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  1. Lovely article @optig and Shex is awesome!!! Well deserved, indeed...
  2. Thanks a lot @marg @SafariChick @AKR1 @Kitsafari @modleski @AKR1 - Almost there.... You were very close and fireworks - yes, here in the South a 10PM cut off .... @modleski - Cheetah cubs and mum totally bolted when we found them. No pictures as I wasn't ready for them ......
  3. Before I dive into the rest of the report......... A bit of this and that~ It's no secret that the Botswana visa is a gigantic goose chase with a lot of heart burn right until the final days prior to each trip. Miraculously, our visas were issued in a record 5 days this time with nothing to sweat about. I would love to assume that the Visa process is easier ........ but, alas it might have just been a fluke! The arrival hall in Maun, where there is just one visa officer to process and stamp at immigration now has a bunch of questions to ask each tourist (one of which is to name one of the camps you visit) ....... It baffled me, that the majority of visitors were fumbling around to find their itineraries with absolutely no clue as to where they were headed to - and hence, the queue just got longer and dreadfully time consuming. Anyways, I digress .......... Onto some more pictures. The Lagoon Super Pride number 20 including the 4 young cubs. Some of the Sub-adults males will be due to be kicked out by the coalition males (Old Gunn and Sebastian) ......... 7 Sub-adult males in all will likely form a mighty Magnificent 7 and be a lethal combination wherever they head to.........
  4. Dear All, Happy Diwali ........ First of all, back home after another amazing trip to the Kwando concession. A million laughs, the joys of cheetah tracking through the heat of suicide month, what more can one ask for ....... Many many Thanks to Spencer and Mr.Moe for another magical safari up and down the Kwando Concession. Many highlights which include the new very young Cheetah coalition trying to take a strangle hold of the neighbourhood, the dominant Lagoon Super Pride, Incredible Carmine colony, Bumping into a Cheetah mum and cubs who had never been seen before or who in turn had possibly never seen a vehicle before , stumbling into random Lions trying to make their way from the migratory corridor from Namibia, not to forget bumping into a curious Aardwolf while cheetah tracking, massive Elephant herds........ but, start with the first few photos from my final morning
  5. @Julian - look forward to your report (esp both Namiri and Highlands).
  6. Should be good - They also have a high standard of guiding at Sanctuary .......
  7. Sanctuary Serengeti - do you refer to their mobile camp in Kogatende or Lamai?
  8. What about travel insurance etc etc., for such a trip now even if one is able to get a visa?
  10. Vikram, Thanks for the detailed report with wonderful images .......... Great stuff! Quick question - did they have landing cards on the plane before landing in Maun? or did you have to wait in line and fill it on arrival? Thanks ......
  11. @AandA - are logistics easy to get to Northern Botswana from Mashatu? or you have to re-route via JNB? If I were you, I'd drop Mala Mala and add on a couple more nights into the Botswana trip (you also won't need to hop around as much) ....... as @Bush dog mentions, Duba is exceptional a concession ...... The delta at it's scenic best. I think they now have Rhinos in the concession too (re-located from the poaching zones in SA) .......
  12. Lagoon for the possibility of a wild dog den; Ditto Selinda Explorer ...... Ditto Little Kwara in the delta. I've been in June 3 times - 2007; 2014 and 2016 ...... Pretty amazing all 3 times. If you are a keen photographer - the light in Northern Botswana is at it's best!
  13. I think there might be quite a few Trip reports in the Reports section for your perusal ........ What would I recommend, for August? Something in the Greater Linyanti for sure ..... Choices between Selinda/ Selinda Explorer/ Lagoon/ lebala/ Duma Tau. Please ask your agent to price them out for you......

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