high on my list..... So, look forward to your report!
  12. It's probably taken that long because approvals and plans take forever to go through the extensive procedural aspects ......... Think about regular tourist visas for Botswana and their procedural aspects (Gulp) .......
  14. @optig - that article sure sounds very rosy. Have a great trip - where in TZ are you off to? Sorry, if you've posted elsewhere I might have missed it.
  15. Single males ......... not sure how successful they are going to be - come to think of it, I haven't read too much in recent times about Bawa in the Mara cheetah reports ....... He might be away someplace and well, though - maybe Kogatende?
  16. So I've been reading a lot about Mirror less lenses and the future in photography? Any thoughts ........ Phase One etc etc.,? My initial thought - it might be easier for travel? But I know nothing about this ....... Will have to do a bit of research.
  17. I could not even go to my room at Mara Plains as a Lioness had given birth under my deck and the mangers deemed it unsafe for human movement and I stayed at Mara Toto next door in 2014.
  19. @Tbrad87 - Whilst the Serengeti can be crowded especially in months like August/September in Kogatende (or) Jan to March in Ndutu; Seronera could be more crowded year round due to the volume of accommodations in that area ........ I'm thinking you can easily have a great time in November without too much vehicle traffic (depending on where in the park you are!) .........
  20. Ah! the fabulous Fig ....... Well done! Re Topi in Northern Serengeti ....... What I observed was, there weren't the total numbers of them as in the Mara - but, there were two or three very big herds (number upto 30) which I've only seen on the Topi plains in the Mara.
  21. You are right that Mwagusi is right on the river bed ..... that said, you will likely have a brilliant experience with a fantastic guide. See if you can be guided by Mark Sheridan or Paul Tickner and they both can guide you from IKUKA

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