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  1. Thanks, Doug ..... Wish Botswana goes the same route ....... (I can still dream ) Visa although was needed in advance, it really was super simple as it was on-line and took only 24 hours for the approval to come through - they were pretty reliable.
  2. Ditto - I wouldn't have heard of Kwando if not for the show ........
  3. Congrats on the article @vikramghanekar - beautiful images all of them! My absolute fav is the buffalo from the helicopter ...... Awesome!
  4. Yes indeed this isn't the place for it @janzin and that's why I termed it unfair and condescending ......
  5. @Kitsafari - Just catching up with this report ...... The Mara never disappoints for sure! Looks like another fabulous trip!
  6. Just catching up with the report again ....... @janzin some wonderful photographs as always ...... Especially loved the Carmines. You certainly had a great safari where you were also very lucky to find the dogs ...... I just about caught these baffling comments by @ice - I think these are very condescending comments and unfair to both Doug and the readers of Safari talk.
  7. DAR had a nightmare queue - not sure about Arusha ..... others might have more recent experience. Namiri will be brilliant! Go for it!!!!
  8. Ah - Thanks for that @Swazicar - I suppose a little more detail there!
  9. Hi Tom @Swazicar - It's very much a Kwando camp. They've been working on Splash for quite a while now (but paper work and all pending approvals) in Botswana takes it's own course of time .......... So, finally they are onto it. It's been long over due. The link is just a blurb from the Travel Agent "Expert Africa" who have this info on their website. I suppose they won't have full details until the camp is actually ready (including photos for their website). Whilst they are never going to want to be a Singita or a Mombo ( I think they are very much considered the luxury market, as like many/most of the camps in Botswana). I have no idea what the plans are for the build - but, I suppose they are going to be similar to Lagoon standard (which i consider quite luxurious). Luxury is a relative term though? and what one considers luxury?
  10. It's very much a Kwando camp - What else would it be? @Swazicar ?
  11. Yes, you should and I remember your story of the lions passing by your room at night
  12. Yes, Michael I think the build is on .... they've announced the approx opening date - I suppose exact date will depend on the weather through the next couple of months?
  13. FYI - Brand new camp in the Awesome Kwara concession ............ Can hardly wait!
  14. @Raelond I loved Sanctuary Kusini (albeit i went during the off-season) - they also have a semi-mobile camp around the area of one of the Asilia campsites (possibly Ubuntu) .......... This area will be less crowded with vehicles compared to the main Ndutu area. Still phenomenal viewing ...... I would highly recommend Namiri Plains ........
  15. A few years ago you could go into the park in Tadoba/ Pench in your own vehicle - but, of course will have needed a parks guide from the gate ......... Not sure this is still possible today.

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