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  1. Have a good trip @ice ..... Yes, i remember that - 2015?
  2. Those of you on Facebook, will have seen updates from the LZNP in Zambia where a cheetah was photographed recently ...... Amazing!!!
  3. The article in the OP - you should realise that it's probably someone clueless from the neighbouring village (possibly uneducated) who possibly recently acquired a smart phone and is fascinated with it's features ........ Whilst you are on safari - to each their own....... I mean if one is interested in getting a selfie to share with friends/ family and they do it safely and discreetly ....... it's perfectly okay.
  4. I've stayed a couple of times at Ole Sereni. It's not far from the International airport. Early transfer to Wilson the next morning is a breeze now with the new bypass road ...... Nothing spectacular about the hotel -but, sufficient for an overnight. Panari hotel is also not far from international airport. I think I stopped for lunch once on the way to the international airport from Wilson.
  5. @kitsafari - enjoying the report. Glad you found the Male Lion - so, is he fully grown? or this is as big as they get in these parts? Wow on the Tiang - just so many of them!
  6. Very very tragic - but, what about Lions that we don't know that are killed in the face of man-wildlife conflict? I bet there's plenty unreported in Namibia and elsewhere on a more consistent basis than we realise? I do feel for the research team that dedicated years at a stretch monitoring them .......... Like others, I loved the "Vanishing Kings" and one of the best documentaries in recent times.
  7. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication @game warden Quick question - Under new content ....... How come all updates in the member gallery pop up too? Is it possible to get the new feed with just threads? Thanks.....
  8. Thanks for the interest in this thread - Much appreciated, guys ..... @amybatt - Would recommend June over May. Especially, if the next summer season is wet with plenty of rain. Don't forget the Selinda Explorer camp option next door ....... Will also be good!!! Not sure if they are open in May, though .... You will need to check.
  9. African Bush Camps are obviously positive about the future of tourism in Zim and Mana pools. Thumbs Up! Great Plains and Robin Pope too will come up with new camps - can hardly wait for the GPC one!
  10. Very much so ........ They do post some wonderful photos from a French photographer
  11. @@Game Warden - Thank You!!! for your time, commitment and effort ...... as always!!!
  12. @@wilddog - prior to my last trip to the Mara I was under the impression that "Cheetah Forever" by their actions of crowd policing played an important part ...... However, as mentioned I was shell shocked when I saw the Off-road permits being issued for as little as $100 per vehicle (equivalent in Kenyan Shillings) ........ There is a reason why they are not permitted into the conservancies or the Mara Triangle!!!
  13. News coming out of Qatar is absolutely shocking ......... Not good at all!
  14. Those folks from "Cheetah forever" seem to report a Lion attack on Musiara's cubs and 3 of her 4 cubs are believed to have been taken! ..... Too sad! but that's the circle of life ......... "Cheetah forever" seem to be shell shocked that they were unable to help!
  15. Saw an update from the Mara on Facebook from one of the guides in the reserve - first herds have already crossed into the Mara from TZ.

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