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  1. @janzin - you doing the Whitewater trip from Livingstone? It was super fun - did it in 2005 ........ I recommend it.......
  2. @BeatNavy - If you are booking Giraffe manor this far ahead - you may as well request the "jock" room in the main Manor. You could feed the giraffe right from your room...... If you want to not delay your trip until 2019, you can always visit the Giraffe Centre and it will essentially be the same thing?
  3. @Geoff - Wasn't there a Leopard inside the tent one time at the old Zibalianja? I vaguely remember the story as told to me by John.
  4. Thanks @inyathi .... from what I've heard, I think Jabali ridge is also based from the same general area. As you know asilia is going all out in promoting ruaha .....
  5. I think I remember seeing a vehicle or two of theirs on the odd game drive or two, @Atravelynn ........ So, I'm guessing location wise - they can't be far off from the other camps near the Mwagusi river ...... Their exact location, I'm not familiar with.
  6. @Tbrad87 - Hope you report back after your experiences ....... Look forward to hearing from you!
  7. @pault - extremely well done with the Musketeers !!!! Where's my best chance of finding them? Naboisho?
  8. Marc, I think we got lucky that the migration hit kogatende early this year - but, the advantage of going early is complete lack of visitors.
  9. Thanks a lot, @Dave Williams -
  10. Vikram, you don't need a transit visa anymore ......... they have scrapped that silly requirement. Make sure you check in your luggage through to Maun. You can collect your onward JNB-Maun boarding pass on arrival at JNB after you pass through the transit side at the SAA or Air Botswana desk.
  11. Anything that will help?!?
  12. This news story is more main stream now ........ No surprises!!! Just FYI for those interested........
  13. @optig - Mahale is very high on my list..... So, look forward to your report!

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