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  1. Thanks, Mike!
  2. Hi Mike, Thanks for another lovely report as always with excellent images ....... I hope to visit Hwange one day! with all the new flights that make for better logistics into VFA. Cheers Hari
  3. Namiri hands down for my vote!
  4. In the Mara it's possibly not uncommon for people to come up with off road permits out of their hats? I mentioned previously about my experience with cheetah forever and the ranger in their vehicle quoting a throw away price too for us to get closer to Malaika and cubs - but, we were told by our camp it's illegal and against company policy to accept it.
  5. @anocn4 - In Botswana, if good food is very high on the safari list then you might want to pick some very high end camps that have an executive chef., or similar (they will be able to cater better to the requirements). Some names that come to mind - Zarafa, Mombo, Chief's camp etc etc., Ethnic cuisine in these camps is going to be hard to expect, as i'm not even sure the local chefs will have the palate to be able to reproduce those sorts of dishes ......... What you can expect is good Western Cuisine done well and Fresh ingredients that work well.
  6. You are too kind @Christopher Moran - Thank You!
  7. Kwara is in the delta .... you could combine that? Other option Duba plains ....
  8. Yes, that's correct @anocn4 .... both in the same concession. its the biggest concession in all of Botswana so I usually split between the two. In the past, I used to prefer Lebala because the viewing was significantly better (Long time ago) ... now I prefer lagoon. Viewing has been MUCH better of late for cheetah in particular.
  9. I don't think you can off-road (at least that's my assumption) - However, you can walk anywhere ...... It's their form of "off road"
  10. Poster, the guide alerted us of Lion tagging buffalo .......... Unfortunately, there wasn't too much going on except buffalo and dust into the setting sun and the Lion laying down ...... Not the resident Lions, but, unknown ones .......
  11. Hello @anocn4 my stay at Kwando safaris was from October 3rd, 2017. 13 nights split (5n lebala and 8n lagoon) .... thanks @michael-ibk and @Kitsafari ..... following your report too! Zambia one day!
  12. Cracking photos of the dogs, Michael ......... Brilliant! Lucky with the Nyala? I don't think we saw any last year -
  13. @CDL111 - indeed I will. why Murphy's law I wrote there in the post ...... I had 3 nights Little Kwara in the plan. The cheetah boys were Super active and posing on high logs etc etc., killing lechwe in front of our vehicle (photos to come) that I swapped my LK nights to remain in Lagoon (they had space) .... what happens next? The cheetah disappear just like that..... lesson learnt! i will definitely be at kwara next time.... simply because it's been a Long time since I was there!
  14. Alas, not the best of years for the Wild dogs in the concession with the huge Lion numbers at the moment - The dogs first of all went into denning late this year because one of the alphas were killed by Lions. Next, a Lion attack at the den wiped out this year's litter of puppies. We were lucky that the dogs came through from the mopane woodland this particular day .......... Not too active (High temperatures and the full moon Combination) - but, it was awesome to see them! Murphy's law was to strike! Every guest who came from Kwara spoke about 3 different packs seen and Puppies near camp!
  15. Been busy the past couple of weeks and hence the gap in the report... here's the next instalment of photos ...... Thanks so much @modleski and @Alexander33

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